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Researchers Unveil Experimental 36-Core Chip

edmudama Re:Different Power Supply Voltage (143 comments)

That doesn't matter. The power supply surrounding the socket/pads will account for whatever Vcc needs to be.

about a month ago

Intel's New Desktop SSD Is an Overclocked Server Drive

edmudama sequential transfer (111 comments)

Hard for any SATA drive to distinguish itself on sequential transfers, given that SATA is capped around 550MB/s

about 5 months ago

ARM Researching Novel Chip Memory

edmudama Re: I love ARM (88 comments)

It's Proverbs 17:28

about 6 months ago

Power-Loss-Protected SSDs Tested: Only Intel S3500 Passes

edmudama Re:soulskill, epic fail, another meaningless artic (293 comments)

In fairness, the author didn't specify the "class" of drive. He simply said 100 GBP or less, and storage didn't matter to him because his application needed less than 10GB per month of data collection.

about 7 months ago

Power-Loss-Protected SSDs Tested: Only Intel S3500 Passes

edmudama Re:Right..... (293 comments)

The above is for laptop users. In data centers, sure, get the fastest IOPS... which depending on the interface, may be Intel.

about 7 months ago

Power-Loss-Protected SSDs Tested: Only Intel S3500 Passes

edmudama Re:Right..... (293 comments)

So you'd rather have a 10W brick doing 300 IOPS, than a nice quiet reliable SSD pulling under 2 watts and doing 20,000 IOPS?

Intel may not be the fastest, but once you're above about 10-20k IOPS, all that matters is reliability.

about 7 months ago

OCZ May Be On Its Last Legs

edmudama Re:Vertex 2 (292 comments)

In fairness, most vendors have this option.

You can either choose a 3/5 year warranty, and the drive will slow itself down to guarantee it lasts.

Or, you can choose to go by the "gas gauge" and your warranty may expire after 8 months or whatever of full-speed IO.

When you buy server-grade drives, they usually sell you a gas gauge model.

about 9 months ago

"Synthetic Tracking" Makes It Possible to Find Millions of Near Earth Asteroids

edmudama Re:Is it just me? (101 comments)

Article doesn't have a good description.

My guess is you take a bunch of timelapse frames of the same sky.

Then you overlay them at offsets in different directions which would keep any moving objects in the same place.

Picture doing 36000 sequences of overlays:
360 degree variation in 0.1 degree increments at 10 different radial velocities

Most of those sequences will just show blurred gray washout, but if you happened to hit the right direction as a moving object at the right speed, your overlaid image sequence will effectively keep the moving object in the same spot of the frame, which will result in the average brightness for that pixel or pixles to be higher than the surrounding blurs.

Just a guess...

about 10 months ago

Hardly Anyone Is Buying 'Smart Guns'

edmudama Re:Smart guns... (814 comments)

A holstered weapon is a safe weapon.

Don't fingerfuck your carry piece and you'll be fine.

1 year,12 days

Hardly Anyone Is Buying 'Smart Guns'

edmudama Re:Smart guns... (814 comments)

The presence of guns generally signals belligerence, except in very narrowly defined circumstances - e.g. at a shooting range, in a police station or military training facility.

As a general rule - if you are in a country with generally free emigration laws and people make a habit of carrying guns, then something is terribly amiss and you need to get out of there. Two possibilities:

1. The people carrying guns have drastically overestimated the danger, in which case, you need to move away - people with bad judgement and no ability to accurately assess personal risk pose a danger to those around them.

2. The people have accurately assessed the danger and so you are in danger as well, from whatever threat they are facing. You have no good basis for staying in such a place, unless you are a war correspondent or in the military. The sensible thing to do is to leave.

Your first assertion is false. People who conceal carry do not do so because of the risk (probability of an event). They recognize the risk is incredibly small. It's the consequences of that risk (their death or the death of a member of their family) which is why they carry a gun, because that gun may save their life if used properly. The odds are tiny, but non zero.

Every concealed carry class teaches you that avoiding a confrontation is your #1 priority, and that your firearm is only for when faced with the threat of imminent bodily harm.

1 year,12 days

Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC

edmudama Re:My Mac Sucks (607 comments)

And... you got trolled, hard.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Prove an IT Manager Is Incompetent?

edmudama Re:Why you? (331 comments)

Yup. "I have been asked by a medium-sized business to help them come to grips with why their IT group is ineffective, loathed by all other departments, and runs at roughly twice the budget of what the CFO has deemed appropriate for the company's size and industry."

If the manager is routinely at 2x the budget and that's acceptable, the entire company is out of control. Any of the above reasons should be sufficient on their own for management to replace them, if they're actually beliefs held by executive management.

about a year ago

US Senate Passes National Internet Sales Tax Mandate

edmudama Re:First! (State) (297 comments)

Until you get charged sales tax by the state in which the internet retailer exists.

about a year ago

Seagate To Stop Making 7200rpm Laptop HDDs

edmudama Re:Mini-RAID enclosures (261 comments)

2.5" rotating enterprise drives (both SATA and SAS) are a standard form factor.

about a year ago

How Power Failures Corrupt Flash SSD Data

edmudama Re:My Personal Policy (204 comments)

SSDs are way past prototype technology at this point. The products from high quality vendors are both fast and robust.

about a year ago

How Power Failures Corrupt Flash SSD Data

edmudama Re:not naming names = data "pulled out of my ass" (204 comments)

SSDs are already in the big show, and have been demonstrated reliable in those applications. The key is choose your vendors carefully, ask how they were qualified, etc.

about a year ago

How Power Failures Corrupt Flash SSD Data

edmudama Re:build in some power storage (204 comments)

Most of the enterprise grade SSDs on the market that are outfitted with power-loss protection circuitry fit these capacitors within the 2.5" form factor.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Gently Keep Management From Wrecking a Project?

edmudama solve your problem small (276 comments)

In these situations, I think you have to solve this problem as small as possible, with the program manager themselves. Figure out what that person feels isn't being delivered or executed on, and make sure you address that manager's needs.

Escalating around the chain of command doesn't usually work in these scenarios, especially if you're relatively new.

about a year and a half ago

Intel Announces Atom S1200 SoC For High Density Servers

edmudama Re:low PCI-e lanes it should have at least 16 (78 comments)

Each CPU supports 8 lanes of PCIe 2.0 (4GB/s) meaning it can flush and fill its 8GB (max) of main memory from an IO device every 2 seconds, if you actually had that much IO to pump.

These things are meant to live 1000/rack which is ~24 CPUs per 1U. Give each motherboard a pair of 1Gbit/s ethernet pipes, and i'm sure it's sufficient for the scaleout they expect.

These are not intended to build your normal 4U server chassis with 40 PCIe lanes.

about a year and a half ago


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