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NRC Relicensing Old "Zombie" Nuclear Plants

eebly Re:Blame the EPA (260 comments)

"If the plants get decommissioned it will literally cut our energy production by 1/2"

According to the Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration, in August 2009 Nuclear power produced approximately 0.758 quadrillion BTUs of energy, out of a total of 6.266 quadrillion BTUs produced across all sources. That's approximately 12% of total output. Thus, decomissioning nuclear power plants would not cut our energy production by half, either literally or figuratively.

Extensive stats from EIA available here: http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/mer/overview.html

more than 5 years ago

100-Year-Old Electric Car Design Makes a Comeback

eebly Re:Article doesn't have much to it. (385 comments)

I'm not certain you're doing your math right.

Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator, $2375 1917 dollars have the same buying power as about $39000 2008 dollars. That inflation is based on the CPI.

more than 6 years ago


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