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Facebook Inbox Throws Blow At Google... No Flinch?

eebra82 He left out one thing.. (207 comments)

The market will grow but you need an e-mail to sign up at Facebook, and as such, some Facebook users will migrate from Gmail to Facebook mail. Therefore, the market is growing but Facebook will steal more than the growth that Eric is referring to.

more than 4 years ago

Early Review of 11" Macbook Air

eebra82 Re:I dunno man (348 comments)

On the other hand, I would love to break into the Apple storage facility and put recovery DVDs with every Macbook Air. Heck, I'd even throw in a coupon for an external DVD player.

more than 4 years ago

Google Rolls Out Chrome 7

eebra82 Re:7.0? Really? (292 comments)

Your argument would be completely valid, if it wasn't for a few things that you completely left out or didn't think of:

1) Unlike Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple and Opera, Google is actually not hyping new releases by calling it "the new Chrome 7", etc. They just say a new version is out. When you go to the Chrome site, it just lets you download Chrome. No special version. Just the latest. So for your argument to be valid at all, they would have to gloat about every new version.

2) As far as browsers go, it's actually better to tell a person that his browser version 5 is greatly outdated rather than saying that 5.000.052 is now available over his old 5.000.015. That will likely get more people to update their stuff.

3) I just installed version 7. It didn't say "welcome to version 7" or anything. In fact, if I hadn't read this news, I'd not notice the update and Chrome would do it for me without even telling me. Yet again, no gloating about numbers.

Last but not least, since when is a number supposed to define how much is in the software? And why the hell should anyone even give a crap if Chrome is at 1.94 or 7.0?

more than 4 years ago

First Look At Wild New "Level 10" Concept PC Case

eebra82 Re:The bottom line: $700 (287 comments)

I'm assuming that you don't make enough money, or lack the interest. Or both.

This case is for that kind of people and it's painfully obvious even without having people pointing out the price tag.

more than 5 years ago

Console Makers Worry Over Growing Competition From Apple

eebra82 Re:We're doomed!! (281 comments)

Why is this modded insightful anyway? All consoles are doomed at some point because they are not meant to last for a more than a few years.

I understand that the author of this post may have had something else in mind, but Nintendo penetrated/created a niche market and gets away with low costs and innovation.

more than 5 years ago

"Going Google" Exposes Students' Email

eebra82 Re:Someone has high demands. (244 comments)

Everytime i see an article like this all i can think is "what Microsoft backed puppet wrote this crap?". Microsoft is working very hard to make out Google as craptastic, greedy and customerhating as them.

Why are you diverting a serious matter like this into smearing a company that most likely had nothing to do with it? E-mail accounts can contain very sensitive data, ranging from bank papers to personal issues. And especially if people you know get access to this, it makes the problem more serious than ever.

I won't comment on Google's actions because I don't know enough details, but if I had my mails exposed, I would be pretty pissed. And the fact that it is free doesn't make it more acceptable. It's like saying that someone volunteering for a non-paid job can act whichever way he or she wants just because it's free. No, you still have to follow rules.

Comments like this make me realize why there are so many extremists in this world.

more than 5 years ago

Has the Rate of Technical Progress Slowed?

eebra82 Re:I believe so yes, specifically the last 5 years (712 comments)

We still use the microwave, we still use the freezer, the cooktop, the oven, we mostly use the combustion engine, we still mostly use steam for power plants, computers have gotten faster and we have LCD's now but nothing huge has hapenned, we don't have anti-gravity, we don't have teleportation, we can't change one thing in to another (easily), medically we still aren't growing replacement bodies.

I would say that the rate of transportation and availability of things has improved greatly. If something was invented 50 years ago, it would take a long time for a product to reach us globally. Today, a new Apple product or an Xbox is spread throughout the world in days for immediate availability.

Combine this with the fact that we're living rather comfortable lives; we have ovens, cars, microwaves, food delivery, shopping malls, etcetera. Back in the good ol' days, we didn't have these things, which is why inventing it made sense. Today, new inventions aren't as necessary as they were before. More effective, compact and cheaper products are, however.

Also, I'd argue that the jump from a horse wagon to a car is smaller than from a car to a teleporter - and there aren't that many steps in between.

more than 5 years ago

A Planet That Orbits Its Star the Wrong Way

eebra82 Re:Why do they blame the planet? (257 comments)

They don't blame the planet, they blame a planet or a big body that passed its orbit.

The star is not a likely cause for its abnormal rotation, although that would make it far more interesting.

more than 5 years ago

$33 Million In Poker Winnings Seized By US Govt

eebra82 Re:Let's push poker underground too! (465 comments)

Wait until those same people with gambling problems get in front of a loan shark, or shot because they can't pay.

So, prior to the 'net, how many people were shot in the D.C. area per annum because they couldn't pay?

That wasn't his point (if you quote him properly). Regardless, it should be everyone's right to choose what to do with the money that he or she makes. Obviously to some extent, but in the long run, poker is a game of skill, and like any other sport, it takes money and patience to achieve something.

more than 5 years ago

Music Streaming to Overtake Downloads

eebra82 Re:Good luck with that. (254 comments)

I have at least 5 different devices that cannot stream that I use weekly. Also why waste the bandwidth playing the same songs over and over again [..]

There's a difference between true streams and streams with cache. Applications like Spotify lets you choose whether you want to cache the songs you're listening to or not.

Slow connection? Use caching.

Running out of space? Disable caching!

Slow connection and low on disk space? Well, then this service is not aimed to people like you.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Debuts Full-Body Controller-less Gaming At E3

eebra82 Re:It's alright until.. (242 comments)

I'm sure it will work fine for some games, that is until someone walks behind you or moves around in the background to ruin your game. Also, multiplayer will require a huge room and lots of sensors. But perhaps Microsoft expects people to play online, a console for people with no real friends.

Why are you bashing a product you haven't tried yet? I'm sure they've spent a lot of time and effort to make this work in a good way, similar to what Nintendo did with the Wiimote.

I'll admit that I love my PlayStation 3 and I don't own an Xbox 360, but this is a very tempting product if it gets enough games to support it with.

Last but not least, I doubt that the controller will be so unintelligent that it cannot distinguish you from other people in the background in the same way that it can tell the difference in multiplayer, which it is told to support. That is, of course, unless someone jerks around right behind you and sabotages your game. But that's nothing you can blame MS for.

more than 5 years ago

Russian Manned Space Vehicle May Land With Rockets

eebra82 Weight problems? (197 comments)

In other words, they must think that adding that extra fuel weight (for landing) is worth the extra fuel weight that is needed to launch the rockets into space. After all, the landing fuel will cost them a lot of extra weight. I don't know how much extra it would be, but it doesn't sound like a good idea.

more than 5 years ago

IE8 Released As Critical Update For XP

eebra82 The biggest problem.. (409 comments)

The biggest problem with Internet Explorer and other browsers is that there is no compatibility warning standard. The web should have taken the same approach as PC games; if you aren't using the required/latest version of DirectX, this game will not launch.

In comparison, web sites with new standards should prompt users to upgrade to the latest version in order to see the site as it was intended. It must not be forced, as with DirectX, but if users were prompted every time, I think we would see a large quantity of updated users.

It's a move that would make sense for everyone, because;

1) The user would be up-to-date and surfing on a secure browser.
2) Microsoft and other developers would spend less time on supporting outdated software.
3) Web developers would cut spending on making cross-browser version compatibility.

more than 5 years ago

Intel Responds To X25-M Fragmentation Issue

eebra82 Re:Good for them (111 comments)

Agreed. Owning up to your mistakes, whether you're a company or an individual, is a sign of dependability and reliability. I don't know about you, but for me that's a major factor when I purchase something.

That would only work in a perfect world. It's like when IBM admitted to the scratching disk problems it had a few years ago. Even if they admitted the problem fairly early, it didn't stop people from dropping the brand.

In reality, if Intel admitted the problems, it would go from a rumor/forum discussion to public announcement with worldwide dirt on the company's drives. Furthermore, we don't really know how many drives are really affected by this problem. I have two X-25M disks myself and have not encountered any problems at all.

So if we look at it from their side, they may have had a problem which - for all they knew - was only limited to a very low percentage of their total shippings. Why would they then want to go public with it and cause a major upset? From a corporate's point of view, it would make no sense.

more than 5 years ago

Windows 7 Touchscreen Details Emerging

eebra82 Re:My monitor is never in reaching distance (152 comments)

It's a sad day when Slashdot moderators mod parent post insightful. He is basically saying that he doesn't touch a feature that requires touches. On a related note, I am allergic to poison.

more than 5 years ago

Want a PC With 192 GB of RAM?

eebra82 Re:This shall do (353 comments)

Why are people still modding these comments as funny? Granted, Vista required quite a bit of power on the day of its release, but performance has since then improved and new hardware is more than capable of handling Vista.

I bought a medium range computer a year and a half ago and it runs Vista as fast as XP.

more than 5 years ago

UI Features That Didn't Make It Into Windows 7

eebra82 Re:K.I.S.S (342 comments)

I used to think just like you do now. When XP was released, I forced the ugly Windows 2000 theme because I didn't want graphical interfaces left and right. Then I realized that it's not really cluttering anything, just that I am not used to the looks.

I think that a modern operating system must look good and flashy, but more importantly, configurable. It should appeal as trendy and nice to those who don't care to look under the shell, yet configurable enough to appeal to geeks who want features on or off.

Finally, I'd like to say that features like the bat signal should be included in Windows 7, but disabled by default.

more than 5 years ago

Obama DOJ Sides With RIAA

eebra82 Re:Business as usual (785 comments)

The RIAA can't win in the courts, with advertising, or education of the young. Lobbyists haven't been able to get new laws passed. So the CEOs get their guys into the DOJ. What did we expect?

"Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first."

- Ronald Reagan

more than 5 years ago

Did the Netbook Improve Windows 7's Performance?

eebra82 Re:Or maybe you're pulling that from your ass (440 comments)

Before you read my reply to your post, I must inform you that I am no "Microsoft fanboy", but I find your submission kind of disturbing.

Face it, the real reason that Windows 7 is leaner than Vista is that Vista was a market flop because it tried to do all sorts of things that Windows users were simply not ready for.

What exactly were we not ready for? Can you please give us a few items within the operating system that caused this "flop"? I would say that the long wait and the rather unsatisfying list of improvements caused it to "flop". Vista did many things that made me choose Vista over XP. Granted, it wasn't a smooth start for Vista, but today it's actually a very good operating system.

As for the word "flop", I wouldn't use that personally. It's actually selling really well. Look for older Slashdot articles on this topic. I think Vista is mostly a "flop" within the geeky community, which is hardly more than just a few percent of the market share.

There is nothing seriously wrong with Vista, and Windows 7 is mostly an optimized version 2 of Vista.

I am not going to whine directly at you on this one, but I find it interesting that people say this about Vista and not about OSX, which has received similar updates to Vista -> 7. Obviously, it would be silly if Microsoft changed the architecture completely with every new OS release.

Some people say that 7 is just a Vista upgrade and claim that they shouldn't have to pay for it. This is a bad statement for many reasons, but as a fan of car analogies, I would say that Vista and 7 is what a car model is to its replacement the following year. It's only slightly improved and looks about the same.

My 5c.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Update Slips In a Firefox Extension

eebra82 Re:malware.... (803 comments)

I wouldn't class Sony's rootkit 'malware' as much as it was a security risk. This is not even remotely close to how stupid Sony's decision was.

Having said that, I wonder if this update is stated anywhere in the ToA.

more than 5 years ago



eebra82 eebra82 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

eebra82 writes "According to Swedish news paper Aftonbladet, a Swedish citizen has been convicted for downloading copyrighted material. He has been ordered to pay $2,900 for his misdoings. Ironically, the verdict may have an opposing effect as to what the prosecutor expected to accomplish. According to Swedish law, Police is allowed to do house searches and request IP address information only if the suspected crime is so high on the crime scale that the suspect may face jail time. Since piracy apparently only results in fines, Swedish police can theoretically only arrest those who turn themselves in. In other words, Sweden may have become a piracy haven now that the police can do virtually nothing to prove that a person is breaking the law. It also seems that the Swedish people are strongly against anti-piracy raids. According to a poll with over 26,000 votes, more than 91% voted against the police' and law enforcers' attempts to stop piracy. Information is available in Swedish here and here."
Link to Original Source


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