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Hackers Ransom European Domino's Customer Data (including Favourite Toppings)

eeyoredragon I've kept my love of sausage (100 comments)

successfully hidden my entire life. And now I'm about to be outed by Dominos??? Cruel, tempestuous fate! How you mock me!

about 7 months ago

US Justice Blocks Implementation of ACA Contraceptive Mandate

eeyoredragon Re:Hopefully there was a denial of ... (903 comments)

Don't be silly... Nuns aren't having sex. Priests on the other hand are having plenty of it. And altar boys can't get pregnant. So, why would you want Viagra to not be covered? That's not fair.

1 year,27 days

Time Reporter "Can't Wait" To Justify Drone Strike On Julian Assange

eeyoredragon Re:Try claiming "Death to the Great Satan". (490 comments)

Does he want children to starve to death because he loves them? Does he want people raped and murdered because he loves them? Did god make hemorrhagic fevers because he loves us? Did god order the Israelites to murder men, women, and children because he loved those men, women, and children? Oh that's right. That's all our fault somehow, and no matter what god decides to do to us for whatever reasons he chooses, it's all good and perfect because god is god Q.E.D. If god can't stand to be around his own creation because they chose to not do everything he wanted, he's not all powerful. The fact is, he can but would rather see us burn eternally than to spend time with someone told a white lie or talked back to their parents or ate a gdamn piece of fruit he arbitrarily decided they couldn't. Most Christians' vision of god is in no way moral. They are battered spouses in an abusive relationship that exists only in their own minds. Which would be fine on its own, but so many of them feel the need to push everyone into the same relationship both through emotional child abuse and legal means.

about a year and a half ago

Ukrainian Attack Dolphins Are On the Loose

eeyoredragon Re:NRA Response (99 comments)

The only answer to a bad guy with a gun is a dolphin with a gun!

about 2 years ago

27 Reported Killed In Connecticut Elementary School Shooting

eeyoredragon Re:Yay (2987 comments)

Are you suggesting the borders separating cities and separating countries are anywhere close to equivalent? Then why bring up a *city* in a *country* with lax gun laws?

more than 2 years ago

All Video Games Cause Aggressive Behavior, Say Two US Congressmen

eeyoredragon Re:Like War (483 comments)


more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What's the Best Way To Deal With Roving TSA Teams?

eeyoredragon Re:Just keep calm... (1059 comments)

Don't feel bad. That won't happen, because the TSA doesn't actually give a damn about catching anyone. Like they're going to bother running around after someone that might be there when they can just harass the people standing next them...

about 3 years ago

Feds Helped Coordinate Occupy X Crackdowns

eeyoredragon Re:Go with the simple over complex theory (803 comments)

Why does everyone expect a bunch of random pissed off people to be able to come up with a real economic strategy when the political candidates from a single party can't even agree on one?

more than 3 years ago

Windows 8 Won't Support Plug-Ins; the End of Flash?

eeyoredragon Re:The more important point here (661 comments)

It's FUD to suggest that it doesn't come with unicorns you shill!!!

more than 3 years ago

Razer Announces Dedicated Gaming Laptop

eeyoredragon Re:Giant Mistake (200 comments)

I see it more as an expensive laptop only usable by right handed people :-/

I like my trackpad in the middle, as I like to easily use either hand to control it.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Plans New Spaceship-like Campus

eeyoredragon Have you thought about safety? (279 comments)

That's his question? That has to be one of the most meaningless, retarded questions I've heard (this week). What do these people get paid to do?

Wow... now that you mention it... no. We haven't thought about safety at all nor were we planning to during the design and construction... maybe we should push this out to 2020. We'll hire a guy to think about safety. I'm so glad you brought this up. I can't even begin to imagine the disaster this could have been us not thinking about safety. Wow, thanks so much.

I don't see how Jobs doesn't just gag or burst out into maniacal laughter during the session.

more than 3 years ago

Do Developers Really Need a Second Monitor?

eeyoredragon There are other ways (1002 comments)

I have done dual monitor setups before. I liked it, but did not find it something I would consider necessary

Part of the problem is that old versions of Windows (i.e. pre-7) have been atrocious at handling multiple windows in general. OS X makes this much easier with its expose' feature and then the standard virtual desktop feature that pretty much every operating system supports. Another nice feature IMO would be adding a hot key to switch the current window to an alternate transparency level. e.g. Have a configurable secondary transparency setting like 15% and a hot key would bring the window in focus to that transparency level.

As far as side by side comparisons, most things that benefit heavily from that include a dual pane view. e.g. File Merge on the mac.

So, I do not really see why it would be a necessity for anyone to have a second monitor. I would think a large wide screen monitor + proper software would be fine.

Of course it could be that two smaller monitors are cheaper than a single large one. I do not really know offhand. Also, I do not see why someone would make such a fuss over this as to take the monitor from an employee. That is some pretty extreme cost cutting IMO.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Are You Streaming-Only For Home Entertainment?

eeyoredragon Re:No cable. Just Roku and my laptop (697 comments)

Meh... You get PBS which is really way more interesting than Discovery/History/Science channels have been in ages IMO.

I wouldn't say there's an equivalent experience ATM if you ditch cable unless you're willing to break copyright laws. That being said, I get along just fine with my Roku + Netflix + Plex on my mini. The Roku is mainly for renting movies on Amazon, since iTunes doesn't seem to offer every movie that's available in HD in HD on your non-iPad/AppleTV device which is pretty lame. I was doing a good amount of iTune rentals until I got my mini and noticed most of the stuff was not available in HD on it. Amazon gets my business now. Oh well.

Using the mini as a media center with Plex, I get the Daily Show, Colbert Report, South Park, Khan Academy, NPR, CBS shows, PBS (good documentaries), and a crap ton of other things for free. You can also use it for Netflix (but it doesn't do HD, so I use the Roku for that), Amazon (if you're willing to fiddle with the plugin), and Hulu.

For shows I like on HBO and Showtime (Dexter, True Blood, Hung, etc) I have to download them via torrents to watch them during the current season. Most of the time I just buy the seasons later on iTunes or DVD to say I spent money on them, but I only keep the torrent downloads for watching because the quality is better and there's no DRM. iTunes was doing "season pass" for some shows, and I gladly paid for that. I was only watching two shows at a time then anyway. But since the only way to watch shows as they come on anymore is to shell out for cable service or pirate, well, the choice is easy for me. I find paying a large sum of money every month when I only enjoy maybe 5% of what I get for it annoying.

more than 3 years ago

Steve Jobs Questioned In iTunes Monopoly Suit

eeyoredragon Re:How is iTunes a monopoly? (370 comments)

A few notes

  • I've heard artists get more of the money you spend on iTunes than Amazon (from Collide)
  • Many would argue that Apple's encoding is higher quality than the MP3 you get from Amazon
  • The interface in iTunes is better than Amazon's web interface which is not consistent.
  • If you use iTunes, buying from iTunes is more convenient.
  • In case someone isn't aware, there is no DRM on iTunes music anymore.

Why am I dumb to not use Amazon?

more than 3 years ago

Free Internet Porn Is Legal, Says California Appeals Court

eeyoredragon Re:Retarded logic (286 comments)

Except BDSM porn.

more than 3 years ago

The 10 Worst Tech Products of 2010

eeyoredragon Re:Time to put PC Pro on a list like this... (203 comments)

It is true. I just bought myself one of these simply because I like OS X. I'm using it as an extra machine. (I just have my laptop atm as a general computer.) It's also plugged into my entertainment center, so I'm using Plex and am liking it so far. Other than the entertainment center functionality, I'll use it for business to run some small databases on to test my code changes locally. Things like that.

Anyway, all that to say, I wanted the most RAM I could get in it just as a general rule. Apple charges $500 to put 8GB of RAM in the mini. You can do the same for $100 from newegg. People can bicker on whether OS X is worth the extra hardware cost, but they're reaming people on upgrade costs. You can't really argue about that sadly. Considering how incredibly easy it is to swap out RAM, it makes it even more bizarre. Every Mac I buy leaves me with unused RAM modules. It's annoying

about 4 years ago

Fedora 14 Released and Reviewed — Advanced, and Not For Wimps

eeyoredragon Re:hmmmm (200 comments)

You're right. You're not a fanboy.

You're a slut

I kid I kid...

more than 4 years ago

You Have Taste Receptors In Your Lungs

eeyoredragon Re:Neurotransmitters Are Bitter (223 comments)

He was so lonely, girl. He was sad and down. Didn't understand why haters joked around. He wanted to be free with other creatures in the sea. Now he got his wish... cause he knows that he's a gay fish.

Gay fish, yo

Muthafuckin gay fish. He's a fish, yo

more than 4 years ago

Taco Bell Programming

eeyoredragon Re:Simplicity (394 comments)

I was always impressed by one tried and true patterns I discovered at one location of employment: the (jsp -> XML using a jsp -> XSL) -> html/javascript held together with a jsp -> html frameset trick. Toss in liberal doses of "pure Java" plus the action for the form from the page being another jsp with a bunch of pure Java and one jsp tag to do a redirect to another jsp consisting of again pure Java and a redirect back to the original page (or a Struts action).

And just to keep you from being bored, toss in several include files and external .js files. And make sure it outputs obviously incorrect HTML that I.E. manages to somehow render anyway (and only I.E.).

And of course, your IDE won't know WTF to do with it, so you might as well view it in a text editor.

more than 4 years ago


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