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Maps Suggest Marco Polo May Have "Discovered" America

eggstasy Re:So... (276 comments)

Pretty sure if you look at a map you will see that the vast majority of our discoveries were ON THE WAY to China, haha, or entirely in the opposite direction, across the Atlantic Ocean :)
Like, you know, the entirety of Africa, India, and Brazil? :)
We certainly didn't discover the Bering Strait or anything up north. Beyond China, we went to Japan and Indonesia and that's about it.

about 2 months ago

Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

eggstasy Re:Breaking news (619 comments)

Also, a corrupt leadership sets an example.

about 5 months ago

Has the Ethanol Threat Manifested In the US?

eggstasy Re:Comment from a Chemist (432 comments)

If your electricity still largely comes from fossil fuels you must not live in a very progressive country... or maybe you're not up-to-date on the latest statistics.

about 7 months ago

Blood of World's Oldest Woman Hints At Limits of Life

eggstasy Re:Bank them (333 comments)

There will be no point to having a "youthful" old age if we will still become more conservative as we grow old, and in our misguided attempts to stay relevant, end up preventing the world from changing, just to keep things familiar.

about 8 months ago

Blood of World's Oldest Woman Hints At Limits of Life

eggstasy Re: Bank them (333 comments)

On making people slightly less miserable for the 99% of their lifespan that's actually worth living. And providing palliative care to people who are dying, so they won't suffer needlessly. Or simply legalizing euthanasia so people can have the freedom to choose to die with dignity.

about 8 months ago

3D Printing: Have You Taken the Plunge Yet? Planning To?

eggstasy Dammit, Jim, I'm a programmer, not a designer. (251 comments)

What could i possibly print that I don't already have?
Most people in developed countries already have enough crap lying around.

about 9 months ago

Popularity On Facebook Makes People Think You're Attractive

eggstasy Re:Or not. (116 comments)

I have a publicly accessible timeline (you do know that privacy settings are per-post, right?), where I post things like inspirational quotes, and write about the value of hard work, and things that I believe a prospective employer might be interested in. I do post stuff as "friends-only" and designate some people as "acquaintances". In general, on or off the internet, I do not traffic in subjectivity. I have better things to do than pontificate about politics or the controversy du jour. Idle coffee shop philosophizing is for those without the trained mind of a scientist. The truth is knowable, stop speculating and look it up :)
I have been contacted by prospective employers via Facebook, actually. The highest-paid job I ever had was from an old Facebook friend who started his own business.

about 10 months ago

Are Bankers Paid Too Much? Are Technology CEOs?

eggstasy Re:Stock is not money. (712 comments)

He made something that a lot of people like. If you make something that a billion people like, and charge them a dollar each, you become a billionaire. Accepting a fixed salary at zero risk is entirely your choice.

about 10 months ago

Are Bankers Paid Too Much? Are Technology CEOs?

eggstasy Stock is not money. (712 comments)

You have no guarantee of deriving any value from a payment made in stock. As per TFA Schmidt's stock vests in 4 years. In 4 years, he might not even be alive. Google's stock value could drop 1000% (dot com bust, anyone?). And you can certainly not sell immense amounts of stock in one go, or you'll drive the price down.

about 10 months ago

Another Possible Voynich Breakthrough

eggstasy Re:No progress at all... (160 comments)

Bacon-wrapped back bacon is still bacon-wrapped bacon. Does this mean that by repeating "bacon" too many times I have rendered the sentence invalid? Please. You can never have too much bacon.

about 10 months ago

Huge Pool of Ice-Free Water Discovered Under Greenland Ice

eggstasy Re:And It's Our Fault (135 comments)

Nooo! Radioactive waste is warm, it would melt the ice ;)
You could pump the water out and allow it to freeze on the surface. Cover the damn thing with solar panels - less sun to reach the surface and melt the ice.
Water usually falls through cracks and lubricates the ground beneath the glaciers.
If we can remove the water maybe they won't slide into the ocean, and won't raise sea levels?

about a year ago

Life Could Have Evolved 15 Million Years After the Big Bang, Says Cosmologist

eggstasy Re:Anthropic Principle (312 comments)

Yes. There would have been a lot more stars blowing up right in your vicinity, but more importantly, the newly-formed heavy elements would have been naturally accompanied by their usual radioactive isotopes, but why bother a physicist with the laws of biology, eh? :)
It is commonly thought that life evolved when it did because it's the time it took for radioactive elements to decay.

Of course, ratios of radioactive to stable isotopes vary from place to place, depending on which star blew up to create them and how old it was. But you can't really say the whole universe was a goldilocks zone. It would have taken a special place with more than just water - and the oldest galaxy we know of is 380 million years old. And let's not forget that 15 million old Earth was just a giant ball of magma... constantly being hit by giant asteroids. The Hadean period (Hades = the ancient greek version of Hell) is thought to have lasted about 600 million years.

I doubt a 15 million year old universe would have been little more than atomic soup. Water may have existed, but not as we know it. It takes more than 15 million years for a star to form and blow up, where would you have gotten enough heavy elements for a planet to arise? :)
The first stars are thought to have formed 100 million years after the Big Bang, not 15. Dude's on crack.

1 year,11 days

Desktop Browser of Choice in 2013?

eggstasy Re:Pale Moon (381 comments)

That IS the whole point... building a 64-bit browser that's lean and fast. I don't want options and features and backward compatibility with 10 year old computers, I want the bare minimum that will run most sites acceptably. Note: "most". We shouldn't be burdened with obscure cases where people are still using IE 5.5 proprietary javascript extensions or dot-com era shorthand HTML notations.

1 year,13 days

The Ultimate Anti-Action Online Game: Waiting In Line 3D

eggstasy Re:It's not different from other modern games (94 comments)

It's called suspension of disbelief. If you're utterly unable to suspend disbelief, you might want to check that with a therapist, as it is the basis of all fiction humanity has ever enjoyed from the dawn of time :)

1 year,21 days

Battlefield Director: Linux Only Needs One 'Killer' Game To Explode

eggstasy It's 2013. (410 comments)

Why are we still talking about operating systems? Next thing you're gonna tell me you built your computer by hand and don't have a cell phone or a laptop.

about a year ago

Dotless Domain Names Prohibited, ICANN Tells Google

eggstasy Re:.com is still king (132 comments)

I can't remember the last time I entered a URL manually. What is this, 1994?
I often type in a single letter and the browser autocompletes it for me.
If I don't know the exact URL, I type something in anyway and Google will look it up for me, at which point it will be saved in my browser history.

about a year ago

Ostrich-Egg Globe Believed Oldest To Show New World

eggstasy Re:Colombus discovering America is a myth. (63 comments)

In 1755, the strongest earthquake Europe had ever seen wiped out half of Portugal, including its main historical archives and an immensely valuable art collection, located in the King's riverside palace. If you think Japan had a tsunami, try having half of a 300 ft tall hill wiped out, 20 miles away from the sea.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Software For Med-School Note-Taking?

eggstasy Re:pen and paper (217 comments)

I concur. It's worked pretty well so far, why would it need to change...? Is there a specific problem you're trying to solve?
Do bear in mind, from my own painful experience with note taking, you should try to actually pay attention to your class. It's different for everyone, but I found excessive note-taking counter-productive. That's what people did before they had easy access to all the information in the world.

Also, get off my lawn you damn kids.

about a year ago

Larry Ellison Believes Apple Is Doomed

eggstasy Yeah, and *BSD is dying. (692 comments)

Netcraft confirmed. Also, 2014 will be the year of Linux on the desktop.

about a year ago


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