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Linuxgruven, Sair And Employment Practices

eghost Think...or is that asking too much? (163 comments)

Ok...Let's get this out of the way, I am an employee of Linuxgruven, just so you can all look at my ID# and thereby choose to immediately dismiss me as I am obviously not a real person but rather a piece of fiction. For those of you with a mind open enough to keep reading...Here's a few thoughts for you...

  • Without a degree or certification backing you up, you officially know nothing in the corporate world
  • No one hires people who just got their certification*
  • It's just flat out difficult to get a job in the IT industry

In perspective, Linuxgruven is offering those of us who don't have a BS:Comp. Sci, or a work history from the late eighties in IT, a chance to get in on the ground floor. I personally have been playing with computers for more than half my life (I'm 25 for those keeping score), that and a buck would've gotten me a cup of coffee before I hooked up with Linuxgruven. For the record, I did go through the Linuxgruven training, and I am a SAIR LCA now, check up on me if you want to at the SAIR website( http://home.linuxcertification.com Lastname: CARTER ID# 417010 ). See, it doesn't matter how much experience you've got, that piece of paper is still very important in an HR perspective, wihtout it you either won't get the job or get paid less for the work you do and generally play second fiddle to anyone who does have paper behind them, regardless of what they know. It might not necessarily make you a guru, but it does show that you have the capacity to learn, and what's more it shows that you have the persistence to accomplish a goal...Just think about it with an open mind, I think you'll see my point.

Responses? Send them to jcarter@linuxgruven.com

* Except for Linuxgruven, at least.

about 14 years ago


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