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Why Do So Many College Science Majors Drop Out?

egriebel Re:High school doesn't prepare you for college (841 comments)

I'll be content with ... the fact that I have no nagging wife, kids, or roommates to deal with. I'll be content with being able to surf everyday after work because I'm not stuck in school. I'll be content with having free time and money for dating and crawling pubs because I don't have any homework to do.

No wife, kids, and surfing the web in between getting knackered? You are a wild man, I want to party with you! I'll give you a shout when I'm at DisneyWorld, or wherever else you're living your man-child life.

more than 3 years ago

Iowa Rejects Video Privacy Protection For Cows

egriebel Re:and in florida (256 comments)

A factory farm is ... strewn with feces six-inches deep and animals literally one foot in the grave.

You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

more than 3 years ago

Robots Taught to Deceive

egriebel The Singularity approaches!!!!! (239 comments)

So robots can now replicate what my 2 year old does daily? Time to stock up NOW! on food and weapons to survive the coming robot horde!

more than 4 years ago

Flash On Android Is 'Shockingly Bad'

egriebel Re:"None" is better than inconsistent? (657 comments)

I'd rather not have the option myself. Having Flash available is a disincentive to creating a better HTML5 experience suitable for mobile devices. With Flash available, mobile site developers can just create their sites and call it a day, regardless of how poor the experience is.

Not having the fallback means that you have no alternative but to create suitable code in order to reach mobile users. Since Flash for whatever reason already encourages lazy development, it would be better that the option didn't exist at all.

Websites written in HTML have all kinds of issues when rending on different platforms and browsers, for some reason HTML encourages developers to be lazy. To fix this problem, in iOS5 Steve is removing HTML rendering from the browser. Boy am I happy that Apple is single-handedly trying to improve things for all of us! If only every tech company had the guts to question the status quo!

more than 4 years ago

XM And SIRIUS Radio Merging

egriebel Re:The big question: (301 comments)

Oh yeah, esp. the "Dateline" during the East Coast drivetime: "OK Jim-Bob, you're trying to score a date with Ethyl from Idaho using the words 'stupid' and 'yawn'" Now that's what I call Entertainment! Sheesh.

more than 7 years ago


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