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Price of Amazon Prime May Jump To $119 a Year

el borak Re:Price has NOT remained the same (298 comments)

People who don't have Amazon Prime get to pay regular shipping cost without having to buy $25 worth of stuff they don't need, so why do people who are paying $80 extra have to get screwed over every time?

Open a second Amazon account and don't add it to your Prime membership. Problem solved.

about a year ago

HP Discontinue OpenVMS

el borak Re:When will it be open-sourced? (238 comments)

However, the real beauty of VMS wasn't so much it's architecture (though that had a lot of good points) but the incredible quality of DEC's implementation. Bugs were for the competition.

While I used VMS extensively and liked it in many ways, this is just silly.

When VMS 4.0 was released (the first version to include DCL command line editing), we had some unexplained crashes in our cluster. We eventually tracked it down to a bug in the command line editor (yes, it ran at least partially in kernel space). We had a local "competition" to see who could find the shortest number of keystrokes that would crash the system. The winner: 4. Yes, you could crash VMS 4.0 by getting an unprivileged command prompt and typing 4 characters (didn't even need to hit RETURN).

The bug was fixed in 4.1.

about a year and a half ago

Military Dolphins Discover 1800s Torpedo

el borak Re:Redundancy (112 comments)

Seriously - there are only two in existence, so they're displayed side by side in the same museum?

The summary makes that claim, but the linked article does not, stating only that it "will likely be displayed in a museum as well."

about a year and a half ago

Why Are We Still Talking About LucasArts' Old Adventure Games?

el borak Re:Full Throttle (285 comments)

Ah, remember well when Full Throttle was released. I devoured LucasArts games in those days and picked it up on release day. CompUSA was offering a special bonus; initial copies came with a soundtrack CD of music from The Gone Jackels.

Still have the box on my "classic games" shelf. Interestingly, that shelf is probably over 50% LucasArts.

about 2 years ago

West Virginia Won't Release Broadband Report Because It Is 'Embarrassing'

el borak Re:West Virginia is the butt... (183 comments)

I too honor the brave and ethical stance made by the WV leadership 150 years ago. However zero of that honor is conveyed to people simply because they happen to currently inhabit the same geographic area.

about 2 years ago

Intel Gigabit NIC Packet of Death

el borak Re:Ouch (137 comments)

What model of Ethernet controller was tested. What Firmware version are they using? Has the problem been reported to Intel?

I realize you found the article difficult to read, but it wasn't that long. 2/3 of your questions were addressed in the article.

  • Ethernet controller? 82574L
  • Reported? Yes, and Intel supplied an EEPROM fix.

about 2 years ago

West Virginia Buys $22K Routers With Stimulus, Puts Them In Small Schools

el borak Most telling quote... (295 comments)

"I'm not an expert on the technical side," [Gianato] said

This from the man "who's leading the state broadband project".

West Virginia. Wild and Wonderful.

more than 2 years ago

MythTV 0.25 Released, New HW Acceleration and Audio Standards Support

el borak Re:mythnettv (144 comments)

something no other DVR has

My ReplayTVs have had this for well over 10 years.

more than 2 years ago

Former Nokia Exec: Windows Phone Strategy Doomed

el borak Re:Android (447 comments)

The only reason it isn't dead yet is that Microsoft can afford to keep throwing money at it. On any other company it'd be dead already.

So that's where the idiot patent royalty they're extracting from Samsung, HTC, etc. on their Android phones goes!

more than 2 years ago

Supreme Court Limits Patents Based On Laws of Nature

el borak Re:Hrm... (173 comments)

Forget patenting extractive distillation methods.

You can patent the method all you want, you just can't patent the extracted compound if it's naturally occurring.

If the extraction method is the most practical way of extracting the substance, and the substance has sufficient value, you've got a nice business there.

more than 2 years ago

Researchers Seek Help In Solving DuQu Mystery Language

el borak Probably written in INTERCAL (131 comments)

Learned INTERCAL from Guy Steele in the Comparative Languages course at CMU.

more than 2 years ago

MIT Lecturer Defends His Standing As Email Inventor

el borak Re:Doesn't believe in patents (249 comments)

He could have copyrighted his source code (in fact it was automatically copyrighted as soon as he wrote it)

Nope. The US didn't pass the Berne Convention Implementation Act (which made copyright automatic) until 1989.

more than 2 years ago

File Sharing In the Post MegaUpload Era

el borak Re:Archaic models of war (334 comments)

Nope. As seen in [i]First Contact[/i] the Queen was supposedly present at Picard's assimilation.

But regardless of how the Queen's existence was explained by the writers, introducing a central intelligence to the Borg completely undermined the one thing that made them formidable. It was idiotic. In one stroke they castrated the signature opponent for that generation of Trek.

more than 2 years ago

File Sharing In the Post MegaUpload Era

el borak Re:Archaic models of war (334 comments)

Traditional military strategy has been to go for the command and control infrastructure. The morons in DoJ just don't realise that its a useless strategy when dealing with the internet. Your enemy is far more mobile than you are, and they will simply relocate, or re-distribute to overcome the assault.

It took The Federation some time to figure out how to defeat The Borg. In fact, they were only able to do it when the writers got stupid and decided The Borg needed a centralized Queen, for a wonderfully convenient single point of failure.

more than 2 years ago

Where Were the Robots In Fukushima Crisis?

el borak Not that much of an investment (130 comments)

Â¥1 billion may sound like a lot, but it's only about $13M. Not exactly a major commitment.

about 3 years ago

Spock Gives Up the Con

el borak He didn't announce this at the con (bad summary) (183 comments)

This was known well ahead of time. A few friends of mine paid dearly to attend this con solely because Nimoy had already revealed that this would be his last.

The "announced at the con" language is not in TFA; just bad reading by the submitter.

more than 3 years ago

Lucas Loses Star Wars Stormtrooper Copyright Case

el borak Re:So goes a once-talented filmmaker (325 comments)

Any director that says "I don't like the talking parts" should never be a director.

You mean like Kubrick did in 2001?

more than 3 years ago

Volume 4A of Knuth's TAOCP Finally In Print

el borak Re:Getting this Right Away(tm) (173 comments)

I'm preordaining this so I can have a chance at finding a mistake and getting a reward check.

You don't have to race to find errors in Dr. Knuth's books. He's certainly detailed and careful, but no volume as large and complicated as his can escape small errors.

I got two checks from him (back when they were real checks) just from Digital Typography (a book I highly recommend).

about 4 years ago

Amazon Taking Down Erotica, Removing From Kindles

el borak Re:What's the open alternative? (641 comments)

So what's the open alternative?

I think the Kindle is the alternative (though I wouldn't call it open). From my research it is definitely the best ebook reader currently on the market.

The key is to use it the way you want rather than the way Amazon wants you to use it.

Load up calibre and find the freely available plugins which allow you to strip the DRM from your legally purchased ebooks. You can then back them up to your computer, as well as convert them to any format you like. Should Amazon pull a "we don't want you to have that" on you and delete a book, you simply restore a DRM-free version from your backup.

Legal under the DMCA? I don't know and I don't care.

Another advantage: you can convert to the open EPUB format, edit the HTML to correct mistakes, and then convert back to MOBI format for use on your Kindle. I've done that several times (typos and formatting errors in books drive me nuts).

I finally purchased a Kindle about two months ago once I was satisfied that the DRM/lock-in was easily defeated and I love it. I've loaded it with books I'd previously purchased for Microsoft Reader in LIT format (again only after knowing that the CLIT program would allow me to strip away the DRM) by converting the LIT files to MOBI.

more than 4 years ago

Musicians Protest Use Of Songs By US Jailers

el borak "wrote" the I Love You song? (210 comments)

Like all those crappy Barney songs, they just added a few trivial lyrics to a PD song ("This Old Man" in this case).

They also used "Yankee Doodle" and others. One of the reason I used to detest Barney; Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood used real original songs.

more than 6 years ago



Mars rover Opportunity turns 8

el borak el borak writes  |  about 3 years ago

el borak writes "Never mind all the talk about the revival of the American auto industry. What may be the greatest car the U.S. has ever built is currently a tidy 78 million miles (125 km) away from this world — resting on the edge of Endeavour crater in the southern hemisphere of Mars.

It was on January 25, 2004 that the rover Opportunity bounced down on Mars for a mission designed to last a minimum of three months and a maximum of just a year or two."

Link to Original Source


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