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Video Game Actors Say They Don't Get Their Due

el-spectre Re:Keep fighting, but be realistic (573 comments)

Exactly, I bet per hour this guy made a ton more than any of the programmers on the team. If this game took three years to make they each could have pulled in 200k I'm sure but how many hours is that? 40 a week? 60 a week? 80 a week at crunch time?
When you pay an artist, you're paying for the enormous amount of hours it takes outside of the recording or performance.

This actor didn't just show up and read a bunch of lines. He worked for years on this trade. Also, if you estimate that programmers made $200K over the course of the game's development, that's still twice what the star of the game made.
Yes, and coders spend a lot of time honing their craft, keeping up on changing technology, etc. This is not something specific to "artistic" professions.

more than 6 years ago


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