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NASA Should Focus On Going To..

el_munkie The moon (508 comments)

Getting matter out of Earth's atmosphere and gravity well is expensive and dangerous. If we were to mine the moon, we'd have an abundant source of raw materials to build ships that can go elsewhere while not having to engineer them to deal with an atmosphere or a significant gravity well. Additionally, the tunnels that would be a byproduct of mining operations could be made into living spaces, offering free shielding from radiation.

more than 4 years ago

Obama Sends Nuclear Experts To Tackle BP Oil Spill

el_munkie Re:why not nuclear? (389 comments)

Methane is quite harmless in the absence of an oxidizer. As it is underwater.

more than 4 years ago

Magnetic Levitating Trains Get Go-Ahead In Japan

el_munkie Re:good idea, maybe the island is to small for it (425 comments)

Your post is nothing but a succession of bad logic, typos, and off-topic strawmen.

Have you traveled around the United States? In many places we have geology for that too.

Geology is irrelevant. We have highways that go straight through mountains. If we wanted to, we could do the same thing with trains. The problem is that our population distribution is so spread out.

Unfortunately, many of these cutting edge ideas won't get off the ground because of the current deficits and millions of Joe Plumbers who will fight for every cent spent outside their pocket.

Governmental bodies in the U.S. consistently piss away taxpayer money in obscene ways. I don't make much more than my expenses, yet the government takes 30% of my paycheck. And where does it go? A Social Security program that will be insolvent long before I retire. Bridges to nowhere. Bailouts. Pointless wars. And both major party candidates whole-heartedly support these and want more of the same.

will not be surprised to hear that things like high speed trains and ability to use cell phones for purchases will be linked to socialism and "'em Asians."

That's a really weak attempt to inject racism into it. How often do you hear rednecks bashing Asians for having excellent cell-phone service and fast trains?

You can put a train between San Francisco and Los Angeles without fighting the terrain too much. Will Californians do it? Does not look like it because nobody wants to give money.

I don't blame them. California is completely incapable of managing money. Your solution is to give them more and to hope that they manage it responsibly? By the way, I just mailed in my ballot, and it has a very dark square next to the "No" option for Prop 1A.

Hell, even if somebody put a high speed train between Silicon Valley and some place in low Sierra I would love to commute on that every day. If I can spend one hour on a train and live 250 miles away from my place of work, that would be awesome.

You want taxpayers to lay you a high-speed rail directly from an exurb to the place you work? I guess you'll want another track going from your neighbor's house to L.A., and another to Sacramento? This is the exact opposite of what needs to happen. Move closer to where you work.

You make a semi-coherent point after that: High-speed rail would be a viable replacement for airline travel. But it would be better if we waited until the technology is more mature. Let the smaller, denser countries work out the bugs and we can implement it when it works well.

But yeah, leave it to Japan and other socialist countries to leave the world. Let's focus on 9/11, terrorism and THAT ONE with his ties to Arabs and Muslims.

That's an absolutely pathetic attempt to inject U.S. Presidential politics into the discussion. Go back to Digg.

more than 6 years ago



Ted Stevens' Home Raided

el_munkie el_munkie writes  |  more than 7 years ago

el_munkie (145510) writes "It appears that the home of Senator Ted Stevens is in the process of being raided by the FBI and the IRS. According to the article, a remodeling project at Stevens' home and the involvement of Veco, an oil company, are the focus of the raid."


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