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$5000 Award for Open Source CMS

elliotj Re:Easiest Perl CMS? (127 comments)

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. I have no problem hosting my site on Debian (or some derivative).

more than 8 years ago



elliotj elliotj writes  |  more than 8 years ago

elliotj writes "I ordered the Macbook Pro the day after it was announced by Steve Jobs at MacWorld in mid-January. After waiting 6 weeks for it to ship, I unpacked it with glee on February 24th. Now, less than 9 months later, Apple has just revised their "consumer" line Macbook and it exceeds the specs of my "professional" line system. This is great news for people buying Macbooks, and I think also marks an increase in speed between when you can expect the general specs of a "pro" system to trickle down to the "consumer" line. Sure, my Macbook Pro still has a bigger screen and some other odds and ends, but from a processing and memory standpoint, I'm now green with envy! Is this a trend that will continue, or is it just an unusual occasion resulting from the switch to Intel processors? (For the record, I'm still in love with my Macbook Pro and it works great)"


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