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Journalists Route Around White House Press Office

emaname Style??? (111 comments)

This article is posted under the "Style" section of the WaPo. A really slow news day or what?

I'm also curious who this "group of 90 print journalists" actually works for. IMHO, in today's political climate after Citizens' United, every journalist is for hire.

about 3 months ago

Belkin Router Owners Suffering Massive Outages

emaname Belkin is out (191 comments)

Spent close to 2 hours with this in the AM. First, the ISP; ie, TWC. They directed me to Belkin. So I tried calling Belkin. It took an hour to get tech support. Their phone system kept disconnecting me. Plus I was trying to access their web site via my phone. Of course, their site was hosed, as well.

When I finally got through, it was to someone in India. She was very thorough, but ultimately no help. (Now I know why.) She assured me I would get a call back in about 2 to 4 hours with a solution.

After finishing the call and hanging up, I was out the door and headed to the nearest store. Bought a different router and am back online.

And what a surprise! Belkin never called me back with a solution. I was SO expecting it.

about 4 months ago

WSJ Reports Boeing To Beat SpaceX For Manned Taxi To ISS

emaname Boeing... really? (200 comments)

So I guess they've forgotten how well the Lockheed Martin F-35 JSF project is going. That's not to say SpaceX might not disappoint in the same way, but to assume the bigger corporate entity will just naturally be better prepared to meet expectations is a bit naive.

This smacks of cronyism... again.

Boeing == Big corporate entity with plenty of lobbyists and political influence. So can you say "Program cost increases and delays." I'll bet you can.

So much for opportunity in America.

about 4 months ago

Mysterious, Phony Cell Towers Found Throughout US

emaname Re:They used to be called UHF TV tuners (237 comments)

Ahhh anyone remember the joy of pressing the outer tuning ring and going back and forth???

Yup. I do. I'm sorry to say.

about 5 months ago

Fermilab Begins Testing Holographic Universe Theory

emaname Simulacron III (247 comments)

FWIW. Simulacron-3 (1964) (also published as Counterfeit World), by Daniel F. Galouye, is an American science fiction novel featuring an early literary description of virtual reality.

about 5 months ago

The Misleading Fliers Comcast Used To Kill Off a Local Internet Competitor

emaname Truth in Advertising (250 comments)

Call the FTC.

Not that they can actually do anything about it.

about 6 months ago

New Microsoft CEO Vows To Shake Up Corporate Culture

emaname Good luck with that (204 comments)

Who's still on the board?

about 6 months ago

Homestar Runner To Return Soon

emaname Good jerb!!! (57 comments)

My apologies. It needed to be said.

about 7 months ago

Steve Ballmer In Talks To Buy Los Angeles Clippers

emaname Re:Moving to seattle? (76 comments)


If I had any mod points, you'd get 'em all.

That is a great example of how these huge business entities increase the burden on taxpayers.

Speaking of entitlements... How about including crap like this in the discussion. Corporations/teams/whatever should pay their own way. No more taxing the people so billionaires can become even more wealthy than they already are.

about 8 months ago

Google Foresees Ads On Your Refrigerator, Thermostat, and Glasses

emaname Absolutely... (355 comments)


Not in my house.

about 8 months ago

Mercedes Pooh-Poohs Tesla, Says It Has "Limited Potential"

emaname Freezing the market (360 comments)

This sounds like "freezing the market." It's a marketing strategy.

I'm going to "cop out" and suggest (if you're interested) you should search on this: marketing strategy "freeze the market"

There are much better explanations/examples out there than I could ever provide.

I've been accusing MS of using this strategy for years and their name appears in several of the results re releases of Xbox and more.

Now we can include Mercedes in this auspicious group of hucksters.

about 9 months ago

New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla

emaname Free Market (342 comments)

Where's the outcry from those who claim to be capitalists re the 'free market" and "let the market decide?"

It seems like it's okay to "let the market decide" as long as only their business is allowed to be in the market.

But if there is a possible market failure here then it needs to be addressed.

about 10 months ago

Steve Ballmer Blew Up At the Microsoft Board Before Retiring

emaname Re:What a surprise. (248 comments)

I've always speculated that when MSFT was nailed for monopoly behavior, the DOJ gave the MSFT BOD a choice; MSFT would be broken up or put Ballmer in charge.

Instead of breaking MSFT up, the DOJ figured having someone like Ballmer in charge would be punishment enough. And ultimately achieve something close to the intended results of a breakup.

By using this strategy, the gov't didn't appear as though it's trying to tell a big business how to operate, but MSFT's growth certainly was stunted thanks to Ballmer's decisions.

about a year ago

Comcast To Buy Time Warner Cable In $44.2 Billion All-Stock Deal

emaname Re:SEC block? (303 comments)

Exactly. It strikes me that market share equates to financial leverage. And the more they have, the more they'll want. They'll have a great deal more influence in the marketplace. And we'll still be a third-world country when it comes to internet service.

about a year ago

Ohio Attempting To Stop Tesla From Selling Cars, Again

emaname Free market (387 comments)

So that is what the Republicans mean by a "free market."

This proves the people who currently call themselves "Republicans" are anything but. The party has been hijacked by a bunch of self-serving individuals. Clearly these people could not care less about the free market or competition.

about a year ago

Fracking Is Draining Water From Areas In US Suffering Major Shortages

emaname Using the word Frack correctly (268 comments)

Like "frack you," "go frack yourself," "you frackin' idiot" to show your displeasure with someone.

IOW, use "frack" in place of the all-purpose noun, verb and expletive that begins with the letter "f."

It certainly isn't much, but as a form of protest it makes a point.

Example: That frackin' beta sucks frack water.

about a year ago

Super Bowl Ads: Worth the Price Or Waste of Time?

emaname Re:Doberhuahua (347 comments)

I have to agree that Audi and Volkswagen had the best commercials so +1.

I already posted so I can't give mod points.

Everything else was... disappointing.

about a year ago



Oregon Health Inspector makes little girl cry

emaname emaname writes  |  more than 4 years ago

emaname (1014225) writes "PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — It's hardly unusual to hear small business owners gripe about licensing requirements or complain that heavy-handed regulations are driving them into the red.

So when Multnomah County shut down an enterprise last week for operating without a license, you might just sigh and say, there they go again.

Except this entrepreneur was a 7-year-old named Julie Murphy. Her business was a lemonade stand at the Last Thursday monthly art fair. The government regulation she violated? Failing to get a $120 temporary restaurant license."

Link to Original Source

Covenant School to forfeit 100-0 win...

emaname emaname writes  |  about 6 years ago

emaname (1014225) writes "From Dallas, TX...

"Officials from The Covenant School visited Dallas Academy on Thursday morning to apologize for their girls basketball team's 'victory without honor' in last week's 100-0 game.

Covenant, located in Dallas, also e-mailed the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools to declare its desire to forfeit the District 3-2A game.""

Link to Original Source


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