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How Relevant is C in 2014?

emh203 Because it can be used in Safety Critical Systems (641 comments)

Yes. There is an entire world beyond the sphere of web programmers. Go into the automotive sector and ask about using python, java or any other higher level language in a engine controller.... LInux? I don't want my car to take 2 minutes to boot and go into a kernel panic because a guy in his basement wrote a driver for something. Python? We can put 1 GB of ram so a lazy programmer can have his pristine language environment. In the world where things have to work reliably and there is no room for esoteric languages, C rules the roost

about a month and a half ago

Where Intel Processors Fail At Math (Again)

emh203 Fixed Point (239 comments)

Nice to know my integers aren't affected. :-

about 3 months ago

Arducorder, Next Open Source Science Tricorder-like Device, Nears Completion

emh203 Re:Arduyawn (56 comments)

Let's see.... Some Examples... Freescale Freedom Platform NCP LPC Xpresso TI Stellaris Launch Pad. Each have ARM Cortex M0/M3/M4 variants. All those options are less than an Arduino. They each have accessible IO, lots of tool chain options and aren't crippled by the Arduino front end. (i.e. real debuggers) NXP even has M0 parts in an 8-pin dip. Arduino is like the guitar hero version of a microcontroller. Sure, you may look cool and sound OK tethered to a game machine but in the end you are slapping 4 plastic buttons.

about 4 months ago

Court: Oracle Entitled To Copyright Protection Over Some Parts of Java

emh203 2nd Try - Interfaces are important (303 comments)

I would disagree on this. Interface design often is as important as the implementation. It can take a good deal of effort to design and test a *good* interface. it often requires just as much engineering as an implementation.

That being said, I don't think there is anything remarkable about Java. In some ways this decision is a good thing.

1.) it may turn off enough people to never use java (which is a good thing). It was a horrible idea and runs like dog crap on *everything*

2.) Google should be punished for using such a system on an embedded platform. The whole idea of an interpreted code language on a high performance embedded device is dumb. This is why Android phones:

a.) crash
b.) run like crap
c.) have horrible memory/system requirements.

And if you are concerned about the environment, think of the carbon footprint of these types of systems (Java, .net, etc). All those extra CPU cycles to interpret code using up power..... sigh.

about 9 months ago

Swiss Canton Abandons Linux Migration

emh203 Re:FOSS (442 comments)

Altium Designer.

more than 4 years ago

Honda's Exoskeletons Help You Walk Like Asimo

emh203 Lazy Fat People..... (135 comments)

Not to sound to cruel, but I see this being overused more by people who are simply lazy. Every time to goto a store, I see overweight folks using the electric karts to scoot them selves around so they can fill their baskets with oreos and ice cream... That and old people..... I always tell people I am "pro death panel". We simple can't afford to keep pumping cash into machines such as this to keep 90 year people moving around.

more than 4 years ago

Rupert Murdoch Publishes North Korean Flash Games

emh203 Frothing Moonbats (186 comments)

Oh god, Rupert Murdoch among the moonbats at slashdot has now reached the same level of the "Illuminati" in the conspiracy nut circles.

more than 4 years ago

White House Fingers PlayStation As Obesity Culprit

emh203 Re:Hmmph. (477 comments)

Plenty of people are convinced to volunteer and give away their resources.

I am no quarrel with anyone willfully giving what they have earned to charity, etc. It is just evil when an invisible hand forces you because some faceless entity decides what is good and what is bad. That is as evil as any religous entity telling you that you are going to hell because you don't share in their faith.

Providing a monthly check for simply doing nothing is a disaster waiting to happen. You always have to ask the question how much and where does it come from? Then you realize that your utopian system has herpes.

You may choose to call me evil for having the audacity to say that everyone needs goto work to create some value in the world. I say its more evil to create a system that encourages people to because hopelessly dependent on a few "enlightned" leaders to provide them their daily gruel.

It's funny how people put all this faith in "economists" who claim to have create ideas about to run an economy but I have yet to see said economists run any business any better then us "groundlings".

more than 4 years ago

White House Fingers PlayStation As Obesity Culprit

emh203 Re:Hmmph. (477 comments)

protestant work ethic

Being an atheist I can't comment on a "protestant" work ethic. You do things you hate to surivive because most of us do not want to starve and die. Its as simple as that.

Why should a derivatives trader earn many times more than a sewage worker?

Its not because sewage work is not important. You don't understand the markets if you make this statement. The sewage worker gets paid less because it requires little brain power and there are plenty of people that could do it. There are far fewer that can do derivatives trading. Its more than need that drive price. The reason I get paid alot to design IC's is not because it is more important than the guy cleans the toilet. Its because there are alot less people that can do this skilled labor and I spent 20 years of my life training my self to do it. I can learn to clean a toilet in about 10 minutes.

There's absolutely no reason why taxation and welfare can't continue to exist ad infinitum.

Because you can't consume more than you produce. Period. Sure, you can get away with for awhile when the group is large enough but over long timescales it doesn't work. Sure, it sounds nice to pay people to sit around and b e arts-fartsy if they want to. That is the land of rainbows and unicorns. It the world where you die when you don't eat, these people need to figure how to fund their own interests.

Why should I have to work 60 hours a week making sure a supply chain is in order so that someone can do nothing and simply consume? Sorry, the idea is still dumb. You have to go to work, even if you hate it, to keep your belly full and a roof over your head. Sure, I feel we need basic arbitration in society (i.e. traffic lights, law enforcement, etc) and am more than willing to pay for this service. I do not think we need to contribute to fund to people who do not wish to work.

more than 4 years ago

White House Fingers PlayStation As Obesity Culprit

emh203 Re:Hmmph. (477 comments)

>>Milton Friedman and others have suggested the "basic income" where each person would receive enough to cover basic costs without regard to need

Sorry but that idea is dumb. You would have a large amount of the population do the absolute minimum because they have a big sugary tit to latch on to.
Humans are like sharks. The want to swim around, eat things, and then make baby sharks.

Just imagine if sharks had their food given to them. We would end up with way to many baby sharks.

Believe it or not, it is not bad thing to work a good portion of the day to earn what you need to survive. Stealing from others on a large scale simply doesn't work long term.

more than 4 years ago

Ubuntu 10.10 Beta Released

emh203 Re:Maybe this time... (291 comments)

I have 4 monitors on my machine (2x 9500 GT cards). Took be 5 minutes to get setup in Windows. Still have to find a X configuration that works on all 4. It should not take a day of searching through forums, etc to get multiple to work in any distro.. Multi-monitor setups are not that uncommon and I think this points to a problem with X architecture has not kept up.

more than 4 years ago

NIH Orders Halt To Embryonic Stem Cell Research

emh203 Re:China (593 comments)

That is probably a true statement given that they have no concern for human rights. With over a billion people, they have a bunch of test units to spare. Just look at the test subjects they knocked off for the bodies exhibit. Just think about what they can accomplish when you don't have to worry where your "units under test" come from.

more than 4 years ago

VHDL or Verilog For Learning FPGAs?

emh203 Verilog.... (301 comments)

If your target is synthesis for an FPGA I would go with Verilog. Here is the bottom line: Any synthesis function you could do in VHDL could always be done in Verilog with fewer lines of code and will look alot simpler. VHDL is very verbose. If you search the internet there was a neat article about a Verilog vs. VHDL "competition" where one had to synthesize a logic function (targeting real hardware) in a fixed period of time. Of the people that finished, those using verilog were able to yield results that could run at higher clock speeds with fewer lines of code.

more than 5 years ago

How Much is Your Right to Vote Worth?

emh203 Re:Not thinking far enough (857 comments)

I would give it all the the Ron Paul Campaign. He is the only one in the pack that deserves a vote.

more than 7 years ago


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