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Security Researchers Want To Fully Audit Truecrypt

emho24 Re:A costly analysis (233 comments)

Why do you give a flying **** what the NSA are doing with your data?

Because government entities are being used to punish those of differing political beliefs than those in power. It will only get worse, and it matters not what "side" the current rulers are. The current administrations favorite punishment tool seems to be the IRS. Can't wait to find out how bad it gets with the next administration.

about 10 months ago

Samsung Caught Boosting Galaxy S4 Benchmarks

emho24 Re:Government Regulation (234 comments)

because lying is not itself illegal
It depends on the context. Here in the US, you can be charged for lying to Congress in certain circumstances, but it is not true the other way around. Congressmen enjoy "freedom of speech" when lying to the public.

1 year,23 days

"Slingatron" To Hurl Payloads Into Orbit

emho24 Re:Limited cargo use (438 comments)

There has got to be something wrong with me, the term "astronaut pudding" made me hungry.

1 year,24 days

C|Net Reporter Declan McCullagh Talks About Privacy (Video)

emho24 Re:A simpler, cheaper alternative (51 comments)

All five of your comments would be decried as "racist!". It doesn't even matter anymore if that is a logical retort, it is the default accusation.

about a year ago

City-Sized Ice Shelf Breaks Free Of Antarctica

emho24 Re:Sea Level Map (249 comments)

I keep trying to submerge New York with that map but it takes 60m until I'm really happy with the results.

about a year ago

Got Malware? Get a Hammer!

emho24 Re:Outdated Equipment (254 comments)

... old 13 or 14" NEC tube monitor

HA! I read the article thinking about such monumental waste of taxpayer money, but after I saw the old 50lb crt I felt empathy for their technology rage. I enjoy a good smashing of cheap electronic crap as much as the next guy.

about a year ago

No Black Hole Or Magnetic Monopole: Tunguska Really Was a Meteor

emho24 Re:Too much space junk (128 comments)

Imagine how our world would be today if that comet did not explode over a relatively unpopulated area, but instead exploded over a major metropolitan area.

about a year ago

Intelligence Director Claims NSA Surveillance Reports Inaccurate

emho24 Re:what gets me... (262 comments)

It is with great shame and humiliation I confess that I approved of the Patriot Act when it was first passed. I distinctly remember telling a friend of mine that I could care less if the government wanted to listen to each and every one of my phone calls, because I had nothing to hide. How embarrassing.

Emotions get the best of everyone, politicians know this better than anyone, that is why it had such great initial public support. Who was it who said "never let a crisis go to waste"? This foul tactic works quite well unfortunately.

about a year ago

European HbbTV Smart TV Holes Make Sets Hackable

emho24 Re:Coming soon (39 comments)

It's coming, have no doubt.

about a year ago

New Prenda Law Shell Corp Threatening to Tell Your Neighbors You Pirated Porn

emho24 Re:Wow ... (258 comments)

Only way to stop them is to lock them up or disbar them.

Why "or"?

about a year ago

Why We'll Never Meet Aliens

emho24 Re:Compassion? (629 comments)

The article attempts to rule out any logical reasons for aliens to visit us. What if they are just cthulhu style evil and wish our destruction / consumption? Not as fun to think about compared to your compassionate aliens.

about a year ago

3D-Printed Gun May Be Unveiled Soon

emho24 Re:Barrel and slide/bolt too? (625 comments)

This 3D printing hype is tiresome.

I somewhat agree, but it is exciting to think that this is just the ground floor of something awesome. I tend to look at this as a technology in its infancy, using plastics and non-durable materials.

Give it time, in a matter of years technology will allow the plastics to be replaced with hard metals, etc.

about a year ago

Aereo Ruling Could Impact Pandora

emho24 Re:Lawyers (107 comments)

Hmm, I tend to believe lawyers only need a pat on the back when you are wielding a dagger.

about a year ago

One Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Dead, Other At Large After Shootout With Police

emho24 Re:Watch the total absence (1109 comments)

Brian Ross would be so proud of you.

about a year ago

One Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Dead, Other At Large After Shootout With Police

emho24 Re:Watch the total absence (1109 comments)

Oh wise one, please enlighten us to how Tea Party members are terrorists.

about a year ago

One Boston Marathon Bomb Suspect Dead, Other At Large After Shootout With Police

emho24 Re:One Suspect Dead (1109 comments)

Neither. The purpose of a police weapon is to immediately stop a threat. Current technology dictates that a jacketed hollow point round causing massive body trauma is the superior choice.

If you are serious about tazers, you should put yourself in the shoes of a policeman for one second and realize just how ludicrous a tazer is in a firefight. When projectiles are rocketing towards you, ripping through the aluminum of the automobile you are hiding behind, and smashing holes into the brick wall behind you, why dont you get out our tazer and go try to "take them alive". Sigh.

about a year ago

North Korean Missile Raised To Firing Position, Says US Official

emho24 Re:And... it's gone (636 comments)

Worried? No
Tired of war? Yes
Tired of hearing the rhetoric? Yes

about a year ago

Windows 8 Killing PC Sales

emho24 Re:My theory (1010 comments)

Windows 7 (32bit) + 4gb ram + Visual Studio + Chrome browser = oom.

about a year ago

Giant Dinosaurs Were Fastest Growing Animals Ever

emho24 Not even remotely true (64 comments)

"Fastest growing animals ever" HA!

You need to come to my home state and take a look at some of the mammals we have here. They truck around in their motorized wheelchairs in the isles of Walmart.

about a year ago

IRS Can Read Your Email Without Warrant

emho24 IRS needs to go (332 comments)

The US tax code needs a massive overhaul and simplification, and the IRS simply needs to be dismantled.

Maybe I should send that as an email so the IRS will read it.

about a year ago


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