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Black Futurists In The Information Age

engel doing the right thing (575 comments)

THis article has seriously made me want to go out and join a club or other organization that helps poor people 'get connected.' In a sense, the whole 'free software' movement is great, as long as we realize that it isn't just about freedom, it is also about free beer.

Everyone keeps harkening on, "Oh yeah, and you can SELL linux too." But you know what I think is another aspect of the revolution? The fact that you can make a $200 box for a home, with a free (as in beer) OS, so that your grandma or a poor inner-city youth can experience the same inforation as everyone else.

Freedom is not freedom if you have to buy it from (Choose your favorite software vendor).

Maybe it is not time yet to start calling for free beer (and the social-guerilla tactics are exactly why I like ESR), but soon (comrades) soon we should stop putting down and rather pick up our neighbors. Strange that code may set us free....

more than 15 years ago


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