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Recommendations For C++/OpenGL Linux Tutorials?

eoin_tbo Dead tree options. (117 comments)

Not online tutorials but excellent books on 3d programming in linux and they cover 3d programming theory in general very well. They're a bit dated now but the fundamentals are still the same. Learn Linux 3-D Graphics Programming and Advanced Linux 3D Graphics Programming Author : Norman Lin Published by Wordware

more than 4 years ago

Scientists To Breed the Auroch From Extinction

eoin_tbo Re:Already Been Done, Seventy Years Ago (277 comments)

Der Fuehrer's apoplexy upon learning that an awful lot of the Jews and Slavs he was bent on exterminating were genetically indistinguishable from the general German population would have been a site to behold.

You know, I think there might be a youtube clip of this...

about 5 years ago

Heavy Rain Previews Show Promise

eoin_tbo Re:Real life rarely makes a good game... (84 comments)

Was it actually ah hour of doing mundane tasks or did it seem like an hour?

Movies do this scene-setting, baseline normality at the start as well but they usually only last 10-20 mins. Anything beyond that and they can seem to drag. I would have thought that at an hour you'd have most people dying to do something interesting. You need to be a paid reviewer or very bored to push through that kind of barrier without turning off the pc.

For most gamers the novelty of "ooh look I can do everyday things on a computer" wears thing very quickly. Sometime back in deus ex when you could use the can machine and flush the toilet. (Those being incidental to the main action of deus ex while with heavy rain it seems more central)

All that being said I'd love to give this game a whirl to see how it plays out.

more than 5 years ago

Magento Beginner's Guide

eoin_tbo Re:osCommerce (124 comments)

I ran an e-commerce shop for around 2 years and the website had been set up before I took it over. For the first 6 months it was running on osCommerce. And it was pretty painful to make even minor changes. There've been no releases for well over 2 years at this point and I would be inclinded to say that as a official project it is dead. It keeps going through community support with an absolutely massive array of contributions.

Of course none of the contributions are tested, or have any guarantees of interoperability so to install more than one requires both a high level of technical knowledge and a solid backup system. (which you should have anyway)

After the 6 months I changed over to Zen Cart. This is a fork of osCommerce but there seems to be some life in the official version and the code/templating system is at least semi coherent. Again there are tons of community contributions but again you need to know what you're doing with them.

If I were to do it again I would move the whole thing over to shopify or an equivalent service and let them deal with the technical side. All you as a business person should be doing is selling your products/services, not dicking around with php files trying to change language settings or introduce new modules. (of course as a geek this is what I enjoyed about the work and why I've gone back to my natural habitat coding software)

I didn't do this at the time because I was concerned about the cost but once you count in hosting, ssl certification and credit card handling charges, shopify (or eqivalent) would have made more sense. The only other issue being data entry but I'm sure there were automated ways around that.

more than 5 years ago

New Hitchhiker's Guide Book "Not Very Funny"

eoin_tbo Re:meh (410 comments)

An early review of part of the Eoin Colfer-penned seque

On the plus side, Eoin Colfer has won the Ambiguously Pronounced Name Award!

The first name is pronounced the same as Owen. At least he didn't spell it the old way, Eoghan. As for the surname, I'd guess it rhymes with golfer?

more than 5 years ago

Schneier On Self-Enforcing Protocols

eoin_tbo Re:You need trust (207 comments)

"Vere-a yuoo teeched tu vrute-a ingleesh tuu? Selff leemiting prutuculs ere-a useffool oonly fur smell scele-a sulooshuns vhee it is reesunebly pusseeble-a tu feleedete-a zee resoolts (ere-a yuoo gueeng tu be-a eble-a tu refeeoo zee futes ooff 1,000 ploos futers in a useffool teemescele-a) und vhere-a zeere-a is nu penelty tu hefeeng deceesiuns un ecturs deceesiuns beeeng poobleec knooledge-a."

I guess my comment came off an overly snarky and non-constructive (like all nitpicking comments are) and sorry for that.

It was more that it was a mistake in a sentence about what was learned in high school.
How do you know the original poster isn't a native speaker?

more than 5 years ago

Schneier On Self-Enforcing Protocols

eoin_tbo Re:You need trust (207 comments)

In high school I was teached that every happy customer tells about their good experience to 3-4 people, but every unhappy customer tells about it to 20 people.

Were you teached to wrote english too? Self limiting protocols are useful only for small scale solutions when it is reasonably possible to validate the results (are you going to be able to review the votes of 1,000 plus voters in a useful timescale) and where there is no penalty to having decisions an actors decisions being public knowledge.

more than 5 years ago


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