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Terry Gilliam's Brazil

eotoole another godawful self congratulating hacker (125 comments)

With apologies to Carly Simon, "You're so vain, you probably think this movie's about you". You think Terry Gilliam had linux hackers in mind when he made Brazil!?!?

I'm not sure how it happened - the writer/director, TerryGilliam, wasn't in tune with the computer underground that I know of - but the character has, in a few short minutes onscreen, captured the universal essence of hacking.

AFAIK, Terry hung out with the Monty Python crew, independant directors, creative people offering real parodies and insights on society. People doing more to change the world than making blue boxes go "ka-ching". His artistic vision may have been formed by looking at some of the great artists and writers of the world. He might have captured some of the essence of wisdom and perception, no? Emmet (along with the rest of the crew, Jon "kiss the geek" Katz comes to mind) seems to annointed computer geeks as the new avengers of individuality and liberty. That's fine, but don't insinuate that Terry Gilliam gives more than a passing fart about you.

Umm perhaps Terry might have been commenting on government and corporate systems that oppress the spirit, or the human desire to be free, to be in love, to fly, etc etc..

Oops... I'm let falling out of step with our "individuality" here on Slashdot. What was I thinking. Let me get back on track

In fact Brazil is about hackers and nerd justice and bad telephone design.
So when is the Linux version of Brazil available?
DVD sucks
Hot grits in emmets pants
Windows NT is Central Systems

more than 14 years ago


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