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How Microsoft's Lack of Innovation is Killing Nokia

eporue Bad phones AND bad choices (1 comments)

Yes, they are also making bad phones. The good ones are crazy expensive, and the reasonably priced are simply bad.

about a year ago

Google starts sending adverts as emails to Gmail users

eporue Great .... (1 comments)

Absolutely great .....

about a year ago

MSFT Spent a Wopping $10.41B on R&D in FY 2013, But Does it Help?

eporue Start button (2 comments)

How much was for the start button in Vista 8.1 ?

about a year ago

You OS Web Based Operating System

eporue Re:EyeOS (223 comments)

In any case, eyeOS has an official hosted version in

more than 8 years ago



Public domain and Youtube

eporue eporue writes  |  about 8 months ago

eporue (886151) writes "I get "Disputed third party matched content" in more than half the public domain videos that I upload to my Youtube public domain movies and public domain cartoons channels. I get the content from Wikipedia and and I make sure that it is public domain. The funny thing is that many companies have nothing to do with the creators of the original videos. In the case of the Night of the living dead I got 11 different claims from 8 different companies. After "disputing" them, 8 have been released so far. How do you manage these disputes?"

I'd pay 50 € for a Gmail-like encrypted webmail with serves in Europe, who

eporue eporue writes  |  about a year ago

eporue (886151) writes "I am tired of reading about PRIMS and how everybody is reading my emails. And I am prepared to pay 50€ a year for a webmail system that allows me to us GPG, that uses SSL and with all the servers in Europe and with the data on those servers encripted using with my own private local key.

Anybody else ?"

Is Google killing the internet with his "nofollow" policies?

eporue eporue writes  |  about a year and a half ago

eporue writes "Google has been getting more and more agresive against people selling links and passing "pagerank" to others for money. The problem is that people are so paranoid now that blogrolls are dying and nobody links to our blogs anymore for fear of upsetting Mr. Big G. How to avoid this ? How can I get people to start linking back to my blog?"
Link to Original Source

Share the love, YouTube, share the love

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 2 years ago

eporue writes "I have 1300 videos in my youtube channel. About 2,000,000 video views. And what do I get in return ? Thousands of "nofollow" links to my webpage and ONE "dofollow" link from my channel page.
Why Google? Don't you tell me everywhere to create good content and to get good quality links? Can you be fair and allow me to link to my blog with "dofollows" ?
Share the love, Youtube, share the love ..."

Link to Original Source

Can I buy a Mac Air, install Ubuntu and get a refund for OS X ?

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 2 years ago

eporue writes "From time to time I read reports of a hero that manages to buy a PC and after a long number of calls / emails / visits / complaints manages to get the money back for the windows that came installed with it.
But, has anyone ever challenged Apple ? Can I buy an Mac Air, install Ubuntu on it and get a refund for OS X? Or even buy the Mac Air with no OS at all?"

For just one day, the web is only for linux

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 4 years ago

hombrelobo writes "I have so much to thank linux for. So I decided to thank it by declaring June 1st the Linux Day , a day when to read a blog you will need to access it with a linux PC, or you will get a message asking you to try Ubuntu, Suse or any other linux flavor.

I am working on the code (first draft here )

The idea is to block my blogs to anybody NOT using linux, for one day. If we attract enough blogs, maybe some people will be tempted to actually use linux. If only for that one day at least ...."

Link to Original Source

How to access Hulu from outside the US ?

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 5 years ago

hombrelobo writes "What is the best way to access Hulu from outside the USA ?

I have tried several public proxies ... they simply don't work. I guess a good way would be a SSH tunnel via a server in the US, but I do not have access to it right now.

I also tried to set-up one SSH tunnel via a temporary server in Amazon EC2 (too complicated).

Any suggestions ?"

Any good Open Source video editor for rookies ?

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 6 years ago

hombrelobo writes "While most tasks can be managed today with Open Source programs, both in ubuntu and in windows, video editing is still not working.

There is not one simple video editor that I can easily install in ubuntu or windows and achieve what I achieve with Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

Anybody can recommend a good open source video editing package ? That can be installed easily ? And that works ?"

Ubuntu making same mistakes as Windows XP ?

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 6 years ago

eporue writes "I had Ubuntu 7.10 with Firefox 2.
When upgrading to 8.04, Ubuntu forced me to change Firefox to 3.0 beta. Why ? Is Firefox such an integral part of Ubuntu ? Wasn't that what M$ argued about IE 6.0 and Windows XP ?

Firefox 3.0 b5 is so unstable that I have decided to downgrade to Ubuntu 7.10. Sounds familiar ?"

People watching, colaborative video maps

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 6 years ago

hombrelobo writes "The idea is simple: place a video camera and record a 3 minutes video of people passing by in front of the camera.

I already had videos in Buenos Aires, Houston, Dubai, Helsinki, Seoul and Copenhagen, so I put all of them together in a Google Map that anybody can edit to add their own videos, until we get a map or the whole world.

You can see the map with the videos here:"

Link to Original Source

Osam's half-brother to build a bridge Africa-Asia

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 6 years ago

hombrelobo writes "Taken from the Economist:
"A Saudi company run by a half-brother of Osama will secure land in Yemen and in Djibouti to build two
cities and a bridge of 27 kms linkin them, linking Asia and Africa."

Haven't been able to find more information about it ......"

Link to Original Source

Remote virtualization ?

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 6 years ago

eporue writes "I've been trying some virtualization software like VirtualBox and VMware to emulate other OS. And they work reasonably well.
But can we do something similar with a remote computer ? Can we "emulate" it ? The idea is having a window with Linux, another with a remote PC running windows, and being able to transfer files among them.
Is it possible ?"

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 7 years ago

eporue writes ""Wubi is an unofficial Ubuntu installer for Windows users that will bring you into the Linux world with a few clicks. Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other application. If you heard about Linux and Ubuntu, if you wanted to try them but you were afraid, this is for you." More at: Wubi"

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 7 years ago

eporue writes "With Surrogafier you can create a simple web proxy service in your own server.

You can then access any blocked websites via your own server. The script is a single 70 kbs PHP file and works great. It is also GPL.

I have explained it (in Spanish ...) in my blog: hombrelobo"

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 7 years ago

eporue writes "I use daily the following bookmarklets:
  • Co.mments, to keep track of conversations : the bookmarklet can be found here.
  • Toread, to email copies of web pages.
  • Playtagger from delicious, to play MP3s without leaving the page. The bookmarklet can be found here.
What other bookmarklets do your use on regular basis ??"

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 7 years ago

eporue writes "What is what holds the blogosphere together ? Without any doubt, one of its basic pillars is the RSS and atom feeds. They link sites together, transfer the information rapidly, allow subscriptions and replication.

But, did you ever consider that most of these feeds are hosted in Feedburner ? Feedburner has a fantastic feed hosting service that gives the webmaster flexibility and statistics (among other things) for free.

But what would happen if Feedburner goes down or doesn't' work (for any reason) ?

In total, out of a total of 150,344 blogs connected to the "top blogs", 44% are fed by Feedburner. Interesting. And this is even more important in smaller blogs. Most people use Feedburner because they are the best. But it poses some risks.

More in: n-blogosphere.html"

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 7 years ago

eporue writes "The Open Source webOS project called eyeOS has appeared today in digg (link) and TechCrunch (link). Is this going to be the first Spanish start-up to make it to Silicon Valley ?"

eporue eporue writes  |  more than 7 years ago

eporue writes "eyeOS announces at ed-eyeos-mobile.html the launch of a mobile service that allows you to access and upload your files and documents to the eyeOS public servers. Now you can upload videos and pictures from your phone to share with your family or workgroups, all for free and with downloadable GPL software. Mobile access to public accounts at and normal browser access at The project's web is located at"


eporue has no journal entries.

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