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'Google Buses' Are Bad For Cities, Says New York MTA Official

eraserewind Re:Ain't no body got time for that (606 comments)

Having exchanged Japan and a 1 hour commute on a crowded train to my old MNC's office for a rural location and a 20 minute drive to my current MNC's office I can say that life in Japan is not mere existence at all. A person might miss having a plot of their own, but equally they might miss the huge range of facilities, both public and private within walking distance or at worst a short journey away that compensate for not having half an acre of your own to run around in. People have gripes wherever they live. Just because you don't want something doesn't make your blanket statement true for everyone.

about a year ago

User-Generated Content Vs. Experts

eraserewind Re:Is Self-Published Writing Notable? (210 comments)

I think though that your website is not "the wisdom of crowds", but rather "the writings of an domain expert". (for all that it's just out there on the internet). You didn't submit your c++ tips to wikipedia and allow people to change it as they see fit. you don't have user comments on the pages. etc.

more than 6 years ago


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