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What Can I Do About Book Pirates?

eric434 Re:Offer the Ebook for free. (987 comments)

isn't this exactly what is the problem with copyright? People sitting on their asses, demanding to get paid, while blaming piracy for not getting money for some work created ages ago.

Fuck you. Stop talking about industries you know nothing about.

Go try making a living at this. Go try making any money at all as an author, a musician, an artist, or anything creative, THEN come back and tell us that it's all about "sitting on your ass and demanding to get paid."

The reality is exactly the opposite. Just because the law makes it possible for someone to sit on their ass doesn't mean that anyone ever makes money doing that. The reality is you have to put days, months, and years into creating work and you never know if you'll make a damn penny off it. You have to write, you have to paint, you have to perform, and then you have to go out and promote your work over and over again until someone comes along and pays you money for your copyrighted work.

Any other business, you would get paid while you were working. By relying on copyright, you work for free now -- to create something of value to society -- in hopes that someone will find it worthwhile enough to pay you later. It's one of the riskiest businesses out there, and it takes so much hard work and dedication that saying creative people "sit on their asses and demand to get paid" shows you know nothing about how these industries work.

more than 5 years ago

British Royal Navy Submarines Now Run Windows

eric434 BSOD (725 comments)

The term "Blue Screen of Death" is now deprecated. It has been replaced with "Blue Mushroom Cloud of Death."

Also, does that 22-million-saved figure include the cost of fixing the horrible errors and accidents that occur as a result of this?

more than 6 years ago

Online Colleges Could Spy On Students – By Law

eric434 Cameras aren't the same as people (307 comments)

These designers need to get a clue. Cameras will not replace human proctors any time soon.

Instant distance learning cheat:
1) Plug magic 360-degree anti-cheating fingerprint camera into laptop.
2) Sit down at desk with other laptop.
3) Bring your buddy the anthropology-whiz-for-hire into the room. Hand him the laptop from step 1.
4) Buddy gets under desk and takes test. You spend an hour on IRC basking in the epic lulz.

more than 6 years ago


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