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Getty's Flickr Sales, Money Spinner Or Ripoff?

errgh Well... (98 comments)

It's like Lenin says: you look for the person who will benefit and, uhh.... I'd like to think that those photographers who don't have any representation at the moment and have HIGH QUALITY work to offer will benefit, those with medium and low quality work will suffer. The problem is that those with high quality work would be more likely to have representation outside of the internet, thus leaving the majority of people left to fend for themselves on flickr getting the short end of the stick from Getty. You can't pay them more just because they have low quality work and there are more of them, this is not social welfare. Those that opt in need to understand that there are better ways at getting financial representation for their work. But for those that need a little bit of cash from works they aren't making any cash from, this works fairly well.

more than 4 years ago

New Chip Offers Virtual Windows Desktops, On TVs

errgh Interesting Idea (99 comments)

Virtual first post. Most newer TVs can already play networked media files, show sport scores, weather and some can even do light browsing - all from either a ethernet or wireless network connection. This seems a bit ad-centric, maybe for light kiosks or informational displays.

more than 4 years ago

Jobs Says No Tethering iPad To iPhone

errgh Re:Didn't he say this.. (423 comments)

depends if it connects to adhoc networks or not. if it does connect to ad hoc networks then IT WILL tether to iphones (jailbroken ones only in the US) and other mobiles.

more than 4 years ago

What color is your stapler?

errgh Hrmm... (643 comments)

I wanted to paint my room "Prefer paperclips" but all they had left at home depot was "Prefer glue." Just my luck.

more than 10 years ago



errgh errgh writes  |  more than 7 years ago

errgh writes "I'd like to start a web service that eventually would be supported either by ads and/or a subscription fee. It would be based on a open source social portal backend, although I will have to do some serious modifying to get it do accomplish my goals. The software is GPL v2 licensed. What will I need to post so that the license requirements will be met? Will I need to provide dividends to the authors? Can I not disclose the modified source, but only the unmodified original?"


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