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Ret. World Bank CTO on Desktop Linux TCO Facts

errl I think the conclusion ... (345 comments)

... after the whole series will be that Linux does not save money for an average company. This first part gives a major point why a company won't save money. Another major point, I think, will be the time spent in helping users using Linux. The average company will have employees who are used to Windows and they will thus need help to get on track using Linux regulary. This time will probably cost a company much more than the licenses for the applications needed if they ran Windows. Another point I see coming up is the time for installing software. I'm a very experienced Linux user, and a less so Windows user, but I'm finding it quite alot easier to install software on a Windows system. And then I'm not talking simple software such as firefox, I'm talking complicated applications such as j2ee application servers (for sandbox development), advanced IDEs and so on.

My two cents :).

more than 9 years ago


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