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Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies

eskwayrd Impossible to do without VR? (448 comments)

I can suggest a cheaper, significantly more effective way: full body henna tattoo.

There is no physical discomfort for the user; they can wear the same clothing, perform their usual activities in real-world scenarios, and their sensations are not altered. The same cannot be said with VR gear.

The effect would be immediate, and while not permanent, the user cannot stop participation because of some slight discomfort: they'd have to live the life of a non-white person for several weeks. You're not going to get the same kind of emotional reactions unless participants are all-in, and some reactions are going to take time to develop after the initial shock.

about a month and a half ago

Have eBooks Peaked?

eskwayrd Tablet Sales (323 comments)

The predominant tablet also takes a 30% cut of in-app purchases, so not so enticing to sell e-books via the apps available.

about a year and a half ago

Sony Says PSP2 "As Powerful as PS3"

eskwayrd Feature Removal Pool? (267 comments)

Anyone want to track the features announced prior to availability, and then track how long before each/any are removed for 'security' reasons?

about 4 years ago

Sony Releases PS3 Firmware Update To Fight Jailbreaks

eskwayrd Re:I've taken mine offline at 3.41 (336 comments)

Mine's been offline since 3.15. I haven't used 'Install Other OS' (yet), but I still get to see it.

What about new games? I'm not buying new games until Sony relents. This probably means I'm not ever going to buy any more PS3 games, but I'm more than willing to wait.

If the console stops playing bluerays/DVDs, I'll replace it with a non-Sony unit and sell off the few games I have.

more than 4 years ago

How Do You Handle Your Keys?

eskwayrd Use a Carabiner (763 comments)

I've used a carabiner for several decades. Not one of the toy ones sold as key rings, but a small climber's carabiner, about 2.5 inches tall, and the 'tube' is about .25 inches in diameter. The advantages are:

  • the carabiner can hook on most anything; on a belt loop, my keys are inside the pocket but are suspended, reducing wear and eliminating perforation.
  • the carabiner makes it easy to organize/separate keys on separae loops; I keep my work keys/RFIDs on one, home/personal on another, and vehicle keys on a third.
  • the carabiner makes it easy to detach keys as necessary; say for driving, or lending keys.

I've had to replace carabiners twice due to wearing out of the latch spring. A new one costs $3-4 at a local hardware store.

more than 4 years ago

Sony Can Update PS3 Firmware Without Permission

eskwayrd Re:Huh? (700 comments)

Correct. It is a rather unfortunate turn of events. My PS3 was used occasionally as a BD player, but the vast majority of the time it was running Life with Playstation; I seldom gamed on it at all. As I do not wish to lose the 'install other OS' option, and Life with Playstation requires signin on PSN to submit work units, the PS3 is now off most of the time and is used solely for BD. The collateral damage is my contribution to protein folding research.

more than 4 years ago

World's First "Unclonable" RFID Chip

eskwayrd Market-Speak Semantics (320 comments)

Most of the comments here are from people who are getting tripped up on the market-speak. When they say 'unclonable', most of us here think 'not possible to copy'. And this idea is reinforced with the idea of PUFs, so it's understandable you'd think this way.

However, I think they mean 'not clonable AND still functional'.

See, there's one thing they are doing that other RFID implementors have typically avoided, which is communication with a central database. When you have that, you don't have physical access to the central store, so that is, by itself, a (or the) PUF.

Couple that with read/write storage in the RFID itself, and you have a simple, automated way to make all copies invalid: if you successfully clone a working RFID, if the original is used, the challenge-response counter is incremented in the central database as well as in the original RFID. The clone _cannot_ have the same counter, so it is immediately unusable.

However, if their scheme is mostly that simplistic, then it's ripe for DoS attacks, where you clone an RFID and use the clone before the original can be used again, making the original unworkable.

If there is a defense for such a DoS attack, then they still have an issue: if the central database considers an RFID invalid for any reason (non-malicious, but slow communication with central database causes the RFID to miss its RF power cycle window, perhaps), such that you no longer trust it, is it still an 'id'? If it is, what's all the crypto for? Maybe it's just a sales tool, too?

Anyway, semantics aside, I think someone will prove them wrong in relatively short order.

For crypto products in general, this may always be the case: to me, it seems that there's more unemployed brain power with the right mindset to tackle such problems than there is in employment, in large part, because being employed causes the right mindset to become not-the-right-mindset over time.

more than 6 years ago


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