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JetBlue Launches Satellite-Based Inflight Wi-Fi

espiesp Re:Congratulations! (79 comments)

GoGo in-flight wifi is cell based, not sat based, unless something has changed in the past week.

about 9 months ago

3-D Printed Gun Ban Fails In Senate

espiesp Re:How? (414 comments)

Why don't we just make a law that says wearing underwear is a crime. That way the authorities can arrest anyone they want (except dirty hippies) when it's convenient to "foil a plot."

Give me a fucking break man.

about 9 months ago

3-D Printed Gun Ban Fails In Senate

espiesp Re:How? (414 comments)

I would like to point out that there are semi-automatic AK47s just like there are semi-automatic M16s (AR15).

So, while your point is good, know your facts.

about 9 months ago

Coldest Spot On Planet Earth Identified

espiesp Re:Epic Fail. (182 comments)

" and a wife who grew up poor and so wants to spoil her children"

There is your problem, and is exactly what the parent poster was trying to point out. $67k is a fair amount of money to live on, even for a small family, in many areas - if you are fair with spending it.

The whole "kids are expensive" thing is really blown out of proportion also. If you take away most of the video games, ipods, ipads, laptops, cell phones, name brand fancy clothes, etc, they really aren't that expensive to tag along and mooch. Wives on the other hand, THEY are expensive!

about 9 months ago

CyanogenMod Integrates Text Message Encryption

espiesp I personally find this very important... (118 comments)

Because I definitely would not want the .gov peeking in on me and finding out what I'm having for dinner or knowing that I love my family. OH THE HUGEMANATEE!

about 9 months ago

Protecting the Solar System From Contamination

espiesp Re:Already done (121 comments)

reality check:

Life is a long shot. First off, blah blah blah, and then it would have to evolve into humans.

And it did and so it can.

about a year and a half ago

There Is Plenty To Cut At the Pentagon

espiesp Re:I say cut the F-35 (484 comments)

I'd hate for this to sound like I believe in the trickle down effect... But, in large, defense spending is spent in the USA to US defense contractors who pay US citizens very well to do the very unnecessary shit they do. People so often say, "The Government wastes money on defense spending, why don't they just give it to me?" Well, if you worked for a defense contractor they WOULD BE!

My point is, a lot of 'wasteful government spending' is just another form of Welfare for the United States. If you support welfare you should also support excessive gov spending (so long as that money stays in the USA of course).

Me? I'd rather not have government in my shit at all, but as a self employment tax paying citizen, I can't fully support them cutting Social Security and Medicare completely unless I get a refund on my 'premiums'.

about a year and a half ago

New GPU Testing Methodology Puts Multi-GPU Solutions In Question

espiesp Re:Regardless... (112 comments)

Ever hear of Eyefinity? 5760x1200 is a lot of pixels to push.

about a year and a half ago

Google Gives 15,000 Raspberry Pis To UK Schools

espiesp What about the USA (159 comments)

Google, where are the Raspberry Pi for the kids in the United States???

about a year and a half ago

Global Warming On Pace For 4 Degrees: World Bank Worried

espiesp Re:Quick... (439 comments)

Keep in mind that broad strokes are normally easier than specifics. "It'll rain tomorrow" is a lot harder than "The average temperature for the month of October is X degrees C."

You're right. Predicting the future IS harder than averaging the past! Science wins again!

about 2 years ago

Voting Machine Problem Reports Already Rolling In

espiesp Re:Stupid. (386 comments)

NEITHER? You do realize that there is more than just two candidates, right?

about 2 years ago

iPhone 5 A6 SoC Teardown: ARM Cores Appear To Be Laid Out By Hand

espiesp Re:Hand-drawn chips really better? (178 comments)

They probably haven't for the same reason that Intel or AMD engineers haven't developed algorithms to do whatever job you do for a living for you. Because computers aren't nearly as good at doing things as we sometimes give them credit for.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Ask College To Change Intro To Computing?

espiesp Re:I know the feel. (337 comments)

Explain how this is false?

I get it, 4 digit UID, you must be a database god.

But lets be real here. You didn't jump straight out of the womb into calculus. You stepped on stones to get where you are. For many, Access is that stone that introduces them to databases and SQL. For better or worse, it is one of the most accessible database tools around.

about 2 years ago

Google Pressured Acer/Alibaba Because of Android Compatibility Issues

espiesp Re:Didn't know there were so many Google apologist (255 comments)

All Google is saying is that you can't play both sides of the fence. Either be Amazon or Archos and successfully roll your own with your own app-store, or be a part of the OHA and get special access to Gapps and early releases. Being in-between was seen as a conflict of interest for Google for obvious reasons.

There is nothing wrong with that. It is their product, their choice in who they do business with. And for the rest of us, they release the source code.

That makes it quite the distinction between them and Microsoft for those people trying to make a comparison. Google isn't saying you can't run another OS like WinMo or Symbian or WebOS etc. Just saying you can't run a non-OHA compliant fork along side a compliant fork.

That said, I think Microsoft got the raw end of the deal there too. But it's the price you pay when you make it to the top.

about 2 years ago

Google Pressured Acer/Alibaba Because of Android Compatibility Issues

espiesp Re:Rubin is both a hypocrite and an asshole (255 comments)

He did us a favor. It's like if Microsoft prevented the world from using Windows ME.

Honeycomb was a turd, and an old turd now at that.

about 2 years ago

Windows 8 RTM Benchmarked

espiesp Re:No Chrome on W7 (398 comments)

(I admit I didn't read the article, or even the summary)

Except, when comparing two identical machines like they should have done, there should be zero differences except for the OS. So, from the first push of the button to the desktop is a good metric.

But, what I think is an even better metric, is from push of the button to USABLE desktop. I noticed that Win7 seemed faster to boot than XP on an equal machine, but I think Win7 may just in fact be faster to get you to a desktop, and it keeps loading things in the background. The first 30-60 seconds after you get to the desktop, things are sluggish anyway. Might have been my imagination, or I remember XP through my rose colored glasses...

more than 2 years ago

ARM Unveils Three Second-Generation Mali GPUs

espiesp Re:battery life... (29 comments)

Not sure if you're trolling or just woefully unaware of the state of smartphones, but my Original Motorola Droid A855 from Nov 2009 (which I still use as my primary mobile) has a PowerVR discrete GPU. To this day the battery life is still tolerable on the original battery, but I also cut my smartphone teeth on the UTStarcom PPC6700 and later HTC 6800 so I knew what I was in for.

Lets fast forward nearly 3 years and compare my Droid to the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. Huge screen, faster in every possible way, and probably 2-3 times the battery life. Granted, the Maxx is at the head of the class, but even the regular Razr is bigger and better than the Droid A855 but still has comparable battery life on a comparable size battery.

If that isn't progress, I don't know what is.

more than 2 years ago

Best Buy Founder Makes $8.5 Billion Bid To Take Company Private

espiesp Re:He is a job creator (300 comments)

Yeah, because it's feasible to have a country full of nothing but doctors and executives? FFS, SOMEBODY has to scrub the toilet, grow my vegetables, shovel the cow poop, and yes, work retail.

Thats one of the issues we have in this country today. Everybody thinks that those jobs are below them, so they opt not to work at all and game the welfare system instead because somehow that's less embarrassing and sadly probably is more lucrative...


more than 2 years ago

Is It Time For an OpenGL Gaming Revolution?

espiesp Re:No.. (496 comments)

That design concept is NEW? And you seem impressed also. It's just a standard fare all in one computer I have a couple because I like the simplicity, but they are generally powered by laptop class hardware, and are no replacement for a high power desktop.

more than 2 years ago

How Will Steam on GNU/Linux Affect Software Freedom?

espiesp Re:God I hate that use of "free"... (580 comments)

So a law or regulation that says that I can not take away your freedom, does not remove my freedom to enslave you?

I am no longer free to enslave you (without punishment), and thus, I am not entirely free.

more than 2 years ago


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