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Only 27% of Organizations Use Encryption

etenil Ah ah, what about the emails?! (175 comments)

Companies massively use emails, even for very sensitive business information. While I was still sysadmin, I was amazed to see all this mass of unencrypted and even unsigned emails passing through! I did try to make people sensitive to the issue (I wasn't in charge of the outsourced mail part), but only making the white collar people understand the advantages of using something like PGP was a hell... Encrypting stuff on the hard drive is all very nice, but as long as their emails will be transiting in clear form, I'm pretty sure no one will even bother trying to get into their hard drive...

about 5 years ago

UK Consumers To Pay For Online Piracy

etenil Re:This makes my day. (300 comments)

Then the situation is at least the same in Europe (France and Switzerland, I believe UK too): we pay taxes on any removable support and hard drives to the record industry. IT professionals were more than unhappy about this decision at the time it was taken in France, but the government (probably sponsored by its many friends from Univers sale) didn't pay any heed to them.

more than 5 years ago

Do You Hate Being Called an "IT Guy?"

etenil Information Systems Developper (736 comments)

Does it sound better and more accurate? after all, a program is a way to process data and information. The guys who repair computers are already called "Computer Support Team" so that should be ok for the distinction.

more than 5 years ago

Virus-Like Particles May Mean Speedier Flu Vaccines

etenil Patents? (80 comments)

How many patents on this thing again? I guess the developping countries arent' gonna get it before a while without paying these lab's taxes.

more than 5 years ago

Porn Surfing Rampant at US Science Foundation

etenil Re:bad idea... (504 comments)

I agree with you. Each company should have its official pr0n sites list, all malware-proof and everything!

more than 5 years ago


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