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New Mozilla Encoder Improves JPEG Compression

ewanm89 Re: Exactly (155 comments)

1) PNG8 can support full alpha transparency.
2) PNG is better with fewer colours And blocks of one shade, as it compresses by merging close shades. JPEG is better to compress With lots of different colours like photos as it merges neighbouring pixels.

about a month and a half ago

Google Chrome 31 Is Out: Web Payments, Portable Native Client

ewanm89 Re: Why? (123 comments)

For the sake of security then we shouldn't be allowing the browser to run any remotely fetched code, whether it is high level or low level is irrelevant. Fundamentally it is a form of remote code execution fire both JavaScript and c/c++. If you are going to allow it, the chrome team has come up with a good method to make it as secure as possible running all such code in a managed sandbox environment with extremely limited APIs.

about 5 months ago

Edward Snowden Leaks Could Help Paedophiles Escape Police, Says UK Government

ewanm89 Re: Damn poop detector is going off again (510 comments)

You forgot my favourites, national security and in the national interest. Whatever they mean!

about 5 months ago

German Federal Police Helicopter Circles US Consulate

ewanm89 This is all a bad joke (239 comments)

As already pointed out, The west German government was upto their necks in supporting this during the cold war, they know how it worked and were willing partners. Not to mention, under the UKUSA Securty Agreement http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UKUSA_Agreement, Europe and European Russia are under the UK's responsibility to spy on, the least they could have done is fly over the right consulate.

about 7 months ago

Apple Receives Patent For Accessing Sets of Apps With Different Passcodes

ewanm89 Re: Prior art (156 comments)

Version 4.3 of the same software on a tablet can even have restricted user profiles with own postcode that can access a whilst of applications.

about 7 months ago

In India, the Dot Dash Is Done

ewanm89 what dot dash (86 comments)

This wasn't using Morse, in fact outside amateur radio, Morse hasn't really been used for several decades now. Until 2010 this would have been using teletype printers, likely using baudot or Murray code, neither of which use a dash even if one-off keyed. In 2010 the. Company in India upgraded.to a 'web based system's, according to Wikipedia.

about 9 months ago

FreeBSD Team Begins Work On Booting On UEFI-Enabled Systems

ewanm89 it already does (248 comments)

FreeBSD already runs fine on UEFI, just ask Apple who use a modified version of FreeBSD in OSX and all Intel based Macs are UEFI now let's start calling this UEFI secure boot, an optional feature in the UEFI specification.

about 10 months ago

Millions At Risk From Critical Vulnerabilities From WordPress Plugins

ewanm89 Re:Every language is unsafe. (145 comments)

Strictly speaking, it can't be impossible in any Turing complete language if you can do it in another Turing complete language. But the main point stands, the language doesn't matter, one can do bad things in any language.

about 10 months ago

MS To Indie Devs: You Have a To Have a Publisher

ewanm89 Re:Who cares? (463 comments)

I wonder what you call "Microsoft Game Studios"? If not the publishing arm of Microsoft?

about 10 months ago

Future Astronauts Must Deal With Toxic Chemicals In Martian Soil

ewanm89 Really a problem? (117 comments)

It's not like we don't have these chemicals on earth, it's not like we don't know how to handle them, not to mention, anyone landing on Mars will be wearing full EV space suits you know the ones that can handle major negative pressure differentials and have their own self contained air supply. What are they planning to do, jump out of the space capsule nude and throw themselves into the Martian dust?

about 10 months ago

FDA Calls On Medical Devicemakers To Focus On Cybersecurity

ewanm89 Re:Simple standard? (40 comments)

Don't you mean asymmetric encryption? Symmetric encryption means it is the same key used, not a public/private key pair. However you are using it for integrity checking not confidentiality, you don't mind who can read the firmware binary, just want to make sure that is not modified in transport. Therefore it is a digital signature you want to use, not encryption.

about 10 months ago

Seeking Fifth Amendment Defenders

ewanm89 Re:Miranda (768 comments)

Or worse, remaining silent due to some other issue (didn't want wife to find out you were elsewhere, you were off in another part of the country committing a lesser crime you still don't want to go to jail for, you are a government agent who doesn't want to leak classified information...) is taken as a sign of immediate guilt.

about 10 months ago

Seeking Fifth Amendment Defenders

ewanm89 Innocent until proven guilty. (768 comments)

It all follows from that one concept. And for good reason, look in the history books as to just how much of a farce a trial is when that concept does not exist.

about 10 months ago

Researchers Pull Out of Talks With Publishers On Text-Mining

ewanm89 Re:Now that it's moving up the cognitive chain... (67 comments)

Name a journal that has paid a researcher to publish a paper. I'll tell you, there isn't one, researchers have to pay a "submission fee" to have their paper even considered if accepted copyright is often deferred to the journal, then they have to subscribe to the journal to read it. Infact the only thing the actual publisher pays for in this whole mess is the paper and ink to print the thing. I'm going to guess this is just another nail in the coffin of traditional academic journals as the researchers start taking more of their papers elsewhere for publishing.

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Important Is Advanced Math In a CS Degree?

ewanm89 Re:depends on what you're going into (656 comments)

Actually it is programming that is the specialisation of mathematics the specialisation is called discrete mathematics.

Any 3D Game Engine will include graphics rendering as part of it, as well as audio decompression. Admittedly they will try and leverage premade libraries and the gpu but someone still needs to write the shaders and write the code to pass the correct commands to the gpu as to how to render and update the polygons.

The only thing you correctly stated was that game engine development is only one possible career path with a C.S. degree.

about a year ago

Stop Standardizing HTML

ewanm89 Re:HTML isn't anymore (302 comments)

You forgot to point out that most browsers don't interpret these days but JIT compile.

about a year ago

Film Studios Send Takedown Notices About Takedown Notices

ewanm89 Re:Barbara Streisand effect... (197 comments)

And in the rare case the right guy is voted in for President, the Ido's elected to the house/senate will block every bill passed anyway.

1 year,12 days

A Sea Story: the Wreck of the Replica HMS Bounty

ewanm89 Re:Not sure I understand (184 comments)

Urm, if they had that kind of radio equipment a standard mayday call on marine VHF channel 16 (156.8MHz) FM is all that is needed.

1 year,17 days



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