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History of Software Forks Favors LibreOffice

ewe2 Re:A lesson to learn (149 comments)

I'm sure they valued the software highly enough. What they failed to value were the developers. Ironically, this was Sun's failure also.

more than 3 years ago

Bin Laden's Sneakernet Email System

ewe2 Ockham's Razor (240 comments)

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. Much more likely that they're so enthralled by their discovery that they can't help boasting.

more than 3 years ago

Robot Throws First Pitch At Phillies Game

ewe2 Obligatory Geoff (92 comments)


more than 3 years ago

Murdoch Voicemail Hacking Story 'Ain't Over Yet'

ewe2 Re:TFA isn't the full story. (113 comments)

Read the Hugh Grant story. The Prime Minister himself is implicated. A significant number of police are implicated. Murdocracy has corrupted politics itself in the UK. I'm not amazed the government has done nothing, I'm amazed they're allowing the story to build up steam.

more than 3 years ago

Vatican Warns That Internet Promotes Satanism

ewe2 No no no no (585 comments)

I'm certain that the Elders of the Internet would never allow Satanism to flourish. Unless it hadn't been properly demagnetized...

more than 3 years ago

Engineering Election Debates With Subtle Cues

ewe2 Re:Reasonable Choices. (105 comments)

In every debate using the worm here (Oz), at least one media organization always accuses the others of manipulating theirs, regardless of the result. So if you weren't already influenced then you had to ignore the deliberate media muddling of the issues. On top of the normal deliberate media muddling of course. But it doesn't stop commentators twittering them as a spectator sport anyway. This may be why we had a record 1.6% deliberate donkey vote in our last federal election.

more than 3 years ago

Facebook Bans AdSense In Apps

ewe2 Re:Facebook is pretty much an abusive platform (130 comments)

Yep, its all in the textbook.

The good thing about this is that companies with this mindset from the beginning need a rock solid market opportunity to get too big to ignore. Yes, Facebook is in a good position now, but its really only at the whim of favoritism. Missteps expose their complete sociopathy, and I don't think Facebook is so central to the industry that anyone cares if they fall.

more than 3 years ago

Hands On With Apple IPad 2

ewe2 Not enough (432 comments)

Personally, I'm waiting for iPad 3.5, when it will really be finished!

more than 3 years ago

Aussie Security Forces Testing Apple's iOS

ewe2 oh dear (58 comments)

these are the same geniuses who thought laptops could travel in APCs.

more than 3 years ago

Comment Profanity by Language

ewe2 Re:Perfect? (263 comments)

.so Perl programmers watched the other Matrix movies, I knew it.

more than 3 years ago

Comment Profanity by Language

ewe2 PHP programmers (263 comments)

are under close observation and medication, any profanity is silently ignored.

more than 3 years ago

Wikileaks Movie Coming To the Big Screen

ewe2 Re:Assange'e ego (181 comments)

He won't play their game. Not playing the game is bad, mkay.

more than 3 years ago

Democrats Crowdsourcing To Vote Palin In Primaries

ewe2 Oh dear God (1128 comments) Australian politicians will copy it. I foresee Labor party branches stacking Barnaby Joyce's electorate...

more than 3 years ago

Apache Resigns From the JCP Executive Committee

ewe2 Re:Somebody should tell us what this really means (136 comments)

As I see it, Oracle has abused it's own open standards process to control the biggest new segment of the Java client market, smartphones. This obviously affects Android and Dalvik. Unfortunately, that's also the case for the crucial server end member, ASF. ASF now has no reason to support the roadmap for Java clients, and Oracle can also refuse to accept the requirements of ASF projects. Oracle probably has a strategy for this, for example using networking effects to force ASF to implement extensions, but whatever the result, you're looking at a fragmented Java standard again, ie square one.

more than 3 years ago

Linux To Take Over Microsoft In Enterprises

ewe2 Re:ActiveDirectory - the last missing piece (237 comments)

My problem isn't so much the learning curve of replacing one with the other - it's the competency of whoever ends up doing it. Whatever the business case, surely the majority of admins are going to be Windows-only: how is that going to succeed? If you have a business case and a good Unix admin, terrific. But I'm guessing that Microsoft isn't so worried about Unix servers taking over the enterprise because they have to get past the Microsoft-trained admin. He's going to raise hell with the CTO if he's forced to migrate servers, or worse, the job gets outsourced. SambaN+1 had better be awesomely user-friendly for it to be even seriously considered.

OTOH, a future Samba with built-in dynamic DNS is going to rock my world.

more than 3 years ago


ewe2 hasn't submitted any stories.



getting serious for a moment: your metaphor is broken

ewe2 ewe2 writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I said it on Groklaw and I'll say it here:

Don't try to exchange the Microsoft business model with a FOSS business model, that's impossible.
Instead, try to realize the truth.
There is no FOSS business model.

Given that so many of you are apparently Windows users, I felt that perhaps a metaphor from pop culture might be of use.

If it still sounds geeky and weird, it's difficult to put it any clearer than: we aren't in business at all. Business can benefit from what we do, subject to respect for our boundaries - that's what GPL-compatible licenses are for. It's the freedom to share that we wish to protect. Whether you can make money from that freedom is for you to decide, but even if you couldn't, that's still peripheral to what FOSS is.

When Linus said

"I just can't see myself in the position of the nemesis, since I just don't care enough. To be a nemesis, you have to actively try to destroy something, don't you? Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That will just be a completely unintentional side effect."

he was responding to attempts to get him into the game they think everyone is playing. They would love you to think that FOSS in general or Linux or Apache in particular, are really playing a sneaky variant of this same "game". We aren't playing. Really. We are indifferent. That's what really bothers them. We don't need them.

There are many reasons to be a FOSS advocate, but I'll give you two that mean something to me personally:

  • There is something seriously wrong when you need a Linux bootdisk to fix XP problems. There isn't even a standard XP bootdisk. That the most vulnerable OS in the "market" is also the least-recoverable is ridiculous, that should have died with DOS (which was actually more recoverable). I'm not trying to be techy here, I'm thinking of the friend who got a laptop that he was locked out of, or of another who tried to patch MS Exchange only to be forced to reinstall.
  • I wrote a Mayan date program. Not just because I'm interested in what the program deals with, but because noone was offering a really usable program that wasn't a) deliberately crippled for profit or b) not much use at all. In the process, people from all over the world have helped make mdate far better than I could ever do by myself. Is that not a better outcome? Apply this to something you think is far more useful to you - can you see the benefit now?

I hope that you got something from that, and appreciate the spirit in which it was given. FOSS offers the hope that the boring important stuff is done right, the interesting fun stuff won't break so much, and that everyone benefits from this.


another impersonation

ewe2 ewe2 writes  |  more than 10 years ago


This doggie impersonation has been brought to you by Concerned Doggie-Lovers For Balance In Animal Impersonations (CDFBIAI). Who are not yet sponsored by Microsoft. Donations welcome. Apply above.


today's animal impersonation by a penguin

ewe2 ewe2 writes  |  more than 12 years ago


it's my meow and i'm proud of it. stay tuned for more animal impressions.

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