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Texas Health Worker Tests Positive For Ebola

ewhenn We need to take this seriously... (421 comments)

Every Ebola virus host (infected individual) is a vector for the virus to evolve. If it becomes airborne we're fucked. The world is so interconnected now that it wouldn't wipe out 50%+ of a continent, but 50%+ of the global population. We need to crush this before this virus has that chance to evolve, even if it is a low chance as the impact would be horrendous.

IMO is especially troubling as Ebola is an RNA virus. RNA viruses have short generation times and relatively high mutation rates (on the order of one point mutation or more per genome per round of replication for RNA viruses). This elevated mutation rate, when combined with natural selection, allows viruses to quickly adapt to changes in their host environment. Notable human diseases caused by RNA viruses also include SARS, influenza, and polio.

about 4 months ago

Tinba Trojan Targets Major US Banks

ewhenn List of Banks (61 comments)

Bank of America
Associated Bank
America’s Credit Unions
Etrade Financial Corporation
US bank
Banco de Sabadell
Farmers & Merchants Bank
TD Bank
For anyone wondering....

Fifth third bank
Wells Fargo
ING Direct
M&T Bank
RBC Royal Bank
Bank BGZ
United Services Automobile Association

Source: http://blog.avast.com/2014/09/...

about 4 months ago

The Benefits of Inequality

ewhenn Makes sense when... (254 comments)

Makes sense when rising to the top is based on personal qualities and leadership abilities. However, today rising to the top is more or less decided by who your daddy is. A huge percentage of the ultra-rich are in that position by chance of birth.

Inheriting is actually even more likely to get you into the top 1 percent by wealth: 45 percent of those in the top 1 percent by net worth only have ever inherited (Source: http://inequality.org/meet-ame... ). Essentially about 50% of your likelihood of being 1 in 100 is decided by birthright.

about 6 months ago

Errata Prompts Intel To Disable TSX In Haswell, Early Broadwell CPUs

ewhenn Look on the bright side... (131 comments)

Look on the bright side... at least it performs addition correctly, I know for fact as I recently upgraded to a Haswell based desktop. This isn't like that other 0.99912656367 time when they had the Pentium FDIV bug.

about 6 months ago

Even In Digital Photography Age, High Schoolers Still Flock To the Darkroom

ewhenn It's the chemicals.. (240 comments)

Students still like to huff them. Really, can you blame them? A small, dark, and enclosed space is perfect for this!

about 7 months ago

Are US Hybrid Sales Peaking Already?

ewhenn Re:They'll probably see a spike soon (377 comments)

Yeah, but new conventional vehicles are awfully close to hybrids in terms of fuel economy, without the extra cost. And then fuck-everything-we're-doing-full-electric is eating into the hybrid's market share from the other side.


My 2013 Skyactiv Mazda 3 gets a legit 40+ MPG on the highway, which is most of my driving (about 80%). Her 2015 Mazda 6 Skyactiv gets a legit 38 MPG on the highway. Why pay more for a stripped down hybrid than a much better equipped and cheaper vehicle? Hybrids make sense I suppose for city driving from a MPG perspective, but if you are city driving you likely aren't driving that far, chances are you'll never (or it will take a looooong time) recoup the initial investment cost in fuel savings if you are only driving short distances.

about 7 months ago

Ear Grown From Van Gogh DNA On Display

ewhenn Hey bro... (64 comments)

Hey bro, I hear you like art!

about 8 months ago

UK Retailer Mistakenly Sends PS Vitas, Threatens Legal Action To Get Them Back

ewhenn Re:Send them back and get over it. (617 comments)

So you clearly have the brains and aptitude to figure out how to arrange for a pre-paid box to end up shipped.
It's not that I can't figure out how to ship a box, it's that where I live, shipping out a box is a huge inconvenience.

And this is relevant because?
Getting home from work at 1 AM is relevant because that's when my availability starts, at the earliest.

Why the hell would you need to take time off work for this? This is the sort of thing I could manage to take care of in under a minute, without going out of my way.
When the nearest town is 20 minutes away, no it's not something I could take care of in "under a minute". Where I am the post office doesn't pickup packages at the door. I'd have to drive into town, which is a 20 minute trip one way.

Why the hell would you need to take time off work for this? This is the sort of thing I could manage to take care of in under a minute, without going out of my way.
I'd have to take off of work because it would be about a 45ish minute task during post office hours, while I'm usually working. See, not everyone lives in the city like I'm assuming you do.

Hell, I could walk into where I work, leave it with reception and say "company shipped me an X by mistake, they're sending a courier to pick it up", and they wouldn't bat an eye.
Must be nice to have an office and a receptionist. I have neither.

I could leave it with my neighbor. I could ask a friend who goes by a courier on his daily commute to drop it off for me.
Yeah, let's just ask my "neighbor" to take 45+ mins of their time because some company screwed up.

Let me guess... if you tried any of these exceedingly complicated solutions, the receptionist, neighbor and friend would all go off on you about how they work 70+ hours a week, and don't have 5 minutes to spend on a favor since their time is very precious to them, and why should they lift a finger for anybody but themselves anyway? In fact, they ought to invoice you for the time you wasted just asking them to help out? And besides, if the company doesn't want to send a courier to your house at 2am on a sunday morning, well then clearly they can fuck off. Pathetic.
Not everybody has the same living conditions as you do. I've sacrificed some conveniences in exchange for other lifestyle benefits. Bottom line is that if you ship me something on error, and want it back the onus is on you, NOT me. I'm not going to sit around waiting for you to pick it up, and I'm not going to lose an hour of pay and burn $8 in gas just to return some package that you sent me that I didn't ask for. Even if they paid the postage, I'd still be out ~$30 for their mistake just by taking the time/gas to return the package.

about a year ago

UK Retailer Mistakenly Sends PS Vitas, Threatens Legal Action To Get Them Back

ewhenn Re:Send them back and get over it. (617 comments)

Yeah, it is a big deal. I work two jobs, 65-70 hours a week. The little spare time I have is *very* precious to me. Also, I usually get my mail when I get home from work... at 1 AM. Why the hell should I have to take off of work and lose pay or give them some of my free time because they screwed up? If they're willing to pick it up at my convenience, they can stop by at 2 AM on Sunday morning, otherwise they can F off.

about a year ago

Amazon Jumps Into Desktop Virtualization With "WorkSpaces"

ewhenn Serious question... (92 comments)

I don't see how this is a benefit. So you need a desktop to run RDP to connect to virtualized desktop? Since you have to buy a PC for the user to physically sit in front of anyways, why not just run everything on that desktop to begin with? The only real benefit I can see is saving time "re-imaging" the base machine when the end user surfs to www.virus-and-malware-website.com, and frankly the I can't see that overcoming the cost of renting/owning hardware to provide virtual desktops. In terms of data security and portability, I have a laptop with a docking station at the office and the HD is encrypted with PGP, the key is required at boot.

about a year ago

Tech Titans Oracle, Red Hat and Google To Help Fix Healthcare.gov

ewhenn This is how it will go... (404 comments)

Red Hat will have everything switched to their version of linux, Oracle will have everything switched over to their db, and Google will data-mine it all.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Mitigating DoS Attacks On Home Network?

ewhenn I'd try this... (319 comments)

Sounds More like an internal compromised machine. Use a live Linux CD, shutdown all other devices on your network except one PC. This includes phones tablets PCs etc. Reboot that remaining PC with the Linux CD. Reset the Mac address on your router to get a new IP. At that point you can be 100% sure that you don't have a compromised machine. If the flooding stops a machine is compromised, dimes to donuts that's the cause.

about a year ago

California School District Hires Firm To Monitor Students' Social Media

ewhenn Re:Again, the ends justify the means? (250 comments)

It's all about ass-covering.... until it backfires. Seriously, they are a school, not the Internet police. On top of that, I think court wise this could actually make them *more* vulnerable. Say the firm they hire *does* tell them about something, and action isn't taken. Now the school had a written report sent to the administrators and didn't do enough, at least that's how it would be framed by a suing attorney. I think that scenario is a lot more damning than simply taking the position that: "We are a school, we are responsible to educate kids, not keep track of their Facebook updates".

about a year ago

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate US Army Database, Compromise Safety of Dams

ewhenn Re:how is this not an act of war? (256 comments)

Actually it just makes me want to ask, "why don't you secure your shit better.... from the Chinese?"

about a year and a half ago

Using Multiple Forms of Media At Once Correlates With Depression, Anxiety

ewhenn So anyone that (174 comments)

So most people that watch say... a music video... are depressed or anxious?

Sounds legit.

more than 2 years ago

Google Glass Could Be the Virtual Dieting Pill of the Future

ewhenn What a load of crap. (159 comments)

The idea that, "there's a lot more to dieting than simply reducing your calorific intake and exercising regularly", is garbage. That's all that controlling your weight boils down to. You could stick me in a room full of ice cream and pizza, as long as I don't eat excess calories I won't gain weight. All I see is an article essentially shifting the blame off of the person in control with the good-ole, "it's not your fault", line. Bull-crap. If you're overweight it IS your fault.

If you lack the will power to control your eating, that's on you. Quit with the excuses, accept reality, and do something about it... Or don't... I don't have a personal stake in your health either way. You'll be the one on the autopsy slab at 55 from a heart attack, not me.

more than 2 years ago



Sony Running Unpatched Servers with no Firewall

ewhenn ewhenn writes  |  more than 3 years ago

ewhenn (647989) writes "Security experts monitoring open Internet forums learned months ago that Sony was using outdated versions of the Apache Web server software, which "was unpatched and had no firewall installed." The issue was "reported in an open forum monitored by Sony employees" two to three months prior to the recent security breaches."
Link to Original Source


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