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On Forgetting the Facts: Questions From the EU For Google, Other Search Engines

ewieling Re:Institutional hypocrisy (183 comments)

I think forcing Europe to create their own search engine is a good idea. Why should they depend on an American company for search?

4 days ago

World Health Organization Calls For Decriminalization of Drug Use

ewieling Re:No public drug use (474 comments)

By the time you reach secondary school (high-school) you start to realize that everyone from your parents to your church to your school to your government has been lying to you, at least in some part. You start to distrust authority and the government and don't believe them even when they are telling the truth. If authority says marujuana has "no medical use and a highest potential for addiction" and you know that is not true, maybe they are lying about vaccines being safe? If they lied to you about masturbation, maybe they lied to you about STDs? If the authorities continue to lie, the citizens will continue to not believe anything they say.

about two weeks ago

Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security

ewieling Re:Retaliation for our treatment of Huawei and ZTE (143 comments)

I had the opposite experience. CyanogenMod and AKOP used battery at such a rate my phone actually got warm when sitting on the desk doing nothing. That combined with crashing once a day or so made me go back to the carrier's firmware.

about three weeks ago

Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security

ewieling Re:Seriously, an iphone? (143 comments)

<blockquote>the smartphone that isn't capable of actively tracking a person is?</blockquote>

Answer: The cellphone you left at home or the cellphone which is powered off. It may be inconvenient to not have a cellphone available at all times, but it is not impossible.

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Unattended Maintenance Windows?

ewieling Ansible (265 comments)

We use Ansible, it seems to fit well with our needs, but others use Puppet or Chef.

about three weeks ago

DHS Mistakenly Releases 840 Pages of Critical Infrastructure Documents

ewieling Re:Does anyone get the impression.. (50 comments)

My hope is the "do-baders" spend so much time keeping things secret they have difficulty "doing bad".

about three weeks ago

Australian Police Use Telcos For Cell "Tower Dump" of All Connected Users' Data

ewieling Just say NO! (60 comments)

This sort of thing is why I seldom carry a cellphone anymore.

about three weeks ago

Time Warner Sells Telecom Business to Level 3

ewieling Re:"Media Distribution" is now telecom? (38 comments)

Because TW Telecom has "more than 27,000 route miles of fiber and over 16,000 "on-net" commercial buildings connected. "

about a month and a half ago

Google Fiber Is Officially Making Its Way To Portland

ewieling Re:Government shakedown (153 comments)

How about because of equal protection before the law? The government should be negotiating on behalf of all the people it represents.

"The most common type of tax-exempt nonprofit organization falls under category 501(c)(3), whereby a nonprofit organization is exempt from federal income tax if its activities have the following purposes: charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering amateur sports competition, or preventing cruelty to children or animals. " from

When consulting I would often do work at discount rates for a medical clinic which had a sliding scale fee setup and for a law group which defended death penalty cases for indigent clients.

Non-profits do a lot of good stuff, people should help them. Stop being so miserly.

about a month and a half ago

Credit Card Breach At P.F. Chang's

ewieling Re:Restaurants etc. (117 comments)

I do similar things. Yes, it can help prevent credit card fraud and the hassle associated with it, but I am far more concerned about the privacy implications of using plastic for everything.

about 1 month ago

US Marshals Seize Police Stingray Records To Keep Them From the ACLU

ewieling Re:Embarrassing info, or are the feds just idiots? (272 comments)

I suspect data related to ongoing investigtions would be excluded from an FIOA request and as such would not require censorship by the feds.

about 2 months ago

AT&T Charges $750 For One Minute of International Data Roaming

ewieling Re: 50MB = 750$ (321 comments)

Sprint is as incompetent as AT&T is evil. Don't think for a moment Sprint won't destroy T-Mobile.

about 2 months ago

AT&T Charges $750 For One Minute of International Data Roaming

ewieling Re:50MB = 750$ (321 comments)

In the USA T-Mobile a reasonable carrier. I don't know about the rest of the world.

about 2 months ago

AT&T To Use Phone Geolocation To Prevent Credit Card Fraud

ewieling Re:Or call your credit card company ... (228 comments)

A number of years ago I informed my bank I would be traveling outside the country and which dates I would be gone. On the way to the airport I stopped at the ATM to take out money. It ate my card because I had not left yet. Thankfully, I was at a branch of my bank so they could give my card back immediatly. If I had been at another bank's ATM I'd have been screwed.

Never, ever, ever, ever trust a bank to do the right thing.

about 2 months ago

Patent Troll Ordered To Pay For the Costs of Fighting a Bad Patent

ewieling Re:What this means (191 comments)

If the small company loses then paying the patent trolls legal costs is the least of their worries.

about 2 months ago

Report: Verizon Claimed Public Utility Status To Get Government Perks

ewieling Re:blame Republicans for Robber Barons (140 comments)

It used to be so simple. Democrats wanted heavy regulation of business and light regulation of what I do in my bedroom. The Republicans wanted light regulation of business and heavy regulation of what I do in my bedroom. There are exceptions to both generalizations, of course.

These days the Republications want to privatize profits and socialize risk. The Democrats are a bunch of spineless wankers. Both are entirely useless for anything but looking foolish.

about 2 months ago

Cox Promises National Gigabit Rollout; Starting With Phoenix, Las Vegas, Omaha

ewieling Re:I love Cox. (129 comments)

People who are suckered into believing anything Cox says are called "Cox Suckers".

about 2 months ago

Gen. Keith Alexander On Metadata, Snowden, and the NSA: "We're At Greater Risk"

ewieling Re:Work harder at what? (238 comments)

I mostly agree with what you say, but want to point out your estimate of a security guards salary is grossly inflated.

"According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, security guards earned an average of $23,970 in 2012. The bottom 10% of security guards earned less than $17,390, while the top 10% earned at least $42,490."

about 2 months ago

EFF: Amazon, AT&T, and Snapchat Most Likely To Rat On You To the Gov't

ewieling Re:2014: Trusting anyone online, ever. (69 comments)

That is good advice, but almost nobody will listen. I've been slowly weaning myself off personal internet use. Down to only using 5 web sites (this one being one of them). I've also been slowly weaning myself of using my debit card and using cash when possible.

You cannot be part of modern society and not use technology which could track you. I try to strike a balance. I consider most monthly bills a lost cause, there is no privacy for them, might as well have them automatically paid. What I want to do is leave only the minimum of electronic footprints. I cannot prevent the government knowing everything about my bank account, but I can prevent them from knowing what I'm buying by using cash. If they think I'm a threat, nothing will stop them. I do not plan on ever being a threat.

about 2 months ago

Don't Be a Server Hugger! (Video)

ewieling yawn (409 comments)

"the next big thing" has been moving between putting the compute power centrally (mainframe, mini, terminal server, etc) and putting compute power on the desk (PCs in various incarnations) since the mid 1980s. What people don't realize is IT is difficult and expensive to do well. At least if you keep your servers inhouse you can fire the asshole who screws up too badly. With sourced IT that doesn't happen. If you piss off your cloud provider they have your data so you do what they say. In a few years I expect compute power to move back to the desk top and someone will come up with some cool buzzword to extract money from stupid people by convincing them this new thing is so much better than the old thing you'd be a fool not to make the switch. No product ever lives up the the fantasies sales people have about it. I dream of the day when sales people will be legally accountable for what they tell the customer, much like a lawyer or doctor is.

about 2 months ago


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