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Cyber Command Will Miss Friday's Operational Deadline

excesspwr Re:Maybe if they paid closer to industry standard. (156 comments)

You have got to be management.

At least hide the fact you need the data for your own personal use and are either job hunting and lazy or being inept at your job on reporting why no one wants the jobs to your higher ups. For crying out loud you even asked him to format it for you.

Try asking a legitimate question. For example : "Could you prove those cost of living allowance numbers? I live in the Denver metro area and that doesn't seem quite right? Also do you have a reference on those salary ranges or are you just making it up off the top of your head?"

Feel free to copy and paste into your own post or, seeing as how lazy you are, just reply with "ditto" :) If your joke was to pretend you were one of the management, it's to dead on for me to catch the sarcasm. Good show, sir. Good show.

more than 4 years ago

Zombie Macs Launch DoS Attack

excesspwr Re:Sigh (757 comments)

The truth is that a Mac is less likely to be targetted because it's a minority operating system.

I've never understood this assumption. It seems contradictory to say the minority is less likely to be targeted when IIS servers get popped a lot more than Apache when Apache is more widely distributed. Also, if I were to create a botnet, why wouldn't I target every OS I could? As a disclaimer I use NITdroid ;P

more than 5 years ago

3D-Based CAPTCHAs Become a Reality

excesspwr Re:Easy to defeat (192 comments)

The good thing however is that 3d models have enough flexibility so that one could conquer many attacks

except for beer. Epic beer failure.

more than 5 years ago

Are Long URLs Wasting Bandwidth?

excesspwr Re:Mental Masturbation (379 comments)

Badly written pages ... not only take up more bandwidth because they have a lot of crap code in them,

This has always been my argument against commenting code. No comments passed = less bandwidth.

more than 5 years ago

Study Suggests Crabs Can Feel Pain

excesspwr Re:Does it matter... (628 comments)

a demand for them to be "humanely" killed prior to being cooked

Like cattle are? Lets just hit 'em in the head with a hammer. Just don't mess up the meat texture and flavour.
I want a study done into different types of death for animals and how it effects the flavour. I want to see some poor scientist testing "laughing to death" on a cow.

more than 5 years ago

Blockbuster Total Access Unannounced Policy Change

excesspwr Re:It sounds reasonable to me. (250 comments)

I tried out Goozex per a suggestion from another user on Slashdot in a comment. Worked out a lot better than I had hoped. However, my hopes were low after dealing with GameStop for years. Goozex is a game trading site not a rental site but if you rotate games in and out of your queue you could easily use it as a rental site with no monthly fee.

more than 5 years ago

Most Hackable Coupon-Eligible DTV Converter?

excesspwr Re:just sad (479 comments)

"give it to someone who can't afford to purchase one "

good idea. I'll put it up for sale on Craigslist

about 6 years ago

Amtrak Photo Contestant Arrested By Amtrak Police

excesspwr Re:sue Amtrak and JetBlue (675 comments)

All right I'll bite.

"Your civil liberties don't always trump the good intentions of the well meaning"

As one of the well meaning with good intentions, yes they do. I want your civil liberties to trump my good intentions. My good intentions are based on my moral/ethical code, not yours. Just the same as I don't want other's moral/ethical good intentions infringing on my civil liberties.

about 6 years ago

Carbon Dioxide and Water Found On Exoplanet

excesspwr Re:Kepler is not Hubble's replacement (151 comments)

Kepler will be a small telescope (about 1 meter) in orbit

Only a 1 meter orbit?


more than 6 years ago

Bush Demands Amnesty for Spying Telecoms

excesspwr Re:Interesting timing (420 comments)

Happy content people don't go blowing themselves up or shoot random (or not so random) people by the bucketful. Happy content people lead happy content and productive lives. Eavesdropping on everyone won't make everyone happy.

Some people are only happy or content when they are blowing themselves up or shooting random (or not so random) people by the bucketful.

You can't make everyone happy. You just can't. Ever. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to make most of the people happy by ticking off the few. This time it ticked off more than a few. *shrug* Chalk it up to a bad social experiment or a learning experience of societal voting or some other nonsense that won't change anything and don't take me too serious.

more than 6 years ago

China To Snap 4 Space Ships Into a Station

excesspwr Re:independent Orbital/Hab module (340 comments)

Hey, American component, Russian component, it doesn't really matter as they are all made in China.

more than 6 years ago

How Nvidia Wants To Bring 3D Glasses Back

excesspwr Re:My religious stance? (341 comments)

Beyond silly? That's not beyond silly. A football helmet full of cottage cheese, now that's beyond silly.

more than 6 years ago


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