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At CIA Starbucks, Even the Baristas Are Covert

eyegone This is news? (242 comments)

So you're telling me that "security" people are self-important asshats? Who knew?

about 2 months ago

Security Collapse In the HTTPS Market

eyegone Re: So offer a cost effective replacement (185 comments)

Google "Secure Electronic Transactions.". TL;DR: It got a bit of traction in Europe but basically none in the U.S. (presumably due to different credit card liability laws).

about 2 months ago

PostgreSQL Outperforms MongoDB In New Round of Tests

eyegone Re:It doesn't matter (147 comments)

Which becomes difficult when a user in one shard and a user in another shard want to perform a transaction together.

Sounds like miscegenation to me.

about 2 months ago

Snowden: NSA Working On Autonomous Cyberwarfare Bot

eyegone Re: On come on now Edward (194 comments)

He acted for the benefit of the people of the United States, so he is working for an enemy of the United States government.

about 3 months ago

Samsung Announces Galaxy Alpha Featuring Metal Frame and Rounded Corners

eyegone Who cares? (220 comments)

Until they start making phones that can survive in the real world without a case, a phone's material is pretty much irrelevant, since it's always hidden.

about 3 months ago

Multipath TCP Introduces Security Blind Spot

eyegone Endpoint security FTW! (60 comments)

Hopefully this will lead to an increased emphasis on endpoint security, rather than the current "we have firewalls" attitude that's far too pervasive.

(For people who actually care about real security, that is. I've got no sympathy for those who just want to control/censor/monitor Internet traffic.)

about 4 months ago

White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration

eyegone I want one (272 comments)

I don't care what they're supposed to be used for. They may be civilization's last hope of controlling my children.

about 4 months ago

US Court Dings Gov't For Using Seized Data Beyond Scope of Warrant

eyegone Subject (63 comments)

There's one judge who will be getting audited every year from now on.

about 5 months ago

Kingston and PNY Caught Bait-and-Switching Cheaper Components After Good Reviews

eyegone Re:remember when Walmart was all "Buy American!" ? (289 comments)

I keep hearing about this so called race to the bottom (most often espoused by self proclaimed communists) yet my computer equipment today is a lot better than that which I owned 10 years ago (around the time I first started hearing about this race to the bottom.)

You're clearly not a laptop user. I fondly remember the days of 16x10 screens, caps lock and num lock LEDs, standard and stable keyboard layouts, inaudible CPU fans, etc.

about 5 months ago

Driver Study: People Want Fewer Embedded Apps, Just Essentials That Work Easily

eyegone I've had my new BMW for 3 months (148 comments)

And I haven't figured out the magic incantation to associate one of the "bookmark" buttons with a radio station.

I keep hearing that iDrive has gotten better. I can't imagine how bad it must have been before.

about 6 months ago

Lenovo To Buy IBM's Server Business For $2.3 Billion

eyegone Re: Thinkpad line (160 comments)

It may have taken them years, but persistance apparently pays off. I don't know of anyone who thinks current generation ThinkPads are anything but junk.

about 10 months ago

Time For a Warrant Canary Metatag?

eyegone Re:Slavery hack (332 comments)

I'm pretty sure that $NAME and $NAME and $NAME don't want their spouses/partners/children/parents/etc. to be killed/tortured/Gitmo'ed/etc., so I fail to see how this is a problem for the National Security Asshats.

1 year,6 days

Legislation Would Prohibit ISPs From Throttling Online Video Services

eyegone Unintended consequences (222 comments)

Imagine an ISP/television provider that uses their IP network to deliver both services. It sure sounds like this would prohibit them from prioritizing the IPTV traffic.

So much for watching that World Cup match; your neighbor has p0rn to torrent!

1 year,10 days

Feds Confiscate Investigative Reporter's Confidential Files During Raid

eyegone Re:Not likley (622 comments)

If I write down in my notebook 'Cowboy Neal has inappropriate sexual relations with his water bottle', and never tell anyone what I have written, and never publish it, than what exactly am I guilty of?


1 year,29 days

Firefox's Blocked-By-Default Java Isn't Going Down Well

eyegone This is progress (362 comments)

Now do this with JavaScript (at least when it comes from a different host than the page being viewed).

about a year ago

CryptoSeal Shuts Down Consumer VPN Service To Avoid Fighting NSA

eyegone Re:DoS? (361 comments)

One thing is certain. This is the antithesis of democracy.


It may be illiberal; it may be unconstitutional; but it is very, very democratic.

A large majority of human beings have always been (and presumably always will be) perfectly happy to trade something as abstract as "privacy" or "liberty" for the comforting illusion of protection from the bogeyman de jour.

about a year ago

CryptoSeal Shuts Down Consumer VPN Service To Avoid Fighting NSA

eyegone Re:Playing devil's advocate... (361 comments)

I wonder what the public reaction would be if some pro-democracy dissident who is operating covertly in their own hostile country is murdered and the country gives a press release saying that they couldn't have found their criminal if it wasn't for the help of the NSA compromising internet security...

It depends. Is American Idol on that night?

about a year ago

Oracle Attacks Open Source; Says Community-Developed Code Is Inferior

eyegone Re:Yeah, but they nailed the "documentation" part (394 comments)

The GUIs don't have this problem so much as the menus are categorized and they usually have a "what this does" kind of field with them.

Don't worry. The GNOME folks are working hard on that problem.

about a year ago

Software Rendering Engine GPU-Accelerated By WebCL

eyegone Re: STAAAAAHP! (84 comments)

Make it +10,000.

about a year ago


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