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East vs. West: Culture and Distributed Development

ezfur Re:Quit Your Crying (486 comments)

To me people with a confidence problem are characterised by: Constantly harping on how they are the best, largest, most beautiful people on earth. Just has to have the tallest buildings, the biggest trains, cars etc. Have _world_ championships in sports only they themselves engage in.
No, you figure out what nationality I'm thinking of. :-)

Are you talking about Southeast Asia or Europe?

1 Asia has the largest buildings in the world.
2 Polls show asian women are the most beautiful
3 Europe has the best train systems follwed by Asia
4 Japan makes the best mass consumption cars, followed by Europeon Elites like Porsche and Ferrari for high end
5 I bet Europe and Asia have more "World Championship" that dont involve the world than any other country.

As you can see I think the area your talking about is either Europe or Asia.

about 11 years ago


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