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Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr Released

fahrbot-bot Re:Quick question (161 comments)

It does not suck that bad anymore. For anyone still having a grudge against Unity, I recommend trying it again at this point.

How would you feel about the sentence: "Your brain surgeon does not suck that bad anymore."


Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

fahrbot-bot Re:What the tax form should look like (415 comments)

That's better than the one I saw:

Line 1: How much did you make last year? ______
Line 2: Send it in.

2 days ago

Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

fahrbot-bot Re:base it around my OS (383 comments)

It doesn't do you any good if you don't itemize your deductions though.

True. In my case, even being debt-free (including mortgage paid off) itemizing is a must to get full benefit - any my accountant computes my return both ways to be sure. IANAA but imagine that anyone with a mortgage and/or a few grand in charitable donations should be itemizing, especially if living in a state w/state taxes.

2 days ago

Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

fahrbot-bot Re:base it around my OS (383 comments)

I payed someone at H&R a good hundred bucks just to give me the exact same information. Sad day, but a lesson learned for next year I guess.

Just remember to deduct that $100 next year (for those that don't know, tax prep fees are deductible).

And to answer the article question, I use an accountant and e-file. I'm debt-free (including my mortgage) so my taxes aren't difficult, excepting some charitable donations, associated tax-credits and dividends, but the $245 I pay is less than my salary for the time I would spent and I like having someone else review my situation to make sure I'm not doing anything stupid.

2 days ago

Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket

fahrbot-bot Re:Seriously (319 comments)

Fuck Comcast

Comcast, the /. Beta of ISPs. [ okay, perhaps that's a little unfair to Comcast. :-) ]

2 days ago

Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

fahrbot-bot Re:u wot m8 (566 comments)

Just thank your lucky stars that you're not in Linux-land, or some other godawful free software environment, 'cause you would have to type

>apt-get upgrade

in a terminal. This is obviously way too difficult for any human being, ...

Don't kid yourself, it would be: apt-get dist-upgrade

3 days ago

Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

fahrbot-bot Re:When comments... (301 comments)

Theo De Raadt makes comments about Linux being for losers. Linus Torvalds makes comments about OpenBSD users being masturbating monkeys. You usually have to take some of their comments with a grain of salt.

He said, prophesying a future Ubuntu release name.

about a week ago

Intel and SGI Test Full-Immersion Cooling For Servers

fahrbot-bot Re:Cray-2 (101 comments)

The Cray-2 did this in 1985 using a liquid called Fluorinert also invented by 3M:


Yup, and I was an admin on one at NASA LaRC from 1988-92. Always wanted to put some fake floaty fish inside the thing, but people have no sense of humor about something that cost ~ $20M.

about a week ago

Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

fahrbot-bot Re:No jetpacks yet... (630 comments)

Okay, while not a jetpack, this thing could send you 100 miles at Mach 7. Obviously, sticking the landing might be rough.

about a week ago

New US Atomic Clock Goes Live

fahrbot-bot Just great. (127 comments)

The institute will continue operating both clocks for now at its campus in Boulder, Colorado.

A man with one atomic clock knows the time, a man with two is never sure - every 300 million years or so, sigh.

about two weeks ago

The Problem With Congress's Scientific Illiterates

fahrbot-bot Re:Don't bother. (509 comments)

All you can do with somebody like that is just look them over, wince, be perplexed for a moment, and then move on. They aren't interested, nor would they listen to any attempt to aid their understanding.

It's not a winnable battle, so don't start the fight.

In other words: You can't argue with stupid.

about two weeks ago

Department of Transportation Makes Rear View Cameras Mandatory

fahrbot-bot Re:13 deaths? (518 comments)

Things like mandatory rear view cameras for people who are too lazy to look in the rear view mirror...

Of course you realize that, when backing up, it's better to turn and actually look out the back window - right? In addition to directly seeing what's behind you, you also get a better view out the side windows for things that may be moving toward the back of the car...

about two weeks ago

The Inside Story of Gmail On Its Tenth Anniversary

fahrbot-bot Re:AutoPlay Audio is EVIL (142 comments)

Please have an option to turn that audio OFF.

I added a filter to my Proxomitron proxy to strip out the "autoplay" tag from the audio element on /. pages. (Am considering stripping out the audio element all together.) Regardless of whether this is an April Fools day joke or not, the person who decided to use the "autoplay" tag should be taken out back and beaten into unconsciousness.

about two weeks ago

Smartphone Kill-Switch Could Save Consumers $2.6 Billion

fahrbot-bot Re:Go to hell (218 comments)

However in terms of justice it is much too extreme.

Absolutely. Punishment that greatly exceeds the crime is reserved for people that download/copy music or movies or access MIT websites. I mean, let's not get carried away into the absurd.

about two weeks ago

Typo Keyboard For iPhone Faces Sales Ban

fahrbot-bot Re:Fuck BlackBerry (205 comments)

I wish they would just die with a little grace and accept that they world will be better off without them

Ya, like SCO did - oh, wait... :-)

about three weeks ago

Crows Complete Basic Aesop's Fable Task

fahrbot-bot Re:Crow behavior (87 comments)

Birds are very smart. Another reason to be afraid of dinosaurs, I suppose.

As a programmer, I always remember that Velociraptors dislike goto statements.

about three weeks ago

Synthetic Chromosomes Successfully Integrated Into Brewer's Yeast

fahrbot-bot Re:One small step for man (107 comments)

I was bitten by radioactive yeast in the biology lab, and now have acquired the super-powers of YEASTMAN.

Have fun trying to get laid, Yeastman.

about three weeks ago

Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears

fahrbot-bot Re:Typewriters? (198 comments)

With all those typewriters why even bother buying tablets!

Even better, as TFA explicitly states and TFS quotes: "old-fashioned typewriters". Perhaps these Sholes and Glidden units from 1873.

[Dear "Journalists", Please kill yourselves now.]

about three weeks ago

JavaScript Inventor Brendan Eich Named New CEO of Mozilla

fahrbot-bot Seems the CEO numbering scheme... (112 comments)

The choice of Eich as CEO seems obvious to some, after a string of recent short-tenured CEOs at Mozilla's helm.

... mirrors the one used for the Mozilla products. I predict there will be a new Firefox and CEO next month.

about three weeks ago



Sound Waves as Effective as Brain Surgery at Treating Essential Tremor

fahrbot-bot fahrbot-bot writes  |  about 9 months ago

fahrbot-bot (874524) writes "Scalpel-free surgery using focused sound waves appears to be as effective in treating essential tremor as traditional surgery that requires drilling into the skull, a groundbreaking clinical trial at the University of Virginia Health System has found.

All 15 participants in U.Va.'s trial saw a substantial reduction in their involuntary shaking after undergoing the experimental focused ultrasound procedure. The rate of side effects was similar to that of traditional brain surgery. The patients were able to leave the hospital the next day."

Link to Original Source

Saudi Royal Backs Imam and Fox News

fahrbot-bot fahrbot-bot writes  |  more than 3 years ago

fahrbot-bot (874524) writes "In an awkward moment on Fox News this week, a pundit suggested that a member of the Saudi royal family who has supported the bridge-building work of the imam behind a planned Muslim community center and mosque in Lower Manhattan “funds radical madrasas all over the world.” The awkwardness came from the fact — unmentioned by anyone on the Fox set — that the same Saudi, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, also happens to be the second-largest shareholder in News Corp., the parent company of the Fox News Channel."
Link to Original Source

Computer Engineer Barbie coming soon...

fahrbot-bot fahrbot-bot writes  |  more than 4 years ago

fahrbot-bot (874524) writes "The Register is reporting, well, the title says it all... From the article and Mattel website:

To ensure the doll accurately reflects this occupation, Barbie® designers worked with the Society of Women Engineers and the National Academy of Engineering to ensure that accessories, clothing and packaging were realistic and representative of a real computer engineer. Looking geek chic, Computer Engineer Barbie® wears a t-shirt featuring binary code and computer/keyboard icon along with a pair of black knit skinny pants. Computer Engineer carries a Barbie® smart phone, fashionable laptop case, flat watch and Bluetooth earpiece. With stylish pink-frame glasses and a shiny laptop, she is ready to conquer the day’s tasks on the go or from her desk."

Link to Original Source

Couple stranded 3 days after GPS leads them astray

fahrbot-bot fahrbot-bot writes  |  more than 4 years ago

fahrbot-bot (874524) writes "A couple's SUV gets stranded in deep snow for three days on a remote Forest Service Road after they blindly followed the directions from their GPS-enabled cell — don't worry, they got rescued using the very same phone. Now, I don't have any GPS devices — I use printed maps (ask your parents) — and am curious about the circumstances. Have or would you blindly follow your GPS unit — anywhere?"
Link to Original Source

Jet-fighter raygun soon, sharks next.

fahrbot-bot fahrbot-bot writes  |  more than 4 years ago

fahrbot-bot (874524) writes "The Register reports: HELL-beam project now one step from jet-fighter raygun, DARPA fridge laser. Advantage: Shark. From TFA: The US military will shortly issue a brace of contracts for "refrigerator sized" laser blaster cannons. One of the deals will see a full-power ground prototype built which will be the final stage prior to America's first raygun-equipped jet fighter.

If it scales down far enough, this would seem to put handheld HELL-guns within an order of magnitude of the striking power offered by conventional small-arms. A 9mm pistol bullet has about 750 joules muzzle energy: a 5kg portable HELL-ray weapon would put out this much energy in a blast less than a second long.

A dolphin can carry a human being weighing up to 100kg along for a ride. A thoroughbred shark in good training can surely match this. Thus, we seem to be looking at practicable head-lazor output in the 20-kilowatt range..."

Link to Original Source

Vatican Endorses Darwin, but not ID

fahrbot-bot fahrbot-bot writes  |  more than 5 years ago

fahrbot-bot (874524) writes "The Times Online (and others) are reporting that:

The Vatican has admitted that Charles Darwin was on the right track when he claimed that Man descended from apes.

A leading official declared yesterday that Darwin's theory of evolution was compatible with Christian faith, and could even be traced to St Augustine and St Thomas Aquinas. "In fact, what we mean by evolution is the world as created by God," said Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, head of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

The Vatican also dealt the final blow to speculation that Pope Benedict XVI might be prepared to endorse the theory of Intelligent Design, whose advocates credit a "higher power" for the complexities of life."

Link to Original Source

Palin: Africa is a continent?

fahrbot-bot fahrbot-bot writes  |  more than 5 years ago

fahrbot-bot (874524) writes "The Guardian, and others, are reporting the following Newsweek story: Palin Didn't Know Africa Is A Continent

Fox News, a channel that had been generally flattering in its coverage of the "Palin phenomenon", reported that aides were astonished when they learned she was unaware that Africa was not a country but a whole continent. She was also said to be unable to name the countries that belong to the North American Free Trade Agreement: the US, Mexico and Canada. ...

The most colourful new information concerned Palin's spending spree on the campaign trail. Newsweek reported that she ended up spending far more than the $150,000 (£93,000) that was already known about, with up to $40,000 being lavished on her husband, Todd.

A wealthy donor who had offered to pay was shocked, Newsweek said, when he got the bill from the high-end retailers Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. One McCain aide characterised the episode to the magazine as "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast".

Google +Palin +Africa +"Fox News" for many, many links..."
Link to Original Source


Court: US can block mad cow testing

fahrbot-bot fahrbot-bot writes  |  more than 5 years ago

fahrbot-bot (874524) writes "Apparently the USDA is keen on protecting the profit margins of the Beef Industry.

The Bush administration can prohibit meat packers from testing their animals for mad cow disease, a federal appeals court said Friday. ... Larger meat packers opposed such testing. If Creekstone Farms Premium Beef began advertising that its cows have all been tested, other companies fear they too will have to conduct the expensive tests.

(A slightly longer article can be found on Reuters: Court bars meatpacker tests for mad cow.)

While extra testing may be unnecessary, if Creekstone believes they can perform these extra tests, assume the increased liability for any testing failures and succeed in the market place, then why should the Government interfere? I thought the "Free Market" was suppose to sort these things out. In addition, perhaps the market pressures of increased testing will drive the development of less expensive and more reliable testing, and 100% testing may provide assurances to foreign markets wishing to import U.S. beef. Then again, perhaps the Government doesn't actually want to test more than the current 1% of all cows..."

Link to Original Source


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