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Turner CEO: "PVR Users Are Thieves"

fecaljapan a bit far fetched (971 comments)

While I think it's a bit far fetched to say that not watching the ads is stealing, at least as far as network television goes, the ads are there for a reason. Because we get it for free. And as far as cable/satellite goes, you're paying for the service, not for the programming. The programming still needs to be paid for by ads. And while the quantity of advertising has gotten ridiculous, even abusive on some stations, there is definite pressure for more ads. The push for hdtv alone (something most stations can't really afford) will mean more ads if we actually want to see it as a reality. I personally don't care about hdtv, and I'm fine if people want to use pvrs, though I don't see the need for them, myself. If so much tv programming is crap, and it is, why bother spending money on something like that? Ads themselves are not inherently bad, but the increase in them I think is just a biproduct of other evils in the media.

more than 12 years ago


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