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University of Virginia Student Graduates in One Year

ferreth Re:Another soul lost (796 comments)

This guy has some real potential, he could change the world, he could discover some fantastic advancements for the good of human kind, but no. He wants to be a lawyer.

Yes! I was thinking to myself that this kid has potential in two of the areas in the world where he can do a lot of good: physics and math, - he might be one of the few brilliant enough to make significant advances in one of the field(s).

He wants to be a patent lawyer?! I really hope this kid loses his fixation with money and starts thinking about research. His research project on acoustic chambers sounds interesting. Perhaps now that he finally will get some problems worthy of his intellect, he'll start to get the research bug and change to something to do some good in the world. Money will not be one of his problems he turns out to be as brilliant as his speedy degree would indicate.

more than 8 years ago


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contacting me

ferreth ferreth writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Should for reasons such as long lost friend or burning question or whatever you wish to contact me, please post here and I will reply eventually, assuming you are a friend or you have a question I want to answer, or whatever intrigues me in some way.

That is my run on sentence for the day.


I have a journal?!

ferreth ferreth writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Gee, I have a journal. Not a blog? Interesting that a journal has all tech related fields. I was going to post as "X" being for "X" category but that would be the window system of course

Oh well that was fun for all of 5 seconds. On to other things than talking to myself (like) anyone's reading this).

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