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Reviews: Star Trek

fetta Re:OK, but just not "believable" (544 comments)

My assumption was that the destruction of so many ships created a situation where battlefield promotions of young officers who had proven themselves would be possible.

It's not without precedent in US military history:

Still, I agree that it would have been more likely that Kirk would have been promoted but not given command of a starship immediately. But hey, a little dramatic license is okay with me.

more than 5 years ago

Another New Serenity Trailer

fetta Re:Book? (175 comments)

Yes, he's definitely in the new movie. Saw a sneak preview a few weeks ago. To say anything more on the subject would be a spoiler.

BTW, I liked it, and was a big fan of the series, but it still was a bit of a letdown. One of the joys of the series was the way that Whedon was able to let some of the plot lines develop slowly. In the movie, it ends up feeling rushed by comparison.

more than 9 years ago



Out-of-warranty Slingboxes broken with update

fetta fetta writes  |  more than 5 years ago

fetta (141344) writes "I take back every nice thing I've ever said about the Slingbox. A recent Slingplayer update breaks some Slingboxes , including mine. After the update, all remote control settings are lost and cannot be reset. You can watch TV but not control your DVR devices.

The root cause seems to be a new DRM setting: even if the device has been used in the US since installation, you get an error about the device not being authorized for use in the USA.

"This Slingbox was not originally designed to be used in the USA. You may not be able to configure this Slingbox for some devices in this new location."

To make matters worse, Slingbox charges $29/per incident for support, even if you're still under warranty but past the first 90 days. I find it offensive to have to pay for support for a problem caused by their software update. They seem to feel free to ignore any problems that their software is causing for any customer with a box more than 12 months old — if I were more cynical, I would think that this is their version of planned obsolescence.

So, if you wanted to replace the Slingbox with a similar device, what other options exist? Is there anything open-source, or at least made by a more consumer-friendly company? I hate to buy another piece of hardware, only to have it disabled by the manufacturer after the warranty runs out."


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