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Build Your Own $2.8M Petabyte Disk Array For $117k

fiji Re:Not ZFS? (487 comments)

The explicitly mentioned mdadm so they are not using the "raid" on the cards (anyway, at that price it almost always is software raid implemented in the driver).

With the linux md software raid you can kick off background scans. Read the md(4) man page and linux/Documentation/md.txt for the gory details. There is a lot of good stuff in there.

I love Linux software raid. It has been fast and robust.

more than 4 years ago

Ahead of IPO, Vonage Faces User Complaints

fiji Different B/W options (212 comments)

You can get them to change the codec you use to a less bit-hungry one. That has helped a few people I know who have Vonage.

You can test your connection to see how it will behave http://testyourvoip.com/ and you can try different codecs to see what the difference is. Try it a few times throughout the day to try to characterize your line better.


more than 8 years ago



Cyanogenmod.com domain hijacked by a former developer

fiji fiji writes  |  more than 2 years ago

fiji (4544) writes "The cyanogenmod.com domain has been taken over by a former developer. After making referral deals that he was not authorized to make, the developer was confronted by other members of the team. The fallout is that the main cyanogenmod domain has fallen off the net. For the time being, see cyanogenmod.org."
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