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Audience Jeers Contestant Who Uses Game Theory To Win At 'Jeopardy'

filthpickle No, I don't believe he did. (412 comments)

I recall him always going down the rows.

about 9 months ago

NSA Trying To Build Quantum Computer

filthpickle Re:No shit? (221 comments)


I am not sure that is a word...but it should be.

about 10 months ago

US Customs Destroys Virtuoso's Flutes Because They Were "Agricultural Items"

filthpickle Re:Saw this earlier (894 comments)

the United States government has declared all musical instruments to be illegal contraband

Well, I would hope that it meant that one asshole did something stupid and is going to be disciplined for it. But, unfortunately, you never know anymore..,and that isn't gonna get this guy his stuff back.

about 10 months ago

Genome Hacker Uncovers 13-Million-Member Family Tree

filthpickle Re:Source material is unreliable (61 comments)

in some historical periods it would not have been uncommon for some children to be biologically unrelated to either of their legal parents

Jer-ryJer-ry Jerr-ry are not the father of this post.

about a year ago

LinkedIn's New Mobile App Called 'a Dream For Attackers'

filthpickle Re:TOS anyone? (122 comments)

"you did WHAT?!?!"

Me, to some kid I work with upon him telling me he did that...with his company email login....(which is his network login). And. Nobody. Cared.

about a year ago

Scientology's Fraud Conviction Upheld In France

filthpickle Re:Scientology is the truth (321 comments)

Sarah Silverman said something funny in her interview on the Seinfeld coffee thing...along the lines of 'your Messiah is named L Ron Hubbard because there was already another Ron Hubbard in the screen actors guild...isn't that weird to you'. I am paraphrasing. I just watched the episode again and didn't hear her say it...but I know that she did the first time I watched it. They must have edited it out.

1 year,4 days

China's State Press Calls For 'Building a De-Americanized World'

filthpickle Re:Incorrect assessment... (634 comments)

.if you have 10 American programmers, you will find 2 good ones, 4 okay, and the rest mediocre. This is the same with Indians. The number of programmers are high, so the number of mediocre programmers are also high

I work for a company that doesn't outsource much development. But, I work with a lot of customers that do outsource it. So I frequently work in between (mostly American) devs and (frequently) Indian ones.I cannot agree with this statement more. We have good and bad devs...and sometimes the Indian devs are great, and sometimes they are not.

1 year,7 days

D-Link Router Backdoor Vulnerability Allows Full Access To Settings

filthpickle Re:Idiot pruf (228 comments)

Nobody (outside of us) upgrades the firmware on their home router; They run it from factory until death, then buy another one. These devices will be vulnerable for the foreseeable future.

It wouldn't matter if they did. They aren't gonna patch the firmware for any of the affected routers anyway.

1 year,8 days

Dangerous VBulletin Exploit In the Wild

filthpickle Re:CMS??? (43 comments)

Thought the exact same thing.

There are 2 of us....this is troubling.

1 year,13 days

Silk Road Shut Down, Founder Arrested, $3.6 Million Worth of Bitcoin Seized

filthpickle Re:Tor compromised (620 comments)

"putting their dick in it" fee.

I know her!

1 year,20 days

New Species of Legless Lizard Discovered Near LAX Runway

filthpickle Re:Snakes (103 comments)

In case anyone else wonders and doesn't want to RTFA.

The lizards are distinguishable from their slithery relatives based on one or more of the following: eyelids, external ear openings, lack of broad belly scales and/or a very long tail. Snakes, conversely, have a long body and a short tail.

about a year ago

Brazil Announces Plans To Move Away From US-Centric Internet

filthpickle Re:Well, obviously (285 comments)

Well, the Brazilian women usually say "Ai, Ai" to stay on topic.

about a year ago

It's Official: Voyager 1 Is an Interstellar Probe

filthpickle Re:voyager has left the solar system. (218 comments)

The windows 8 file copy is actually pretty good. Look up a picture if you haven't seen it. So is.......well, I like the new task manager I guess.

about a year ago

Why Steve Albini Still Prefers Analog Tape

filthpickle Re:Albini the analog snake oil salesman (440 comments)

His band, Shellac, is pretty good. I like it anyway. And I would imagine that he was asked to do this interview and just gave his opinion. However, he does seem like he really is a knowitall asshole (he would fit right in here), so I won't defend him to vigorously.

about a year ago

Why Steve Albini Still Prefers Analog Tape

filthpickle Re:"Digital recordings will be unplayable" (440 comments)

He is certainly already in a position to convince hipsters that it is the best way to do it. It would be a good way to make a lot of money.

about a year ago

PayPal Freezes MailPile's Account

filthpickle Re: "Maybe?" (443 comments)

Gettin girls pregnant feels good

-Gaga Pee Pap Cuyler (Squidbillies)

about a year ago

Syria: a Defining Moment For Chemical Weapons?

filthpickle Re:I never understood the principle. (454 comments)

weapons that kill your own citizens are bad

weapons that you can make a snarky comment on the internet are good.

about a year ago

Report: Snowden Stayed At Russian Consulate While In Hong Kong

filthpickle Re:Good. (107 comments)

You originally said that the world is not better off now than it was during the cold war. Now your posts seem to be saying that you just meant that life in Russia during communism wasn't as bad as it was made out to be in the west. Of course it wasn't. Also, I wouldn't call the US out for being a homophobic houses and stones kinda thing.

about a year ago


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