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Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

fireduck Re:because drinking water is so pristine (242 comments)

Assuming the process is something akin to the Groundwater Replenishment System in Orange County, CA, those shouldn't be a major problem. I'm too lazy to look up the treatment plant in this story, but I'd guess that the article leaves out a few steps in the treatment process, including some sort of advanced oxidation process. At the GWRS in CA, that would be a hydrogen peroxide / UV step that oxidizes the crap out of anything that might make its way through the RO process -- which isn't much, except for possibly neutrally charged, small molecules. Further, it if it's a well run wastewater collection system, there should be source control measures in place to minimize a lot of nasty stuff, like heavy metals and toxins, as that throws off advanced wastewater treatment processes as well.

about 6 months ago

George RR Martin Finishes A Dance With Dragons

fireduck Aside from it not being the conclusion... (279 comments)

According to his own website, GRRM hasn't even finished it yet. I'm not believing anything about this book until I can buy it.

more than 3 years ago

Gulf Oil Leak Plugged?

fireduck Re:Too early (611 comments)

My understanding was that there was a chance it might make things worse. If the mud didn't actually slow the leak, but was pushed out as fast as it was applied, there was the fear it might further damage the already broken valve. So, rather than a partially open valve somewhat checking the flow of oil, you'd have a fully open pipe.

more than 4 years ago

Arizona Trialing System That Lets Utility System Control Home A/Cs

fireduck Re:Maryland already has this (393 comments)

Except, at least with the deal we got from So Cal Edison, we give them the right to shut off our air conditioner in exchange for a discount on our summer electric bill. I don't recall exactly how much of a discount on the energy they gave us, but considering that they never once actually killed our air con during the summer, I have no complaints whatsoever.

more than 4 years ago

Hellgate London Beta Signups Begin

fireduck Re:"Optional" subscription (52 comments)

personally I think its gonna end up being a situation like "Sure you can play without subscribing - but you'll never get any of the good items you'll need to kick ass or even beat the game."

Based on the last Hellgate story we had (the interview with Roper), this doesn't sound to be the case. The free online play is the exact same game you get if you play single player. The only difference between free and pay, is that the monthly subscribers get a "bonus", which at launch is a slightly larger stash, an extra character slot, and what sounds like the ability to acquire vanity items (slightly better or differently colored items).

Also based on that interview, it sounds like some of the things the submitter suggested were pay-only aren't. To quote Roper: "It's for free having that same experience online with your friends. And then we also give you access to a bunch of stuff. Like community things like being able to join guilds, trading items, auction houses; all those kinds of things that we never even had with Diablo 2." Stuff above and beyond that is for the monthly subscribers.

more than 7 years ago


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