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Solved: why the Moon's far side looks so different

fireman sam Obvious (2 comments)

Everyone's ass looks different to their face (well for most people this is true)

about a month ago

A Physicist Says He Can Tornado-Proof the Midwest with 1,000-Foot Walls

fireman sam cool (1 comments)

Let's just fuck with the environment a bit more - nothing bad can happen. Why doesn't he attempt to stop tidal flows eroding our coastlines with 1000 foot walls. In fact why not stop the planet from spinning all together.

about 2 months ago

The US Government Has No Idea How To Solve A Problem Like Snowden

fireman sam Simple (1 comments)

Snowden isn't the problem, the US government's insistence it is under attack from everyone and its belief that it needs to monitor everyone is the problem.

about 2 months ago

Android 5 is coming, and only Google knows what's in it.

fireman sam Re:LibreDroid (2 comments)

I believe they have in the cyanogen mod - see

I've never used it personally as I don't have any android devices, but I know others who do.

about 2 months ago

New Permission System Potentially Makes Android Much Less Secure

fireman sam The hidden permission (1 comments)

Android also has a hidden permission called "Permission to fuck over the user". The reason nobody knows its existence is that it is on by default and cannot be turned off.

about 2 months ago

Evidence of another world found on Moon

fireman sam But was Earth the Earth before the collision? (2 comments)

If two planets collided which resulted in the Earth and the Moon, could it be theorised that both planets would have been pretty much fscked and the resulting formations contain bits of both planets?

Scientists say that most of the Moon is made mostly from the same material the Earth is made from, perhaps this material is simply what you get when you smash two planets together and the rock found was simply a piece of Theia that had not been completely destroyed during the collision. I'm sure there are pieces of the original Earth to be found as well.

Interesting stuff.

about 2 months ago

Cheap tablet to use as magnifier?

fireman sam Re:Why do you need a pad at all? (3 comments)

Further to that, it doesn't cast a great shadow over what you're looking at, has an incredible resolution, comes in many different sizes, and doesn't send information about what you do with it to the manufacturer/NSA.

about 6 months ago

Unofficial front page discussion of why /. BETA is bad

fireman sam Re:Why not a different discussion (2 comments)

The new site can be improved by rolling back to the existing site - or even previous versions.

IMO, the best layout is the firehose layout where all I see are titles. I get to see a lot in a little amount of space. The new site is so full of wasted space (eg: Sony is selling Viao - do we really need a large picture of a viao netbook? This is supposed to be news for nerds, surely we would know that Viao is a laptop)

Crap for the sake of crap is nothing more than crap.

about 6 months ago

PlayStation 4 Will Be Running Modified FreeBSD

fireman sam Re:License war commencing... (457 comments)

I heard on the internets that version 6 of Emacs was going to be called VI

about a year ago

Monsanto executive gets Nobel Prize for food and agriculture

fireman sam It's opposite land (4 comments)

We had a war monger receive the Nobel peace prize and now the destroyer of natural foods given the Nobel prize for food and agriculture. WTF!??

Oh... that and hot snow falls up.

about a year ago

Google Patents Image-Capturing Walking Sticks

fireman sam Re:Won't the pictures, be like, really really bad? (2 comments)

I foresee:

1) a subscription only service called google "upskirt" view

2) further to the shock and motion the angle at which the stick is would impact the resulting picture. A sane solution would be to have the stick only take the photo when it is vertical (that is in mid step).

about a year ago

MySQL man pages silently relicensed away from GPL

fireman sam Same fate as OO (2 comments)

Will we soon see a LibreSQL project as we have seen a LibreOffice.

Note: I just googled and it appears that a similar comment to this occurred almost a year ago.

about a year ago

Beer Fridge Caught Interfering With Cellular Network

fireman sam In this case (1 comments)

I hope they gave the man a ACMA certified beer fridge to replace the pirate fridge (stealing from telstra)

about a year ago

European Commission to criminalize unregistered seeds and plants?

fireman sam Re:Seriously? (2 comments)


I guess there just isn't enough criminals out in society to offset the criminals in parliament (regardless of country).

It appears that "Their" ultimate goal is to control the population by controlling everything else.

about a year ago

3-D Printable Food for NASA and the Very Hungry

fireman sam Fuck that (2 comments)

Who would ever want to live in a place where food is marketed the same as printer cartridges? You get the food printer with a "lite" cartridge that can only print 4 meals for $500. To purchase additional cartridges it will cost $5000. If you try to put your own food substance in the cartridge you will have the full force of the US [private company] defense force come down on you screaming DMCA.

Control the food, control the people

about a year ago

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate US Army Database, Compromise Safety Of Thousands Of D

fireman sam Why? (1 comments)

Why do people assume that the hacker is only one hop away. If they were able to hack into the US network, couldn't they have also hacked into the Chinese network first?

if I was hacking a major military facility I would start by hacking into a crappy little network somewhere, from there a slightly larger network until eventually I am targeting my destination.

Or maybe it was the US hacking into the Chinese networks then hacking back into the US networks.

about a year ago

Some Windows XP users just can't afford to upgrade

fireman sam Windows XP compatibility mode (2 comments)

I hardly use Windows so I'm not sure if it works or not but wouldn't setting the software to run in Windows XP compatibility mode on Windows 7 mean she wouldn't need to get the newer version of the medical software, or has the software company arbitrarily decided that if you upgrade to Windows 7 you have to upgrade their software as well?

This is a bit like forced redundancy. Imagine if you had to buy new CDs or MP3s every time you purchased a new phone.

about a year ago



Gimp 2.6 classic look

fireman sam fireman sam writes  |  more than 4 years ago

fireman sam (662213) writes "When gimp 2.6 came out a while back may people did not like the new look empty image window and missing toolbox menu. People complained but the developers said no to adding an option to revert the look and functionality of gimp. But now someone has stepped up and had released a patch against 2.6.8 that reverts to the toolbox menu and removes the empty image window. Gimp classic has been born."

Link to Original Source

What do you do when your admin is a monkey

fireman sam fireman sam writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Our IT department is run by brain damaged monkeys writes "I have written a server that runs on Linux. This server is fairly simple in that it receives a connection and then forks to let the child process deal with the connection while the main process waits for more connections. I'm sure everyone who has done anything related to IT administration would have administered a server which does the same.

This morning I received an email from the administrator of the system stating "I recently setup some monitoring for the number of server processes on the servers. I noticed more than 1 (up to 3) server processes were on some of the servers, but only for a few seconds before disappearing. Are you able to see why this might be happening?"

Our company will soon be placing in the hands of this monkey the keys to a world wide distributed network of these servers plus hundreds of supporting servers and components.

How best do I voice my concerns to management? As a lowly programmer who has only had Linux experience since 1995 I hold no weight when it comes to decision on IT, whereas this monkey has managed to peel the free CD of Monkey IT monthly and install the latest free distro makes the decisions.

It is a scary world we live in."



You can't post to this page

fireman sam fireman sam writes  |  more than 9 years ago Well, it appears that whenever I attempt one of my witty, or insightful comments I recieve the above mentioned error.

It appears that my ISP has installed a transparent proxy that is either has a blocked IP address, or allows connections from any host.

This sucks.


Interesting weekend

fireman sam fireman sam writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I've decided to use my journal as an entry point for interesting fire calls I attend. Let this be the first.

Last saturday afternoon just after 4pm, North West Sydney was hit by a decent storm. There was a lot of electrical activity that passed almost directly over my house.

I had just finished covering my cars with tarps and blankets to protect from the hail when the pager was activated. "Structure alight". I put on some of my gear and headed off to the station. Have you ever noticed that people will always drive slowest when you are in a hurry.

I get to the station just as the first truck has just left, grabbed the rest of my gear from the back of the car and jumped on the second truck.

A minute later we were there. Myself and my "buddy" jump out and went straight across to the first truck, "donned" our BA (breathing aparatus) sets and headed in.

The top floor two storey house was well involved. We entered via the front door in an attempt to gain access to the fire. As we entered the roof and air conditioner collapsed onto the floor before us. So we attacked what fire we could see from just in the door.

Shortly aftwards, the second team entered from the rear of the house and they too attacked the fire from the ground floor.

After a few minutes, the fire was less out of control. We made our way up the stairs to the landing. Every room was alight. The two teams began knocking down the fire in the rooms and the roof (what was left of it). We had gotten most of the fire when my warning whistle sounded.This signifies that I have up to 5 minutes of air left (if I was at rest). So my team had to make our way back down to the BACO (Breathing Aparatus Control Operator) get all the BA equipment off replace the cylinder and have a rest. The replacement crew took over and knocked the rest of the fire out.

Once the inital threat was over the salvage began. We moved all the furniture out of the ground floor and into the garage (which was not damaged).

After everything was completed, we returned to the station at 6:30pm (approx).

We had a 15 minute break then both trucks were back on the road to help with the storm damage. This was mainly trees across roads, power lines, driveways, on houses.

Finished and back at station at about 10pm.

All in all, it was a good way to help the community.


8 days

fireman sam fireman sam writes  |  more than 9 years ago

8 days without coke. I feel much better, though I'm still not sleeping well. Oh well.

After about 5 days the pain in my legs and back was almost unbearable. I couldn't keep my legs still for any length of time without aching. The headaches got worse and didn't ease until 2 days ago.

I was a smoker for 16 years (started at high school) and it was far easier to give up cigarettes than it was to give up coke. The withdrawal symptoms for giving up smoking was also far less. So watch out all you coke heads.

My resting heart rate is now down to 65 bpm (from 90) my weight is now 65Kg (from 60Kg).


The power of Coke

fireman sam fireman sam writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Well it has been three days since my last drink of Coca-Cola and let me say they have been the worst.

Some history:

I started becomming a heavy user when I began working from home. I would consume up to 10 cans of coke per day and some days not eat. This has been going on for about 2 years. My teeth have softened and I have had 7 teeth pulled and the rest will follow soon.

My health:

Physically I felt good and could walk for hours on end (averaging 6Km/h). But if I was to do anything more strenuous I would tire very quickly. My resting heart rate was around 90 bpm, my body temperature was constantly high (about 1K above normal). Doctors put this down to a high metabolism. My weight is constantly 60Kg. I cannot gain weight.

The last 3 days:

Since my last can I have slept around 40 hours. I cannot walk properly because of pains in my lower back and legs. I have had a constant (dull) headache. To counter some of the symptoms I have been taking 500mg of Paracetamol and LOTS of water (about 5 to 6 Litres).

I anyone knows how long the pains will last could they tell me. Thanks

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