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Copyright Bill could Stifle Innovation

fishbonez Re:Orrin Hatch? (597 comments)

...I refused to do business with people in Utah because of their inability to deal with electing senators...

I wouldn't hold every person in an entire state accountable for their Senators. Whether the Senators are cretins or gifted orators, it is mighty hard to get rid of Senator once they get elected. Like it or not, incumbants get re-elected a lot.

Even worse is that in a conservative state like Utah, it is nearly impossible to unseat a sitting Republican Senator. Unless he retires or gets caught spanking the monkey while a hooker runs around his car at traffic lights (ala Jimmy Swaggart), he will get re-elected again and again. And the longer he stays in the senate, the more seniority and power he gains.

Being from New York, we have had to suffer Senator D'Amato and then Senator Clinton. I wouldn't want to be judged by either one of those ass clowns. And yet that is exactly what you are saying is appropriate and reasonable.

more than 10 years ago


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