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MacControl Trojan Being Used In Targeted Attacks Against OS X Users

fishbot Re:LoL (187 comments)

After protesting loudly and losing the argument, I ended up deploying ie6 across the network via wine. It took aproximately 3 days before they became infested.

Isn't cleaning them up just a case of killing all the wine-server processes then deleting and replacing the contents of the fake C: drive?

more than 2 years ago

Comparing Today's Computers To 1995's

fishbot Re:Eh (461 comments)

By equating the terms "operating system" and "user interface". What wisty was referring to was not "using the operating system" to chown and sudo, but rather "using a different user interface".

more than 2 years ago

Month of Apple Fixes

fishbot Re:Response from Kevin Finisterre, second bug (177 comments)

"it is interesting to note that vulnerabilities in cross platform applications may transfer more easily to the Intel-based Macs running Mac OS X..."

You appear to have completely missed the phrase "Both x86 and PowerPC versions are provided." in the reproduction steps section. The problem is that, like many people these days, you see an apparent coincidence (that both use the same architecture, even though it's a false observation) and assume causality. If you write code with a buffer overflow and compile it for x86, PPC, ARM, MIPS and your toaster, the code will still have a buffer overflow on all of them.

What I'm saying is that the architecture doesn't magically make a bug appear in a system just because it is similar to another system. The vulnerability didn't "transfer" to OS X, it simply exists in the OS X version, just like it does in the other versions. Note that only the Mac and Windows version are confirmed, but it could just as easily exist in others.

about 8 years ago


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