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Google Fiber To Launch In Austin, Texas In December

fishybell Re:Living in KC (88 comments)

Brutal. I live in city #2 (Provo, UT for those not keeping track), and, because I can't really help myself, all I can say is: this post brought to you via Google Fiber.

Originally, quite a bit of time was spent doing upgrades behind the scenes, then they switched everyone who was on the iProvo network to Google, then they started adding new customers in built-out neighborhoods. I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that they switched over relatively early. It looks like they've got quite a ways to go before they finish the built-out neighborhoods. There are a couple of places that people live that aren't built out, and those people will end up in the same end as you. Right now though? I see several Google Fiber branded vehicles a day.

For those at home wanting to know what it's like? Honestly, from a web-usage stand point it's about the same as the XFinity service we had before. When Google announced they were coming to town XFinity waved a magic wand and we went from sub-50, with highly inconsistent service to 100-plus with very good reliability. In the reliability department, Google is slightly better (it's only been a month, so we'll have to see about the long-run still). As far as the routers provided by both: the XFinity box had more options for power users and the Google box has all the power-user options (even simple stuff like staticly assigned DHCP) hidden fairly well. I'm not convinced the router is the best available, but my landlords don't want to swap it out.

4 days ago

Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

fishybell Copying Gillette (399 comments)

Quite clearly Microsoft was just pulling a play out of Gillette's book.

about three weeks ago

Tesla's Already Shopping For More Office Space

fishybell Re:A page from Henry Ford's book... (100 comments)

Your sig is both ethically and morally wrong. Frankly, it's so wrong that I demand a refund.

about 3 months ago

Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity Is Next Civil Rights Step

fishybell Re:Are only black people "diverse"? (514 comments)

Comparing them to the US as a whole isn't particularly fair, as they're (in theory) mostly pulling local talent from California. California's demographics:

  • Racial composition - 2010
  • White - 57.6%
  • Asian - 13.1%
  • Black - 6.2%
  • Native - 1.0%
  • Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander - 0.3% 0.4%
  • Other race - 17.0%
  • Two or more races - 4.9%

So really, Google is more white and Asian and less "other" and black than the rest of California.

about 3 months ago

Netflix Is Looking To Pay Someone To Watch Netflix All Day

fishybell Re:Seems excessive... (86 comments)

Trust me, it's a fad at best.

about 3 months ago

Shark! New Sonar Buoy Will Warn Beachgoers When Large Sharks Are Near

fishybell Re:Terror in the minds (55 comments)

I have swam with sharks on numerous occasions, and always look forward to doing it again. I realize that surfers are especially at risk, so would I surf without personal protection (like a Shark Shield)? No. That's silly. Respect and fear are two different things. The sharks aren't out to get you. They may be curious, but because they're not mindless killing machines most peoples encounters with sharks end with a bump or a "omg! look! a shark!" moment. If sharks truly wanted to eat people then almost no coastal waters would be safe. As it is, millions of people go the beach to surf, swim, snorkel, etc. without incident every year. We can't make the world a perfectly safe place, and there are much more dangerous animals out there than sharks (for example, mosquitos, pigs, bees, ants, dogs, crocodiles, and other people). A waste of money is a waste of money, no matter how many warm fuzzies it gives people.

about 4 months ago

Shark! New Sonar Buoy Will Warn Beachgoers When Large Sharks Are Near

fishybell Re:Has to be better... (55 comments)

You're assuming it's an either/or situation. It looks more to me like someone is profiting on the fear.

about 4 months ago

Shark! New Sonar Buoy Will Warn Beachgoers When Large Sharks Are Near

fishybell Terror in the minds (55 comments)

Yes, the terror is in the minds of many beach goers, but not in reality. By putting this in place they're validating that fear. Of course this doesn't surprise me as Australia is currently in the middle of a shark cull. Sometimes I forget that the US doesn't have a monopoly on acting on unsubstantiated (and often dis-proven) fears; it's part of the human condition.

about 4 months ago
top, Mensa Create Dating Site For Geniuses

fishybell Re:Sooo, no one has actually asked? (561 comments)

What the IQ requirement of being in Mensa actually is?

It's like the price of a superyacht; if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

about 4 months ago

Searching For Ocean Life On Another World

fishybell Re:Contamination (49 comments)

earth bugs would die from the intense radiation around Jupiter.

Oh, really?

about 4 months ago

Test-Driving NVIDIA's GRID GPU Cloud Computing Platform

fishybell Re:Nice, but expensive (29 comments)

Exactly this. We investigated moving our engineers (running Pro/E / Creo) and our drafters (running Autocad) to this setup because they're the only ones not running a VDI or VDI-like setup. We're a company well suited to this because we already have the entire setup minus the NVidia gear. We ended up skipping it (for now at least) because of one two things: money and productivity. The cost of switching to a virtual environment was significantly more than the cost of getting them all new hardware. We might look at it again in another year or so when they're due for new hardware anyway, but for now it's $40k plus that isn't needed or wanted by anyone other than IT. It makes our jobs easier, but reduces their productivity slightly at the gain of increasing ours slightly. Even with 10+ drafters and 5+ engineers that offset was enough to make us blink.

about 5 months ago

Rand Paul Suggests Backing Bitcoin With Stocks

fishybell Re:Stocks? (404 comments)

If I had at my disposal 65 TJ of energy that is very valuable - in anyone's eyes.

My eyes! Dear god why would you do that to my eyes!

about 6 months ago

Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

fishybell Re:Twice. (386 comments)

That $400 a year pays for your helicopter ride from the embassy as it's being stormed by the Viet-con-adians. In all seriousness, being a US citizen has its perks, the biggest being access to any US consolate or embassy, but they'll also try to find you body and ship it home if your plane goes missing or your night-club is bombed, and they'll (sometimes) rescue you if you are imprisoned or kidnapped. You can officially renounce your citizenship, but good luck getting back into the US for any reason if you do that.

about 6 months ago

Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

fishybell Re:Effective Tax Rate (386 comments)

24.37% for me. No deductions (or at least none that add up to more than the standard), no credits, filing status=single, cashed out investments. I usually pay less than an hundred in federal, and get back about the same from state, but this year I owed about $1000 overall. I'm not mad at my rate, but boy do I miss having a house. That one deduction alone took me above the standard deduction, which along with other small deductions meant I could change my W4 to take out substantially less each paycheck and still get a return. Why the federal goverment effectively subsidises home ownership but not rent is beyond me.

about 6 months ago

Samsung Claims Breakthrough In Graphene Chip Design

fishybell Re:Producing them is one thing (88 comments)

They have to grow silicon crystals too, and it is very complex and expensive to get a pure single crystal, but the source material is readily available and the process has been refined for decades. I imagine that the Gallium Arsenide process you're pointing to is used mostly because it's so similar to what they've been doing with silcon.

about 6 months ago

Tesla: A Carmaker Or Grid-Storage Company?

fishybell Re:Stock price too high? (151 comments)

Yeaaaaah, no. They couldn't. Remember who runs Tesla?

Iron man?

about 6 months ago




Blizzard beat me to it

fishybell fishybell writes  |  more than 8 years ago Damn that User 1.

Damn Blizzard and their foulness.

I myself was plotting a similar, yet entirely different, de-taco-fication of User 1, but Blizzard beat me to the punch. Now if I do it, everyone will yell Blizzard did it! Blizzard did it! Blizzard did it!


Shock and Awe

fishybell fishybell writes  |  more than 10 years ago Taking hints from past leaders in history (namely A. Hitler and G.W. Bush) User 1 is a technique of "Shock and Awe" to paralyze those who oppose them into succumbing to his totalitarian rule.

First off, what Shock? That's a good question. First off all of the posts he rights start out with a +1 moderatorship. Why? To seem larger and more powerful than he actually is. Why would he want that? User 1 has many reasons. First and foremost is to remain the dictator of Slashdot. Under his regime Slashdot has grown massively, but has remained in economic turmoil for years. What does he have planned to fix this? I know (until I am proved wrong) that User 1 plans on taking over other, smaller websites, like Squishdot, whom he says poses a threat to Slashdot's "Hometurf." The idea of turf on the internet is ludicrous. The only place User 1 should have any say over is Slashdot, and even here his rule is questionable. Because Squishdot is essentially exactly like Slashdot, but without the Slashcode, User 1 plans to take them over with a two pronged attack. First he plans on linking to them "by accident" and DDoS their server with his soon-to-be-patented "Slashdot Effect." This Slashdot Effect is infamous for destroying poor and unsuspecting servers. I plan to analyze it in depth later. The second part of his attack will be one of propoganda. Slashdot is known to aid and house known terrorists or "cyber criminals." It will be quite simple for User 1 to create an Anti-Squishdot sentiment among these bad hackers. There are good hackers out there, but these bad hackers will attack Squishdot with a fervent and ceaseless attack similar to the Blitz that both Hitler and Bush used before him. Squishdot will be only the first casualty. After that Slashdot will sue, and possibly "Slash-DDoS," any remaining Slashcode competitors. Look out UBB.

User 1 also plans on using his ill-gotten power to awe any and all who oppose him into submission. With Slashdot still growing at an alarming rate daily it will soon be at the critical mass it needs to take over Microsoft by force. Whoa - wait! Did I just say that Slashdot was going to take over Microsoft by force?! Yes I did, and it's true. If you don't believe me, you don't read Slashdot, you merely look at Slashdot. I've yet to figure out when thousands of Slashdot users will throw their lives away for "justice." Unbeknownst to almost all Slashdot users is the fact that Microsoft has it's own clone army waiting for just an attack. The US government (under the supervision of Ashcroft) is investigating this and planning yet another "preventative war," but this time against Microsoft. With the US government on his side User 1 will wreak the kind of havoc only seen in the video games you and I play daily. Just think about it next time, that's all I can ask.

More to come beckons me.


The war has begun.

fishybell fishybell writes  |  more than 11 years ago Today I began my own personal war against User 1: CmdrTaco.

  • Reason: I don't like him. (Note to self: think of better reason)
  • Goal: Have CmdrTaco expelled from Slashdot.

Since it is obviously a very daunting task to have User 1 expelled from Slashdot, my war will also likely end with my own expulsion from Slashdot. I am unaware of any previous bannings from Slashdot, and I'd like to be the first. If I do indeed become banned form Slashdot, a task quite daunting in and of its self, I will return with a slightly modified username, and a larger user id.

User 1, if you are reading this; it has begun

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