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A File-Centric Photo Manager?

fitsy Re:Google Picassa (326 comments)

Picassa is useful, but the biggest problem I found with it was that it didn't handle colour management properly, so if you have a wide gamut monitor, picture colours tend to come out somewhat 'funky', especially reds.

more than 4 years ago

A File-Centric Photo Manager?

fitsy Re:Adobe bridge? (326 comments)

Lightroom 2 noise reduction pretty much useless, BUT, the new Lightroom 3 is way better, so much better that I purchased it earlier this week. If you haven't used v.3, I'd suggest you give it a try.

more than 4 years ago

Google Earth and "Collateral Damage"

fitsy Uhhh please, more "evil-internet" from the Daily T (541 comments)

This is the same paper which after 911 was advocating bombing ISP's with cruise missiles if they did not prevent encrypted messages from passing through their systems. NO - I am not making this up! I am suprised anyone pays money to listen to the drivel they publish.

Bomb the ISPs - Daily Telegraph

The Daily Telegraph is calling for the bombing of "uncompliant" ISPs "on foreign territory", in response to the atrocity in America.

In an opinion piece, John Keegan, the newspaper's eminent defence correspondent, blames the Internet for facilitating the attacks.

"The World Trade Centre outrage was co-ordinated on the internet, without question," he writes. "If Washington is serious in its determination to eliminate terrorism, it will have to forbid internet providers to allow the transmission of encrypted messages - now encoded by public key ciphers that are unbreakable even by the National Security Agency's computers - and close down any provider that refuses to comply.

"Uncompliant providers on foreign territory should expect their buildings to be destroyed by cruise missiles. Once the internet is implicated in the killing of Americans, its high-rolling days may be reckoned to be over."
read the rest of it on the register or google it

about 8 years ago


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