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Video Shows Easy Hacking of E-Voting Machines

flagweb Re:Early vote makes your vote count (better chance (254 comments)

That is why I always early vote. It is on paper where I vote and that stands a better chance of getting counted correctly.

In my district, (the company formerly known as) Diebold still "counts" the paper ballots. According to BlackBox.org, there easy ways to tamper with these machines as well.

For the /. Comunity being a Paid Election Support Worker would be a way to get personally involved in safeguarding against this type of hacking. According to previous BlackBox.org posts, all voting maching contracts come with an Election Day Support Contract. Diebold etc. are required to hire on site technicians for each polling station. These techs are to setup the machines, ensure that they are not tampered with, trouble shoot any voting/printing snafus and take down the machines after polls close. Bb.org feels these jobs are the "front line" for ensuring fair elections. These jobs are hiring in your area right now! P.S. You might want to leave MOST of your experience OFF of your resume, since this is a very low paying temp job, and most everyone here would be considered vastly over qualified.

more than 6 years ago


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