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Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return

flappinbooger Re:Microsoft is wasting people's time (346 comments)

" And Windows 8 as is is ONLY oriented towards tablets"


I recently fixed a Surface Pro 2 tablet for a client of mine. He had a VPN client installed which blew up the wifi when the recent MS update went through which updated ***EVERYTHING*** on the tablet.

It isn't TOTALLY bad. It isn't good either. It's way too thick, too heavy, too hot. The screen is very nice I'll give it that.

The OS is annoying and frustrating and - for the life of me - purposely and consistently inconsistent. Follow me there? It's like it just does things differently for no reason. Bring up the "jewels" menu and then "settings" while in the tile desktop and stuff is one way, bring up the same menu while in the old school desktop and it is another way.

I've worked on a few desktop and laptops with windows 8 and the VERY first thing I do on FIRST BOOT is install the 3rd party taskbar hack. Working on this surface is the first time I've taken the time to figure out how to get around on 8. Because it's actually a tablet.

Windows 8 IS geared only towards tablets, for some reason it mistakenly gets installed on laptops and desktops without touch screens.

If someone gave me a surface pro I would sell it and buy an ASUS transformer or just a 10" galaxy note with a keyboard cover.

about two weeks ago

Chinese Couple Sells Children To Support Online Game Addiction

flappinbooger Re:Silly season much (131 comments)

It depends on who you are and where you are. Ethnic minorities can have more than one child, so their ethnic group and culture do not become diminished. Rural villagers can also have more than one child sometimes, especially if their first child is not a boy. In some cases, they can keep having children until they get a boy. That is thought to reduce the incentive to engage in infanticide of female babies. Doctors are also not allowed to tell prospective parents whether their child will be a boy or a girl -- that is forbidden because it could also lead to infanticide. Finally, if the parents are wealthy, then they can simply pay the fine for extra children, and then it doesn't matter.

What? Infanticide is discouraged?

Those savages! Don't they know it's a woman's choice? Gasp! China is a such primitive backward society!

about two weeks ago

Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

flappinbooger Re:Amazoing (415 comments)

I had no idea the contents of a physical drive changed its smell!

This is very intriguing!

Well, I would assume that the dog is trained to indicate on the scent of the various parts of the computer components such as printed circuit boards, solder resin, various typical packaging materials such as integrated circuit housing polymers, and so on.

Oh, wait, whoosh! almost missed it there.

about three weeks ago

Police Using Dogs To Sniff Out Computer Memory

flappinbooger Re:Any Memory?? what judge will go on just that? (415 comments)

Also, does concealing a memory device now automatically imply child porn?

Child porn is bad stuff, but heaven forbid they have copyrighted movies on there. Or even worse than that, Metallica MP3s.

about three weeks ago

30% of Americans Aren't Ready For the Next Generation of Technology

flappinbooger Re:And this surprises... who? (191 comments)

I mean, really. We *know* that (most) grandmas ain't exactly surfin' like crazy. They're terrified of viruses, and all the other associated buzzwords, and were uncomfortable around new technology before that. Certainly there are exceptions -- but I'm not at all surprised to hear that the demographic mentioned isn't exactly spearheading the digital revolution.

This 30% number is going to go down over time -- as these people die.

about a month ago

RAND Study: Looser Civil Service Rules Would Ease Cybersecurity Shortage

flappinbooger Re:RAND totally misses it (97 comments)

1. Good cyber people won't put up with the insane government clearance bullshit. They'll go to work for Google or Microsoft.
2. Good cyber people don't want to live in places like Jessup, Maryland or Barksdale, Louisiana.
3. Lots of good cyber people are autodidacts; the report says no more autodidacts should be hired because Ed Snowden was an autodidact. Puh-leeze.

I'd be happy to be a government cyber warrior as long as I can do it in my mom's basement and get paid in hot pockets and star trek dvds.

about a month ago

Mt. Gox CEO Returns To Twitter, Enrages Burned Investors

flappinbooger Re:He didn't sacrifice a goat to the SJWs. (281 comments)

you trusted your BC to some yahoo that ran a fricking Magic:The Gathering trading club...really?

What? You don't do all your banking at the comic book shop?

might be safer to put your money into comic books rather than bitcoin, ha ha.

the thing is, the coins have fluctuated in dollar value but actually haven't crashed or disappeared.

MTGOX was just one exchange, and a goofy one at that IMO, there are many others and more will come.

BTC isn't going anywhere. Both as an idea and a currency.

about a month and a half ago

Researchers Outline Spammers' Business Ecosystem

flappinbooger Re:I'm surprised (14 comments)

The problem is that spam is inexpensive to send. Especially if you are using a bot net of infected computers so you utilize someone else's bandwidth. If you spend $100 to send out 1 million e-mails and get a 0.1% return rate at $1 per user, you make $900 per campaign.

The math to show why spam still exists is really just that simple. Statistically it does pay.

The emails can be purchased cheaply, botnet space is cheap, VPNs to hide your identity are cheap and effective, and the payoff is good.

And since it is a relatively "harmless" thing to do, most spammers can probably sleep well at night.

about a month and a half ago

Interviews: Ask Andrew "bunnie" Huang About Hardware and Hacking

flappinbooger Re:I've never heard of you (58 comments)

A random person in the street can name you multiple Kardashians but won't be able to name you the vice president.

So no, a random person on the street won't know who Linus Torvalds is.

about 1 month ago

The Ethics Cloud Over Ballmer's $2 Billion B-Ball Buy

flappinbooger Re:Harder Idea - Shutter the team (398 comments)

thanks for the info.... def puts perspective on it. So it's sort of a straw / camel's back kind of thing, huh?

about 2 months ago

The Ethics Cloud Over Ballmer's $2 Billion B-Ball Buy

flappinbooger Re:Harder Idea - Shutter the team (398 comments)

bear in mind this man is guilty of nothing more than saying something politically incorrect within the privacy of his own house.

What happened here? 1984 much?

about 2 months ago

US Secret Service Wants To Identify Snark

flappinbooger Re:This should be easy. (213 comments)

Conspiracy insight level 2: The government already has a sentient AI, but it's an Aspie like Data on Star Trek, so they're crowd-sourcing its emotional development. *dun-dun-DUN*

If they're also putting patches of live skin on his arm, and seductively blowing on it, that would also explain who is running things behind the scenes.

about 2 months ago

US Secret Service Wants To Identify Snark

flappinbooger Re:This should be easy. (213 comments)

Just feed a bayesian analysis with postings from /. and use that to match against twitter. Should be able to get within 10%...

Some conspiracy insight - the government's quantum based AI big brother master computer of the NSA is up and running in order to completely surveil the internet in real time.

The problem is, it is nearly useless because it can't determine if someone is being sarcastic / snarky or not.

about 2 months ago

HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

flappinbooger Re:HP Is Being Cheap = LOSER segment (121 comments)

Cool, thanks for the heads-up on that, will have to look into it. Always looking for a solid laptop to recommend if nothing else.

about 2 months ago

HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

flappinbooger Re:ChromeOS spec more stringent? (121 comments)

The conspiracy minded folks will point out that this is an attempt to test the waters and introduce the intended future of computing.

TPTB want to reign in the free-for-all that is windows and even MAC-os computers. People can run anything and everything. With Android and the google store, the computer is limited to a controlled walled-garden of apps. Same for iOS.

So, if this form factor takes off (or, if it is MADE to take off, wink wink) you have Google, which is a CIA/NSA front, controlling all that the people are allowed to run on their computers.

Watch, next will be an android DESKTOP. Just you watch!

about 2 months ago

HP (Re-)Announces a 14" Android Laptop

flappinbooger Re:HP Is Being Cheap = LOSER segment (121 comments)

call us when your dell is 6 years old

My latitude D520 was assembled from parts of many other dead Latitudes. I call it frankentop. Runs reliably. Take it everywhere. Ugly as sin. Dell latitudes are more rugged and parts are cheaper and more interchangable in my opinion. The cheap consumer Dells are more problematic.

I also have a nearly 5 year old quad core HP laptop, hasn't given me any problems other than a noisy fan that stopped being noisy after a while on it's own.

The best is a 13 year old IBM thinkpad, still going. This thing is so old it has USB 1.0. But, truly, no-one on Slashdot will be impressed by that - it isn't unusual.

Now, today, I would be a little hesitant to buy a new HP laptop. I would lean more towards a Lenovo or a Asus.

And what's with this stupid BEATS AUDIO crap? Just give me a decent sound chip that reproduces the sound and doesn't process it FOR me! I've had a beats audio HP laptop, to me it sounds like crap.

And get off my lawn.

about 2 months ago

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

flappinbooger Re:Comcast requires HBO for internet access (343 comments)

I am pissed off. I am moving into a new apartment and my choices are centuryLink DSL which AT&T throttles or Comcast. If I go with Comcast I need to pay for cable TV with HBO tier to gain internet access for $99 a month. I do not even freaking own a TV??!@

Now I am still downthrottled on top of that!

What if you got the DSL and a good VPN like PIA?

Will they throttle it if they don't know what it is?

Up until a month or 2 ago I would have said go with Comcast and get internet only. But now that they are intending to cap at 300 GB per month.... meh.

What about a comcast business account? How much does that cost? Is it throttled?

The good thing about comcast is that at the end of the day, it IS fast.

about 2 months ago

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

flappinbooger Re:Classify net access as a utility? (343 comments)

This may be an absurd suggestion, but given that internet access is somewhat required to participate in society today, perhaps it's time to class internet access as a utility like water and electricity/gas.

Yeah, some day I could see it being a utility because ... I need to consume it every day to live and maintain sanitary conditions and shelter in the winter. Like the Telephone.

Oh, wait, Telephone isn't a utility. And the internet isn't either.

I don't want government providing me the internet, even local government. I don't think you do either??

Perhaps you should google "snowden nsa" or something.

about 2 months ago

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

flappinbooger Re:He also forgot to mention... (343 comments)

That everyone has to pay for access to the Internet, including Netflix. They've already paid, but Comcast arbitrarily expects them to pay even more just because their own customers want to use Netflix, which makes zero fucking sense.

It does on Comcast.

Comcast, not even once.

about 2 months ago



Software to assist people who cannot read

flappinbooger flappinbooger writes  |  more than 3 years ago

flappinbooger (574405) writes "So having worked in the computer field for a while now I get asked lots of strange questions. The office manager tells me a customer who is a truck driver wants a laptop but also wants it equipped with software to fill out all his computer forms for him with voice input, as he cannot read.

Aside from all the other questions, such as how does an illiterate person navigate the highways and byways and safely and efficiently drive a truck, this is a pretty interesting question. The big picture answer is take night classes to learn to read, duh.

Speech to Text software is more for dictation I'm not sure it would work for this. Software for the blind comes to mind, I've worked with a blind person before and was amazed at the proficiency with which he navigated his computer. The blind-assist software was quite impressive, it would tell him exactly what was on the screen and where the cursor was. It was all keyboard input, no mouse, not sure it would work for this problem.

Is there any software that would help this person? Is there ANY way a person who cannot read will be able to perform even the most menial tasks in the near future, if not now? Most would assume janitorial work to be a pretty low barrier to entry, but even then a custodian would be expected to read the contents and safety labeling on the cleaners he or she would be using. Computer illiteracy is nearly crippling today, how much more for someone who cannot read at all...."


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