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Geek Travel To London From the US — Tips?

flicman I second the netbook (1095 comments)

Skimming the responses, I'm surprised that there aren't more calls for this. Unless this is a working vacation, you're going to want to spend your time doing rather than surfing, anyway. I've taken my original Eee to europe twice now and it's been exactly what I've wanted. WiFi is easy to get on for free, and since you're there more than a day or so, you'll probably find a place you like that you can get online for nary a penny.

While I also agree with the choruses of "go and do" both above and below, you're probably not in much danger of sitting in your room all day reading slashdot - that wasn't your question. A netbook will help with that because it doesn't facilitate long surf sessions, but does plenty (IM! Email! skype!) for communication, and most "modern" netbooks will also have plenty of space for backups of your photos.


about 5 years ago

Typography On the Web Gets Different

flicman Re:Fonts (378 comments)

You're misinformed - the font doesn't download and install any more than an image saves itself into your "my pictures" folder when you view it on the web. Argue the semantics of cache all you want, but the "unsuspecting people" you're trying to protect aren't rooting around their cache folders for a font they saw on a webpage once the name of which they don't even know just so they can make their 10th grade history paper work better.

You and the OP are looking for reasons to dislike web progress, and, while I'm happy to get off your lawn, you should find legitimate reasons, not ones that I learned were false in 3 minutes of reading and a quick check of my fonts folder.

more than 5 years ago

My primary computer has N screens, with N being ...

flicman I have four (503 comments)

I do web development, and I really like having multiple screens for the work. I added the 4th just for the cool factor when a client wanted a new monitor. Now people come into my office and think I'm hacking into something.

I don't have many tech-savvy friends or they would A) notice that I'm running Vista and understand that "real" hackers wouldn't stoop so low and B) teach me how to get useful fucking multimon going in Ubuntu or the like.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft's XO Laptop Strategy

flicman What about Vista? (242 comments)

More, what does this say about their commitment to Vista? Why isn't there a push to get a low-footprint version of Vista on the XO laptop? I feel like the whole company could benefit from money being thrown at figuring out how to de-beef that thing anyway, and it would speak more to the company's buy-in of their own OS if they were developing their OS of the future rather than one that's rapidly approaching EOL.

more than 7 years ago


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