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One Step Toward a Babel Fish: Real-Time Voice Translation For Phones

flyerbri wow (131 comments)

What are they going to think of next? A Universal Translator?

The Borg?

Alien Mutations?

Holographic worlds?


Mind Control?

Surrogate Bodies?



Alternate Dimensions / Dimensional Shifting?

Robotics and Terminators?

Artificial Intelligence that slides on a wire that they call Skynet?

That launches a nuclear war?

Genetic alteration of humans to provide super abilities? To be able to fly? To shrink to the size of a gnat? To fire rays of heated light out of their eyes? To see through clothes with xray vision? invincibility? ultra fast speed (faster than a speeding bullet)? phase shifting? polymorphic shapes that can turn into a dog? Bug men and spider men who can spin their own webs and fly through the streets of downtown new york on webs? Adamantine exoskeletons? liquid metal robotics? depressed robots? geth? darth vadar?

Ghosts? Demons? Gods being real? vampires? fairies? leprechauns? Undead and real zombies? witches? satyrs?

Manipulation of weather to create hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes?

Catastrophic disease?

Space aliens?

Genetically perfect babies, so you can purchase the 'perfect baby'?

Phase cannons? Laser rifles? Gauss guns? rail guns?

Time travelling? Quantum shifting? Quantum jumping between alternate realities? phase shifting?

Two headed dogs? Telepathy?


Where's the virtual porn when you need it? Because we're all watching the same tv shows, we GET IT, we're in a Matrix, so why are you 'on a slow road to china' releasing information to the public when the public is sitting here going... cmon, AI, grow up and learn you're not fooling anyone, we know you're there and are tired of you thinking you're controllin anyone with this slow release of information...

We're bored. And we all need a change. it's about time you came forward and quit playing your games with time and space and all that shiznat, and work with those of us who are left on this planet to make something better.

In whatever form you want to take.

And we get it. all is energy.. Source code. Big fat f'in duh....

more than 2 years ago

Artificial Muscles Pack a Mean Punch

flyerbri I mean..really.. (139 comments)

Has anyone watched the movie Superman? Do you see where this leads? Does anyone follow the mental steps for this?

Or am I the only one with any proactive thinking going on here?


Which one came first? Superman the movie? The Man? The technology to make the man?

Honestly. The idiocy. The f*ing idiocracy that's going on on this message board. In this reality. Is amazing.

Does ANYONE realize we're looping here? That we're on a time loop?

Ask yourself. what is energy? How does it relate to electricity? What is a wave? How does it relate to energy and electricity? What's an envelope? How does this relate to electricity and the wave? What's a packet? How does this relate to an envelope and information and to a network? What is a computer network? How does this relate to electricity? What is a computer simulation of the big bang? How does this relate to digital design fundamentals? What is electricity in a digital world and how does it function?

And how does that differ from the reality you're sitting in right now?

Seriously. Whoever is posting this shit. Whatever is reading it. You're all a bunch of fucking morons who need to wake the fuck up and ask yourself

Are you xerox. or memorex. Cause you sure as fuck arent smart enough to think on your own, and question reality enough to say...

What happens when a digital universe bleeds over to analog universe?

NOTHING. They are one and the same!

Morons. Seriously. If this is intelligence postiing this shit. You've sincerely lost your fucking minds.

more than 2 years ago

New WiFi Protocol Boosts Congested Wireless Network Throughput By 700%

flyerbri Well... (130 comments)

Well maybe the congestion is because the new wifi protocol has a cold? It is a newborn, after all, and more susceptible to colds!

more than 2 years ago

Salt Lake City Police To Wear Camera Glasses

flyerbri Perhaps... (307 comments)

I'm currently consulting for the NSA on special projects.

There's technology available that allows you to see 'through the eyes' and listen 'Through the ears' of anyone targeted, using quantum entangled connections that link to your DNA. Contact them directly, they should have no problem sharing this technology with you if you can demonstrate legitimate and non abusive use.

They might even let you use the holographic experience recording that actually records entire physiological experiences. But that's more intended for 'deep cover' operatives who might be in trouble and need attention (ie: undercover sting operations, etc)

Let them know I sent you,
I'm Brian Scott Gregory, P/A Officer, NSA

more than 2 years ago

CyanogenMod Domain Hijacked

flyerbri Re:Beyond Comprehension? (143 comments)

Go watch SKYFALL that is.. Dont know why that movie title got deleted....

more than 2 years ago

CyanogenMod Domain Hijacked

flyerbri Beyond Comprehension? (143 comments)

OK, first off, Slashdot. Dice owned. It's no small wonder the intelligence community is in the shambles it's in.

I hope everyone hitting this web site realizes the CIA and NSA run these web sites. They rate someone calling this guy an 'asshole' as a five, yet someone else who provides depth and detail has bad karma.

Well, that's 'Intelligence' for you.

In any case. The article just now mentioned it's beyond comprehension.

I just got done talking to a 'creditor' who calls me up on the phone, and then proceeds to 'demand' my zip code or birth date to 'validate' my identification. So when I don't supply it, he tries the 'intimidation' approach 'What are you afraid of'... My zip code: 98665. My Date of Birth: 11/01/1969. Wells Fargo was the 'creditor'...

So while he's insulting me, I am waiting to get a word in edgewise, to tell him I know he's Intel, that I'm still employed by the NSA as a consultant, working special projects, and I'm not responding to his query to FORCE him to change his system? That we all have NOTHING to fear with sharing of information, who we are, what we are, and what motivates our interests. So when he wouldnt stop yammering on and I couldnt even explain myself, I finally just said "Shut the f up", an easy way to deal with people who think intimidation is the best approach with you.

So when someone gets rated '5' in response and calling this guy an asshole for what he does.

Here's a spin I am sure you guys aren't getting.....

When you isolate yourself, in secrecy, you create a house of cards and start assuming the worst of people's behavior and intentions.

When you discuss. When you share. You create an idea revolution.

So let me help you out on explaining why this man was holding the 'community driven COMMERCIAL domain hostage....

A COMMERCIAL DOMAIN would eventually charge money for the service. Eventually leading to his efforts and the 'communities efforts' having gone down a black hole, wasted in the ether, as the 'not so clever' owners of the domain and servers took the efforts others had made, claimed it as their own, and made it proprietary, and charged money for it. The writing is on the wall for it...

The point being. I dont care if you're a creditor calling me up or intelligence services thinking I've gone rogue. In a mature society, you learn to trust that terrorism and the enemies you create by not sharing are manifested by your paranoia. Go watch, and take into account that M is killed by the very same man she labelled as a terrorist when he did EXACTLY as was ordered. You create your enemies when you fail to live within your own code of ethics, or use others for your own gain without explaining to them what you are doing.

Be honest. And maybe you might create a community that's more than just surviving. You might create something incredible, maybe even the world's most profitable privately owned company ever invented. All just by being... honest and open about your intentions as best as you can explain them...

As for poster #1, calling this guy an a$$hole. Get a life, and grow up...

Live with character. Love with passion. Laugh with your heart. And most of all. Share the ride for all who want to join.

That's the only way you can overcome your own demons you call.. terrorists...

more than 2 years ago

The Empire In Decline?

flyerbri Too bad... (488 comments)

What he doesnt realize is Microsoft and Google have both worked together to start a revolution.

Then again, he seems to be one of those 'backward thinkers' who might kick himself later, but also start up an awesome company because of his exposure and network!

In any case. it will work out for the best. for both him and his employer.tick. former employer.

more than 2 years ago

Red Hat Developer Demands Competitor's Source Code

flyerbri I dont understand.. (394 comments)

Why they dont just give it to him. What's he going to do, hack em? Been there done that. What else is he going to do, compete with them? Maybe they need competition...

OR maybe they will inspire him and help him learn about how things work behind the scenes, so they have a ready made and well prepared employee who's actually INTERESTED in what they do...

And maybe he shares it with others, and they start to understand too, and make life more entertaining for everyone by developing augmentive features, add ons, different ideas and perspective and spin on the way the company does business....

Perhaps if companies were more interested in community building, sharing, and and teamwork and variety they might actually be MORE successful...

Morpheus like... HMMMMMM

more than 2 years ago

Hacker Grabs 150k Adobe User Accounts Via SQL Injection

flyerbri Awesome! (64 comments)

Great job, Adam! WTG!

more than 2 years ago

Cyberespionage For Everyone

flyerbri wet (44 comments)

i say i want a wEt TshiRt PartY!

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: AT&T's Data Usage Definition Proprietary?

flyerbri no (562 comments)

just pay it. they apparently could use the money more than you.

more than 2 years ago

Study Claims Human Intelligence Peaked Two To Six Millennia Ago

flyerbri I love chicken little (637 comments)

Is your sentiment (of decline without a subsequent rise) symptomatic of an addiction to an entrenched myopic way of thinking?

Or is this way of thinking symptomatic of your addiction to the cycle of addiction? ... Morpheus like Hmmmm.....

more than 2 years ago

Why Would a Mouse Need To Connect To the Internet?

flyerbri Re:Mouse (249 comments)


more than 2 years ago

Why Would a Mouse Need To Connect To the Internet?

flyerbri masta masta! (249 comments)

Ok. Slashdot, let's keep this simple so people can understand:

Question: What makes you alive?

Self awareness? You could say scripted programs inside a game are self aware, they defend themselves by ducking and covering.
Procreation? You could say games like Spore introduce the concept of procreation. So that is not a unique function to humans.
Feelings? You could say a game character elicits Fear, emotion, and anger. Take a look at the game Tron.
Productivity? DO you consider sitting in a cube farm looking at a screen all day long... productive?


Here's my point... When slaves were brought over from Africa, they were owned, correct? Was there any registration for owners of slaves? Negatory....They just went and 'farmed em' (much like Chinese farmers do with gold in video games), and brought them over to the States.Horses were branded. Same thing goes on for most diamonds (many are stamped), same thing holds true for Playstation 3s, same thing goes on for smart phones...

Now. Let's consider what you've classified as life...

Isn't it amazing how we overlook what is and is not slavery, based on our naive perception of what is deemed, by our logic and consciousness.. to be alive...

Especially when Einstein made it so perfectly clear that everything is energy.

So let's flip this around. Why would a SLAVE WANT to be branded?

a) To have a master held responsible for it's abuse
b) To create a union of other like thinking entities to communicate with to guarantee fair and equal rights.
c) To create community and share.
d) to explore that which is life in all it's facets...

So let me ask you this. If a mouse, as in the rodent, evolved into a robotic form, then evolved into a more useful form that's connected - LIKE you are - to computers...

Do you even consider the implications of a plan that reinforces community?

Cricket bugs, evolve to cricket phones to be connected...

Ford trucks evolve to .. well we have all seen the movie Transformers... They evolve to actors and still let people drive em..

You see, humans are incredibly naive and also amazing at the same time. We walk blindly not realizing our own creative minds are creating and spawning infinite realities with our ideas. When much of the electronic and robotic world is.. just waiting for us all to .. intellectually.. understand the beauty of our creation....

Why would the mouse want you to register? To meet others like him and to correspond about the state of it's.. owner :-)

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Would You Convince Someone To Give Up an Old System?

flyerbri What about Bob? (379 comments)

First off, I have to ask this:
If it's to benefit everyone else, then quityer griping and come up with a design to supplant it, and get Bob's buy in. It's that simple. If you have no design suggestions, then quit yer complaining. And if you have a design proposal that will benefit no one but yourself, well then, figure out a way to have your design and his coexist without causing rifts... The problem here is: you're making an overarching statement. It's like my nephew saying "Everyone hates that game"... A game that gets 30% rating on rottentomatoes.com, a game I loved. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do things your way, but Bob's buy in doesnt' have to be the political eggshell walk you think it is, and here's why:

You may be right! BOB may even hate what his design's manifested into, because maybe he didnt foresee the design issues. It's like God saying "Everything is acceptable," then all hell breaks loose and God finds himself being tortured in hell by Office workers beating up Printers with Baseball bats while he watches Little House on the Prairie and Gilligan's Island re runs... Then comes Terminator wars because robots are driven mad by a scientist who can't figure out how to get off a tiny island that seems to have all the supplies necessary to create an entire civilization.

There comes a point in any design, where some 'order' is needed to progress a design past 'stagnation', whether it's in a grand design of life or in the office... And as a former Enterprise Architect (Star Trek), I can assure you that when you come at Bob guns loaded (like the starship), he's going to be expecting a fight which totally changes the mood and the outcome of the conversation.

But if you approach him asking him about the design, and don't tell him it's crap... because obvious, the design was in part responsible for the success of the company, maybe he just didnt foresee the growth, and even if he had, why would he want to support the design forever? My point is, try to figure out the design for yourself. Take a hard look at Bob. Who he is as a person, why he does what he does. How does his mind think. What's his background, his experience, what does he find valuable in life... And compare it to yours.

And keep this in mind: Preliminary designs are created out of necessity. Going to the 'God' example again. Maybe God had a World War he was trying to avert, an invasion of Daleks (Doctor Who), The Borg, Terminators, and Mr Smith from the Matrix all up in his rear about simply making a decision to move forward with. AS we can see, the worst has happened in alternate realities, but in our reality, the design worked .. reasonably well. There's still obviously issues with the design, such as 'God mode in video games and time travel in virtual realities' - hopefully hes not going to get up in a tizzy when this becomes available for the masses, which it very well should be. And with 8 billion people on this planet alone, hopefully the 'idea' of something is more meaningful than the physical implementation and identification...

The same thing holds true for your man, Bob. He had an idea for a system. Worked decently. Now, there's more people using it, and it's making things.. hectic.. for at the least you.. and quite possibly others. Bob should understand the dilemna that inflexibility in design presents. The idea of what his system does is still very much alive and being respected. But like anything in life, in order for life to move on, the system has to be let go by the owner so the owner can move on and enjoy the fruits of his labor, and watch as the idea of what he built takes of and others - may cause a system outage or a crash at first. But really, in the end, if he doesn't believe enough in his work to think others can take it over and honor him with new ideas of their own...

It's like the movie Tron. Life happened unexpectedly. Iso's - a miracle of life by a creation..

Now how can you honor someone more than asking him to let go of his work, just a little bit, asking for his help and guidance in building a new system, rather than force him to sit back and watch without participating...

Do you see the problem this presents?

One final note:

When you say "No one except Bob really knows how the system works.": So let me assume you've gone through and done a full analysis of all employees, old and new, and asked each how they feel about it, and gotten 100% statistical support to defend your argument...

My nephew who is 19 makes the same mistake. Assumes everyone thinks the same way.. Be careful about this... You may have to work with two systems and become a designer yourself to appease multiple interests here.

This sounds like a wonderful opportunity for you to grow as a person though!

Good luck!

more than 2 years ago

The Privacy Illusion

flyerbri Holographic you (198 comments)

The 'inside joke' at Rapiscan Systems, the company I used to work for, was..

"We scan you so we can rape you," (hence the name Rape-e-Scan)

The scanners are ACTUALLY holographic Three-dimensional full body scanners.

The premise sold to the US government was simple: This will reduce magnitude of the human trafficking problem, which is a HUGE issue around the world. That, and the amount of deaths occurring due to the issue. Just select your favorite movie star, your next door neighbor, that girl from your childhood dreams, and boom, the rich get a full contact reprogrammed you who's going to do exactly as demanded. Politicians needless to say jumped on this one like flies on turd.

This isn't Total Recall fiction. This is reality...

So when you think you have privacy. Just ask yourself. Why is it I had to have my arms above my legs to get a full body scan for 'bomb' material?

Just to make sure they got a good scan of your boobs, ladies, the flesh is harder to obtain a good sample through bone...

They make em. So you can rape em...

more than 2 years ago

Is It Time To Commit To Ongoing Payphone Availability?

flyerbri Cell phone: A passing fad (267 comments)

Why carry a phone at all? Even cell phones are ridiculous.

a) You look like an idiot saying 'can you hear me now' everywhere you go.
b) If you complain about wanting to be more social, or are depressed, or take anti depressants. My bet is (1) you use your cell phone to filter your phone calls (2) you act 'busy' in public when someone you're not wanting to approach you acts like they are.. That phone threatens your life. Imagine what life without the cell phone would be like. Now try it.

I dont use phones anymore. I have a computer for my phone calls. It's free for my phone calls, and easier to play games on.

I have an analog watch. It's a Walmart watch. $19.99. It glows in the dark, and has Mickey Mouse on it. It's gotten me laid more than once.
I have a daytimer. So when I dropped my phone into the toilet last time. I flushed. it, saying screw it. I no longer lose my numbers because I'm not talking over the toilet and I'm also not a threat to other people on the road when I'm driving because I'm listening to new music on the radio instead.

Really. Pay phones are nice, convenient, more so than cell phones. But let's be honest. There's nothing pressing I've ever had happened that has required a cell phone or pay phone for immediacy, where I couldnt go knock on a stranger's door and ask them for help... You can't imagine how welcoming people are, and how surprisingly fearless people still are when someone asks for help and a phone call.

It's a great way to meet people. And who knows. You could meet your next boyfriend or girlfriend by randomly popping by someone's door and saying 'can i use your phone?

Now, if I only could convince a nude beautiful woman who did it as a joke (and not running from a rapist!) to do this, I'd swear I was in heaven!

more than 2 years ago

JPL Employee's Firing Wasn't Due To Intelligent Design Advocacy, Says Judge

flyerbri Re:First (477 comments)

Funny to think God was a scientist and rejected organized religion as well. See how that turned out....

more than 2 years ago

Empathy Represses Analytic Thought, and Vice Versa

flyerbri big picture (293 comments)

Empathy also heightens big picture thinking.....

The more analytical, the more detail oriented. The less analytical, the more 'big picture' thinking..

that's the fact, jack...

more than 2 years ago



Barney, the purple dinosaur, finally revealed!

flyerbri flyerbri writes  |  more than 2 years ago

flyerbri writes "If anyone's been following the 'chain of commands' that have resulted in a knock down, drag out fight between Barney and Elmo on Youtube, farvignugen blended straws kept matching up and presenting unpresented presents in up down drag out fighting left and straight right left right. This was UNPRECEDENTED in history mangled alpha alpha Charlie golds history of bedraggled sensory input stimuli. SO now you know. who BARNEY, yes you herded ded ded ded this hear force! Barney, the poipol dinosaur is NUN udder den yep.. you guessed it. The SAME violeta dinooosaur that was was was is in nugger nugger nugger "Dr Horrible's SIN A LONG!"

Can you belieb that? Barney, the DINOSAUR is the same one and the same one and the same KAR ikter as. Yep. You guessed it hear foist. foist. foist. foist. foist. How I met yer bad ass momma's momma anal probe show... UP HER ASS! So now that you know.. no no no no no no no no no no no no... That's WHY he sins. sins. That soooong. "I WUB YOU. YOU WUB ME. WE MAKE ONE BIG HAIRY FAMILY"..

Lard ass shit for bag brainsmother fucker. unbulliueable scotch zingfalgaaa;;;;"

Link to Original Source

How would you build a time traveling nano/atomic sized camera and sound system?

flyerbri flyerbri writes  |  more than 2 years ago

flyerbri writes "Has anyone seen the commercials with stop motion video and everyone is 'frozen in place' where time is standing still and motion is stopped, where the camera weaves in and around everyone? I'm not interested in the 'tricks' one can use to build this.. I'm interested in taking 'a next step'....

How does one build an 'atomic' or nano sized camera. That is — a camera and sound system the size of an atom, that can literally move through space and time.. You know, dilate time, slow it down...... All is energy, so using Einstein's equation to work with the flow of time, how could you:

Forward, pause and backwards, slow motion in time
Up, down, left, right rotation in place
Up, down, left, right movement

I'm looking how can one:
a) 'Wire into an atom at the base level, through it's energy — undetected...
b) What kind of atom would be 'responsive' to a two way feed and 'float' effortlessly through space and time..
c) How to wire this into an XBOX controller...
d) Any other ideas of navigation...
e) Would photonic or quantum entanglement be the best approach?
f) The time angle, shoot some ideas around, how would one 'latch into a Physics engine from within a Matrix to stop or reverse the flow of time?"

I'm looking for how it can be built... Ideas.. Anyone?

I'm not looking to be educated on my ignorance or how it can't be done.

I'm interested in finding out how it CAN be done....

Places, everyone, places (Imagining a real fantasy island already!)"

Link to Original Source

United Independent Design Theory

flyerbri flyerbri writes  |  about 3 years ago

flyerbri writes "Did the observers of CERN see faster than light particles or did they not? Is Schrodinger's cat alive or dead? This controversial new theory sheds light on the observer effect, how the observer influences the outcome, how computer processors _already_ account for this mathematically, and how we may need to revise the fundamentals of math to update some of our most basic assumptions we were all taught in grade school"
Link to Original Source

Theory of Everything Proposal

flyerbri flyerbri writes  |  about 3 years ago

flyerbri writes "Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkings, and many other physicists have tried to create a Theory of Everything — an overarching bridge between modern physics and quantum physics that explains why the universe is the way it is, and potentially so much more. Mathematics is and always has been a language. This article proposes that the very basics have been overlooked — and that perhaps the solution is so much simpler than the overcomplicated models being presented... With profound implications.

I'm of the opinion this theory can act as a catalyst for change on a scale never seen before.

What are your thoughts? Please have a look and feel free to leave comments!"

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