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Sony BMG Dropping DRM

flyingace Re:Amazon Music Store Question (295 comments)

You can call CS/email CS and ask for re-download provided your browser crashed or something.
Also you can click the "Your Media Library" to see your music purchases.

PS: I work for Amazon ;)

about 7 years ago



flyingace flyingace writes  |  more than 8 years ago

flyingace (162593) writes "Amazon today debuts a community bases ranking site called Unspun . This site offers a way to ask questions and get community based ranking of anything from restaurants in the neighborhood to best sexual positions ! Most sought after lists are displayed on the front page."



First Journal Entry !!!

flyingace flyingace writes  |  about 11 years ago

I love Linux. I have in the past worked for TurboLinux and I've had a chance to do some really cool stuff. Nowadays I get to only use Linux at home, to do userland stuff.

Mandrake is my distro of choice on my primary desktop. I also have Redhat 7.3 on my webservers.

Gotta try Suse one of these days.

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