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Canada Upholds Net Neutrality Rules In Wireless TV Case

flyonthewall Re:What? (98 comments)

For now. If the current elected bunch had free reign (e.g did not have to face elections) those tea party wannabe would cosy even more to the corporate.

2 days ago

Developing the First Law of Robotics

flyonthewall Missing concepts (165 comments)

The programmers should introduce the concept of triage.

If the only options is that you can only be partly successful, then chose the one most likely to provide the best results.

about 4 months ago

Minecraft Creator Halts Plans For Oculus Version Following Facebook Acquisition

flyonthewall Dime's a dozen. (300 comments)

His loss, the need will be taken by someone else in this very competitive environment. VR is coming, and playing the ostrich will only limit the bird, not the environment.

about 10 months ago

Hubble Witnesses Mysterious Breakup of Asteroid

flyonthewall They are (almost) here.... (69 comments)

Another obstacle removed on Vogon's galactic highway clearing.

Not much time left here...

about a year ago

Sony Rootkit Redux: Canadian Business Groups Lobby For Right To Install Spyware

flyonthewall Re:Only over my dead body (240 comments)

Fine, better take your last rites then.

about 2 years ago

Shut Up and Play Nice: How the Western World Is Limiting Free Speech

flyonthewall Re:Stupid (1160 comments)

What they're essentially saying is that free speech can only be practiced as long as it doesn't offend anyone.

How about saying that free speech can be practised without slander? The problem with some is not the speech, but the content.

more than 2 years ago

Verizon Considering Purchase of Netflix

flyonthewall Re:God no (139 comments)

Where's mod points when you need them.... This has got to be the most asinine move from competition point of view up north.

The resident incumbent would jump with joy for such an easy way to throttle this competition.

more than 3 years ago

EU Scientists Working On Laser To Rip a Hole In Spacetime

flyonthewall Re:So this is when... (575 comments)

Actually, the name of the research facility will be:

"Black Mesa."

One of the main scientist involved will be a Dr Gordon.

more than 3 years ago

Scientists Developed Artificial Structures That Can Self-Replicate

flyonthewall How soon before (127 comments)


Self replication of artifices (self repairs..) is what is going to be needed to long term voyages.

more than 3 years ago

Sony Sued For PlayStation Network Data Breach

flyonthewall Just received (404 comments)

This is one week after the shutdown:

"Add PlayStation_Network@playstation-email.com to your address book

"line" (to account for the junk filter)


"line" (to account for the junk filter)

Valued PlayStation Network/Qriocity Customer:

We have discovered that between April 17 and April 19, 2011, certain PlayStation Network and Qriocity service user account information was compromised in connection with an illegal and unauthorized intrusion into our network. In response to this intrusion, we have:

1) Temporarily turned off PlayStation Network and Qriocity services;

2) Engaged an outside, recognized security firm to conduct a full and complete investigation into what happened; and

3) Quickly taken steps to enhance security and strengthen our network infrastructure by rebuilding our system to provide you with greater protection of your personal information.

We greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and goodwill as we do whatever it takes to resolve these issues as quickly and efficiently as practicable.

Although we are still investigating the details of this incident, we believe that an unauthorized person has obtained the following information that you provided: name, address (city, state/province, zip or postal code), country, email address, birthdate, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password, login, password security answers, and handle/PSN online ID. It is also possible that your profile data may have been obtained, including purchase history and billing address (city, state/province, zip or postal code). If you have authorized a sub-account for your dependent, the same data with respect to your dependent may have been obtained.
  While there is no evidence that credit card data was taken at this time, we cannot rule out the possibility. If you have provided your credit card data through PlayStation Network or Qriocity, out of an abundance of caution we are advising that your credit card number (excluding security code) and expiration date may also have been obtained.

For your security, we encourage you to be especially aware of email, telephone, and postal mail scams that ask for personal or sensitive information. Sony will not contact you in any way, including by email, asking for your credit card number, social security, tax identification or similar number or other personally identifiable information. If you are asked for this information, you can be confident Sony is not the entity asking. When the PlayStation Network and Qriocity services are fully restored, we strongly recommend that you log on and change your password. Additionally, if you use your PlayStation Network or Qriocity user name or password for other unrelated services or accounts, we strongly recommend that you change them as well.

To protect against possible identity theft or other financial loss, we encourage you to remain vigilant, to review your account statements and to monitor your credit or similar types of reports.

We thank you for your patience as we complete our investigation of this incident, and we regret any inconvenience. Our teams are working around the clock on this, and services will be restored as soon as possible. Sony takes information protection very seriously and will continue to work to ensure that additional measures are taken to protect personally identifiable information. Providing quality and secure entertainment services to our customers is our utmost priority.
Please contact us at 1-800-345-7669 should you have any additional questions.


Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment

more than 3 years ago

The Case Against GUIs, Revisited

flyonthewall Re:CLI is no longer essential (720 comments)

Wish I had mod points today.... Mod the parent up (insightful)!

more than 3 years ago

'Canadian DMCA' Copyright Bill Dead Again

flyonthewall Re:Voting is a waste of effort (307 comments)

Then sir, you do not deserve the right to whine and cry should hell cometh...

more than 3 years ago

'Canadian DMCA' Copyright Bill Dead Again

flyonthewall Re:Ugh.. (307 comments)

Remember, this is NOT the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. It's the Reform Party, with a new name specifically designed to confuse voters.

AKA Tea party north for those unsure what the reform party stood for before it's coalition with the progressive conservative.

more than 3 years ago

Canada Courts Quash Gov't Decision On Globalive

flyonthewall Re:confusing multiple negatives (104 comments)


4. Canadian Federal Court says "The Tory were wrong to say Globalive has domestic ownership". Nothing (yet) on the right to operate.

Decision will probably force the government to finally change the law to open telecommunication ownership to the rest of the world.

more than 3 years ago

Rogers Shrinks Download Limits As Netflix Arrives

flyonthewall Re:Time to jump ship (281 comments)

You'd think that slash-dotters would know better...

The smaller companies in no way resell Bell services. They provide their own. They do lease the last mile and transit to their centers..

more than 4 years ago

You, Too, Can Learn Echolocation

flyonthewall Date? (133 comments)

Shook head, looked at calendar....

Nope. Wrong date...

Got to be true!


more than 5 years ago

NVIDIA Offers 3D Glasses For the Masses

flyonthewall 120 Hz (261 comments)


I and a multitude of others will be replacing all our monitors with more expensive models just to accommodate an expensive toy.

This will suffer the same fate as countless other niche devices.

about 6 years ago

Dubai Is Building a Refrigerated Beach

flyonthewall Re:beach erosion/movement (249 comments)

Lots of bad guys in the UAE and more specifically in Dubai. Lots of good guys too. However the area (both Dubai and Abu Dabi) is a financial centre for the bad guys. They will not do anything to jeopardize that as they know the instant they raise trouble they will lose that privilege.

So, in the end everyone is looking at each other in the white of the eyes, restraining themselves (and just collecting Int).

Actually quite safe for a middle eastern country as long as you do not try to stick out like a sore thumb.

more than 6 years ago

LittleBigPlanet Delayed Due To Qur'an-Sampling Audio

flyonthewall Re:Uh Oh. (995 comments)

Does not matter what the religion is. In the end; they are all about controlling the behavior of the many for the select few pretending to have a direct line upstairs (or downstairs).

They may pretend to be good and righteous at hart, but are the real root of fear, discrimination and envy. In fact; very few teach respect and tolerance for your neighbour. Forgiveness perhaps, but forgiveness in the context that the "rules" have been transgressed.

Not saying that society does not need rules; but rules like those are no longer needed.

more than 6 years ago


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